2023’s VIPRE Antivirus Review: Do You Need Anything More?

vipre antivirus review

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VIPRE is a powerful antivirus package that saves you time in every sense—when choosing the plan, installing the software, scanning your device, and handling the threats.

You might ask yourself: Why consider an alternative if its many online praises are to be believed? But is it truly good enough to suit your specific cyber-security needs?

Read our VIPRE antivirus review to find out.


  • All-in-one PC protection
  • Advanced business plans
  • RapidScan option
  • Excellent scores from independent labs
  • Two-way firewall
  • Minimal impact on system performance


  • Outdated website
  • Limited platform compatibility
  • Not fully adapted to the Aussie market
Ease of use10
Free versionN/A
Value for money8.5

Security Features

The VIPRE virus protection products include an excellent anti-malware engine and other valuable features that secure every facet of your digital presence.

Consumer Products

VIPRE’s consumer products are available in three plans: Antivirus Plus, Advanced Security, and the Ultimate Security Bundle. The most comprehensive ultimate plan includes all of the following security and privacy features:

  • Top-rated anti-malware solution—protects you in real-time with cloud-enabled scanning that stops the latest and most advanced malware out there;
  • Automatic updates—keeps your VIPRE software and malware definitions up to date, along with the third-party software installed on your machine;
  • Phishing and spam protection—filters unwanted and malicious email, phishing scams, and dangerous URLs;
  • Two-way firewall—protects your inbound and outbound network traffic;
  • History cleaner—deletes your browsing history, as well as the activity of many popular applications;
  • Secure file eraser – Deletes all traces of a selected file. An option similar to File Shredder in Kaspersky’s premium plan;
  • Webcam and microphone blocker—stops snoopers from spying on you;
  • Privacy shield—keeps your sensitive info safe, prevents snooping through your webcam and microphone, and checks if your data’s available on the dark web;
  • Behavioural analysis—instantly analyses incoming digital threats to determine if they can harm your device;
  • Internet Shield VPN—creates a protective bubble around your internet traffic that hides your identity and web activity;
  • Social Watch—searches through your Facebook page for suspicious links;
  • Removable device scanning—automatically scans removable drives;
  • Bad website blocker—prevents you from accessing suspicious websites.

These features are available in the Ultimate Security Bundle that can be acquired through the international VIPRE internet security site. It’s important to go through all the essential features to ensure it matches your needs.

Aussie customers who choose to get VIPRE through Gold Rush Technology—the company’s authorised reseller for Australia—can only subscribe to the cheaper Advanced Security plan.

At any rate, you can get VIPRE Advanced Security at different price points depending on whether you need it for 1, 3, 5, or 10 devices.

Business Products

Companies who opt for VIPRE’s business offering will get enterprise-class anti-malware protection with a small footprint and advanced business-oriented features:

PlanKey features
VIPRE Endpoint Security—Server EditionMulti-layered malware protection
– Local server installation
– Mobile device management
VIPRE Endpoint Security—Cloud EditionLightning-fast implementation
– Dynamic dashboards
– Zero infrastructure costs
VIPRE Email Exchange Security– Policy-based email security
– Low CPU and disk usage
– Flexible and configurable
VIPRE for Hyper-VMade for Hyper-V virtual servers
– Does not run on individual OSes
– Scalable according to your needs

Regardless of whether you are using VIPRE’s home or business products, check if some of its advanced features are enabled and configured properly by default to ensure you maximise their efficiency.

Note: The company’s current offering does not include features like Safe Banking, Password Manager, or Parental Control. Consider other products if these options are important to you.

VIPRE Setup & Platform Compatibility

Users can install the VIPRE anti-virus software in around 10 minutes by following a few straightforward steps:

  1. Download and start the installer through official channels;
  2. Enter the license key or click next to try the trial version;
  3. Run the virus database update process after installation;
  4. Run your first VIPRE scan and explore the software interface.

Note: When getting your VIPRE computer security software through Gold Rush, you might have to request the download link by email.

Interface & Ease of Use

VIPRE features a rather intuitive user interface that puts your protection status and scanning options front and centre. Through the main window, you can quickly update your definition database, customise your options, or schedule the following scans:

  • Full Scan—an hour-long scan that checks every file on your disk (bar manually excluded files)
  • Quick Scan—a 10 to 15-minute scan that only checks essential OS files, registry keys, and common malware locations
  • Custom Scan—goes through specific locations and file types
  • Scheduled Scan—runs at a predetermined time on a one-time or recurring basis.

Note: You can also activate VIPRE’s RapidScan technology that remembers previously scanned files and greatly accelerates the scanning time during subsequent scans.

Similar to Webroot’s colour scheme changes, VIPRE’s icon uses different colours to indicate the current threat level of your device: from green (all good) to yellow (updates must be installed) and red (errors or inactive services).

Platform Compatibility

While primarily built for Windows, since it is more susceptible to malicious software, VIPRE also offers protection for macOS, albeit in its premium plans. Moreover, macOS users do not get full access to VIPRE’s product lineup due to the various OS differences.

On the other hand, only Android users have access to a VIPRE mobile security app. Aptly called VIPRE Android Security, this piece of software provides malware protection for your phone while including unique features like theft prevention and an app locker.

That said, if mobile protection is a must for you, choose a better option, such as Bitdefender Mobile Security for iOS or Kaspersky Internet Security for Android.

Plans & Pricing

The company’s official Australian reseller currently offers the VIPRE Advanced Security plan at these annual price points:

1 PC3 PCs5 PCs10 PCs

Note: Customers that get the 10-PC plan (mainly small businesses) pay less than AU$16 for a single device. 

However, if you shop for VIPRE computer security products via the brand’s international site, you can choose from the following yearly options:

PlanAntivirus PlusAdvanced SecurityUltimate Security
OSWindowsWindows, macOSWindows, macOS
1 PCUS$9.99 for the first year, US$34.99 upon renewalUS$19.99 for the first year, US$54.99 upon renewaln/a
5 PCsUS$14.99 for the first year, US$54.99 upon renewalUS$23.99 for the first year, US$74.99 upon renewalUS$39.99 for the first year, US$139.99 upon renewal
10 PCsUS$17.99 for the first year, US$69.99 upon renewalUS$28.99 for the first year, US$99.99 upon renewalUS$52.99 for the first year, US$189.99 upon renewal

***Check the latest prices before purchasing as they are subject to change over time***

Note: For the most up-to-date fees, check the official VIPRE website.

Payment Options

When buying VIPRE Advanced Security via Gold Rush Technology, you will have to submit your payment via credit or debit card or use the Shop Pay express checkout system.

If you are shopping for VIPRE Antivirus Plus, or any of the other plans, via the international website, you can use a payment card, PayPal, or a wire transfer.

Free Trials

If you are unsure whether or not VIPRE suits your needs, you can also test it for 30 days without committing to it. To activate the 30-day free trial, simply download the software from the official sites, and skip the step to enter the license key.

Even if you pay the total VIPRE antivirus price, you will be eligible for a full refund should you submit a request for one within 30 days of purchase, according to the company’s 30-day money-back guarantee.

Note: If you’re looking for a completely free antivirus, check out Avast’s free plan.

Customer Support

An authorised reseller runs VIPRE’s Australian website, so you can rest assured that all the information is curated specifically for this market, including the customer support options you have access to.

If you purchased your VIPRE internet security product via Gold Rush, they first recommend checking out the FAQ page. If you need further assistance, reach out to them either by phone or by filling out an online enquiry form.

However, if you bought your VIPRE product from other resellers or the international site, contact the official VIPRE Security Technical Support or other peers:

  • Making a phone call,
  • Using chat support,
  • Perusing an extensive knowledge base,
  • Opening a support ticket,
  • Posing a question on the official forums.

Note: VIPRE is also present on all leading social media channels.

Is VIPRE the Antivirus for You in 2022?

The VIPRE virus protection software certainly has many loyal Aussie customers, judging by the number of stellar reviews it has received so far. Business owners are especially satisfied with its simplicity, low implementation costs, and overall efficiency to protect their assets.

As to whether or not to get VIPRE or a different AV solution, ask yourself if you want a no-frills antimalware product that protects your entire digital life or you also need features like parental control and password management. If the latter, go with a competitor’s offering.


1. Is VIPRE Antivirus any good?

Per third-party tests, the VIPRE antivirus solutions are very efficient in detecting and eliminating all types of malware while offering other useful features.

2. Does VIPRE slow your computer?

Yes, to a minor degree. Recent tests and VIPRE antivirus review pages show a performance hit of around 3% on average, which is impossible to notice.

3. Is VIPRE Antivirus compatible with Windows 10?

Yes. You can install VIPRE on all Windows editions starting with Windows 7, including the latest version: Windows 11.

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