How to Stop Spam Calls in Australia: A Must-Read Guide

How to Stop Spam Calls in Australia

Nobody wants to be called by random companies, telemarketers, and scammers.

Luckily there are ways to stop nuisance calls from bothering you and all of them are super simple and easy to do.

Read on for the most effective tips on how to stop spam calls in Australia. 

Ways to Stop Nuisance Calls in Australia

Scam artists try to trick people into giving them money or personal information by introducing themselves as employees of legitimate organisations. They may also offer something that sounds too good to be true, like a free vacation or a contest prize in exchange for your details.

The number of reported scams in Australia is constantly rising, and spam calls in Australia are the most common. So, how to stop nuisance phone calls and avoid getting scammed and suffering financial losses?

Do Not Call Register

Start by putting your phone number in the Do Not Call Register. Adding your number to the DNCR is free, and you can do it by signing the online form or calling the consumer call centre. Once registered, you will stop receiving most unsolicited phone calls

Note that the DNCR is no guarantee that you will never get a scam or telemarketing calls; instead, the number of calls will be significantly reduced. Reducing your nuisance calls in Australia can take up to 30 days. 

Even if you are in the Do Not Call Register, you can still get calls from registered charities, pollsters and researchers, government institutions, political parties (including election candidates) and educational organisations.

Read the Terms and Conditions

Before you click “I Agree” while surfing the internet, you must read the Terms and Conditions. Most T&Cs have a section for permitting to use your phone number for telemarketing purposes. And since you have already given consent (explicitly or implicitly), businesses are allowed to contact you. 

What’s more, some terms include sharing or selling your information to third parties. So, ideally, you should avoid giving your number when filling out different online and in-person forms.

Revoke your Consent

When a number is constantly contacting you, it might be because they have your consent to do so. You can answer the phone and ask them to remove your number from their contact list. If they still call, you should report nuisance phone calls in Australia to ReportCyber

How to Block Calls From Your Phone

Aside from using your built-in features on your Android or iPhone device to block nuisance calls in Australia from unknown numbers or no-ID callers, you can use an app to block spam calls

Here are some of the best apps and the features they offer.

TruecallerCaller ID, spam blocking, spam-free inbox, smart SMS, intelligent dialer and number searchBasic (Caller ID and spam blocking) freePremium – USD$29.9/ annuallyGold – USD$249/annually
Call Blocker from UnknownphoneBlocks phone numbers, reports suspicious numbers, avoids scams, identifies commercial callsFree Monthly Premium Subscription $6.49
RoboKillerCall and spam text blocking, audio fingerprinting, Voicemail bots and spam radarUSD$4.99 monthly or USD$39.99 annually

You also need to protect your device while browsing the Internet. Check out the cheapest VPNs in Australia for a fast and secure internet connection.

How to Avoid Spam Calls

The typical consequences of getting scammed are financial loss or identity theft. So what can you do to protect yourself from scam calls? 

Firstly, and most importantly, never give out personal information like your name, address, passwords, ID number and banking details over the phone. 

Secondly, before doing business with someone you don’t know, do a background check on them. Ensure your interlocutor is legitimate before taking action and proceeding with your conversation. 

For instance, phone scammers can attempt to access your computer remotely for a ”free upgrade install” or inform you they have noticed a malfunction. But instead, they will try to get your passwords and details. Avoid responding to these calls even if they claim they are calling from a legitimate telecommunication company. 

How to tell the difference between telemarketing and scam calls?

Telemarketers are advertising or promoting a certain product, while scammers can call for various reasons like collecting debt, appointment scheduling or confirming, offering prizes, banking faults etc. If you constantly get telemarketing calls, politely ask the telemarketer to remove your number from the call list in Australia.

You should also avoid answering or calling back international numbers that you don’t know because you will have to pay premium rates for making the call. 

And lastly, check the ScamWatch website to keep up with the latest scam activities in Australia. Furthermore, if you are a scam victim, feel free to report your case to the authorities and get support from your local consumer protection agency. 

Bottom Line: How to Stop Getting Spam Calls?

Picking up the phone and hearing an unknown voice is frustrating. Luckily, there are a few ways you can control spam calls. For one, you can add your number to the do not call register for mobiles and reduce unwanted calls.

Additionally, reading the Terms and Conditions of every website is a must. Finally, and most importantly, never share your private information on the phone.


1. How do I stop spam calls permanently?

Unfortunately, you can’t stop all spam or telemarketing calls for good. Instead, you can reduce the number of calls by adding your number to the Do Not Call Register, which is one of the most effective ways when it comes to how to stop spam calls in Australia.

2. Why are we getting so many spam calls?

Although there is no straightforward answer to the question, you are most likely getting spam calls because your number has been added to a list or you have implicitly given consent to be contacted.

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