Webroot AntiVirus Review: Is It the AV Solution You Need in 2022?

webroot antivirus review

If you’re on a mission to find the best possible antivirus for your devices, and if you wish for that software to be the lightest and fastest on the market – search no more.

Sit back and read our Webroot AntiVirus review to find out why this solution may be just what you were looking for.


  • Low memory requirements
  • Minimal impact on system performance
  • User-friendly interface
  • Multi-platform synchronisation
  • Great password manager
  • Special gaming plan
  • Affordable price range


  • No free edition
  • No VPN
  • Lacks some advanced features
Free version/
Value for Money9.5

Security Features

Webroot Secure Anywhere Scan

From Webroot’s Overview Panel, you have access to three different types of scanning:

  • Quick – briefly scans files in active memory but may miss some inactive malware.
  • Full – scans local hard drives; useful for frequently switching between partitions.
  • Deep – the default scan; analytically searches for all types of threats, such as rootkits, Trojan horses, and inactive malware.
  • Custom Scan – you choose which files and folders are to be scanned.

You can schedule your scans, so they don’t disturb you while working, playing games, or watching movies. Additionally, you can switch your scheduled scans from deep to quick. Similar features are also available with some of the competitors within their pricier plans.

Webroot’s Shields

Webroot SecureAnywhere AntiVirus continuously provides you with a multitude of shields, so you are protected at any time, both online and offline. These include:

  • Realtime shield – determines whether unknown programs contain any threats and blocks known threats from Webroot malware list of definitions as well as community database.
  • Rootkit shield – prevents rootkits from being installed and removes the present ones.
  • Web shield – warns about known online threats and blocks them; it contains information on over 200 million URLs and IP addresses, building comprehensive data to classify and detect malicious sites.
  • USB shield – detects, blocks, and removes threats from USB flash drives installed.
  • Offline shield – provides threat protection while offline.


Unlike other AVs, Webroot differentiates two types of firewall:

Webroot SecureAnywhere Firewall: monitors traffic coming out of your computer.

Windows Firewall: monitors traffic coming into your computer.

When working together, they protect your data from getting stolen and block any cyberattacks. They operate in the background without disrupting your activities. In case the firewall detects suspicious traffic, it alerts you to either block it or allows it to proceed. In the “Settings” pane, you can always modify firewall protection and change your warning preferences.

Identity Protection

Identity Protection tool provides full cyber-security, making sure your sensitive data is safe and guarding you against all of the different information-stealing techniques. It includes two shields:

The Identity shield: protects data that might be exposed during your online transactions.

The Phishing shield: detects cyberattacks and blocks phishing websites.

You can disable them by clicking the green buttons in the “Online Protection” pane, though it is not recommended.


Webroot partnered with LastPass, a popular password manager, to protect all of your passwords, profiles, credit card numbers, and other personal data. 

Your data is safely stored in your password vault protected with 256-bit AES encryption. Zero-knowledge architecture makes it impossible even for LastPass to access your info.

LastPass offers some neat features, such as two-factor authentication and several secure account recovery options, in case you forget your master password.

Although available as a standalone tool, LastPass actually comes cheaper when included in Webroot’s plan and is one of its best additional features.

Webroot Removal Tool

Surfing the Internet, you leave behind traces of activity, such as temporary or recently used files, recently visited websites or cookies. These can be seen by anyone using your computer, and the Webroot removal tool is actually a system optimiser that removes all traces of your web activity.

You can also use it to delete unnecessary chunky files which could impact your PC’s performance.

Webroot Gaming Security

Webroot offers a special plan for gamers, boasting features like:

  • Lightfast scanning
  • Network protection
  • Webcam protection
  • System optimiser
  • Identity shield
  • Anti-phishing protection

Being cloud-based, it’s incredibly efficient without affecting your gameplay, which is so crucial for gamers. The Webroot gaming security is available for PCs and comes at AU$49.99 for one year.

Webroot Business Endpoint Protection

Cybercriminals are constantly developing new types of cyberattacks, taking advantage of employee trust to steal data. This is why businesses, small and large alike, need reliable endpoint security.

Webroot endpoint comes at AU$185.90 and helps companies avoid damages due to a security breach. It protects against threats and data theft without conflicting with other security software. Its threat protection is cloud-predictive, and the scans are super-fast.

Webroot AntiVirus Performance


Webroot requires much less space than its competitors, with 128 MB of RAM and only 15 MB of hard disk space, so you can rest assured it won’t affect your PC’s speed or take up too much of your storage.

The installation process is quite logical to follow, and there’s a “Help” button every step of the way.

Ease of Use

Webroot’s interface seems very neat and well-organized, so users from different levels of tech knowledge can find everything they need in no time. Webroot is definitely among the more user-friendly software out there.

You can start the most common tasks even from the System Tray. Here, you can choose an immediate scan, check for updates, or shut down protection. If the program detects a threat, it will also show the alert here.

From the main interface, you can choose whether to scan the whole computer or turn on/off individual features. Additionally, it shows you the activity status of your Identity Protection and other utilities.

You can also use the Overview Panel for immediate access to the Webroot Community, where you can check for security news, product updates, and expert advice. The Advanced Settings and Learn More button will provide you with additional options and information.

Platforms and Apps

All plans are equally efficient for PCs and Macs, whereas Internet Security Plus and Internet Security Complete are also designed for tablets and smartphones. Webroot SecureAnywhere App for Android and iOS devices is included within the Internet Security Plus and Internet Security Complete plans.

The mobile apps include the following features:

  • Secure web browser (also available as a separate app)
  • Cloud storage
  • Antivirus scanner (Android only)
  • App scanner (Android only)
  • Lost device protection (Android only)

On the other hand, there is AV software that can provide both the iOS and Android mobile apps with a wider variety of protection services in common.

Webroot turned out to be amazing for cross-platform setups since it has many options for syncing folders between computers. This function is handy for backing up files. You can use the same keycode for up to five devices and create shared folders, so it will automatically be accessible to all of your connected devices whenever you upload something to one of them. 

Additionally, you can monitor the protection of all your devices from a single location and scan the devices remotely, as well. 

Plans & Pricing

Webroot comes in three paid packages, AntiVirus, Webroot Internet Security Plus, and Webroot Security Complete. We’ve compared the three plans in the table below:

PackageAntiVirusInternet Security PlusInternet Security Complete
Price(AUD)$64.993 devices / 1 year PC, Mac$74.993 devices / 1 year PC, Mac, Tablets, Smartphones$99.995 devices / 1 year PC, Mac, Tablets, Smartphones
Threat Protection
Identity Protection
Smartphone and Tablet Security
Password Manager
System Optimiser
Cloud Backup//25GB
Check the website for the latest Webroot deals and offers before purchasing.

Although there isn’t Webroot AntiVirus Freeware, its paid plans are still cheaper when compared to Norton, or Kaspersky, whereas Bitdefender and McAfee are in a similar price range.

If you’d like to try the software before buying it, you get a 14-day free Webroot trial. Business users can test it for even longer – 30 days. During checkout, you can enter a discount code and lower the overall price.

Webroot also has a generous 70-day, no-questions-asked, money-back guarantee without asking for your credit card info.

Subscription can be renewed or cancelled by clicking on the “My Account” icon from the Main Interface. It will open Webroot’s website, from where you can choose your preferred action.

When choosing an AV, make sure to rely on independent scores, check if it’s compatible with your device, read what else is included in the offer on their official site. For more information you can always read our antivirus software buying guide.

Webroot Support

Customers who have already purchased one of the plans and users who are considering buying it can start by reading Webroot’s step-by-step PDF guide, which thoroughly covers every bit of the scanning process and available features.

For specific issues, Webroot ensured a few options for its users:

  • Go through FAQs
  • Open a ticket
  • Send a message (support engineers available 24/7)
  • Call a representative in Sydney (11 am – 7 pm)
  • Ask the Webroot Community

Webroot Community can be accessed from the Overview Panel and takes you to many of its channels – Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, or LinkedIn. However, the Phone Call option is available somewhat shorter than other competitors offer. For example, Bitdefender has three lines for Australian customers that are open 24/7.

Users also have one cool feature on their hands: sending a file to Webroot’s Team for analysis. It can be found under the “Utilities” icon in the Main Interface, leading to the Reports tab. Tech support will go through the submitted file and contact you with a follow-up.

Is Webroot For You?

Webroot is a pretty straightforward antivirus program, providing all the necessary features without trying to sell you flashy extra stuff with fancy names.

If you’re looking for a lightweight, minimal-impact antivirus program that keeps its core options only a click away from you – this is the software you’ve been waiting for.


1. Is Webroot a good antivirus software?

All Webroot reviews show decent scores on independent tests, with an average of 4.5 out of 5.

2. Which is better, Norton AntiVirus or Webroot?

Both are high-ranked antivirus solutions, but their advantages vary in some areas. If you’re on a budget, Webroot is a better option. It is also much lighter and faster than Norton. On the other side, Norton turned out to be better for its Parental Control feature and a VPN (which Webroot lacks) and 50 GB of cloud backup – twice as much as Webroot.

3. Is Webroot enough protection?

Webroot provides sufficient protection against the most common types of computer viruses, malware, worms, Trojan horses, rootkits, and more. Depending on which plan you choose, you can get even more advanced protection layers.

4. Is Webroot good for Mac?

As we’ve explained in our Webroot AntiVirus Review, Webroot offers paid plans for both PCs and Macs. Despite its fast scans and password manager, independent tests show that other AV software ranked higher in detecting malware on Mac than Webroot.

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