Choosing the Best Solar: Solaria vs LG Solar Panels

solaria vs Lg solar panel

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Let’s recap Solaria vs LG Solar panels crucial features to keep up to date with the best of the best in solar power.

Brand History Overview

While LG is a renowned leader in every aspect of technology, Solaria is oriented towards a specific market of solar power and renewable energy.

  • LG’s first solar module was manufactured in 2009. LG Solar is a product that underwent 23 years of research and combined efforts of team members. In the previous decade, the company won the annual “Intersolar Award” three times. When the Cello Technology was introduced, it brought maximum efficiency, performance and aesthetics.
  • Solaria designs, develops, and manufactures monocrystalline solar modules for residential and commercial use as well as automation technologies for solar installation. The U.S. based company was founded in 2000, being a pioneer in solar technology at the time.
BrandLG SolarSolaria
Cell Technology/TypeMonocrystallineMonocrystalline Silicon
Flagship Product/ModelLG360Q1K-V5 – LG NeON R PrimeSolaria PowerXT-370R-PD
Wattage360 W370 W
Efficiency20.8 %20.5 %
Power Derating0.3 %0.5%
Product and Output Warranty25 years25 years
Power Warranty TypeLinearLinear
Weight (lbs)38.646
Length (inch)66.9063.8

LG Solar Panels Review

LG Solar’s long-lasting solar technology assets use unique, award-winning Cello Technology. This monocrystalline cell technology is highly efficient in reducing energy loss by spreading the current through 12 electrical wires while improving light absorbance at the same time.

The LG 360 watt solar panel has one of the longest warranties on the market which speaks of its quality.

LG Solar Panels have won the Top Brand Award in Australia for five consecutive years, and are also Australia’s most trusted solar panel brand.

Solaria Solar Panels Review

Solaria panels developed an efficient Pure Black technology to reduce costs, increase efficiency and eliminate shade performance. It helps in attracting more sunlight, reaching greater power efficiency with fewer solar arrays. The sophisticated design also improves your roof’s aesthetics.

Solaria Power XT Series solar panels have the highest power the solar panel market has to offer. 

In 2019, the SNEC PV Power Expo in Shanghai recognised Solaria’s flagship photovoltaic panels for their outstanding performance and efficiency.

Recap: Which One Is Better?

When it choosing the correct solar module, you should ask yourself a few key questions, such as “how big a solar system do I want,” “what is the most efficient solar panel,” and “how much will it cost?”

When comparing Solaria vs LG solar panels, they both implement the latest technologies, resulting in higher efficiency. Being in a constant race for better reviews, their flagship products exceed in quality and efficiency.

They also both offer extended warranty compared to other competitors on the Australian market.

With pretty much identical features, either of the two products is certainly a good choice for your home.


1. Are LG solar panels made in China?

No. The main facility of LG electronics is located in Gumi, South Korea.

2. What is the most efficient LG Solar Panel?

LG NeON® R Prime is the most efficient solar panel manufactured by LG, with increased 20% efficiency, generating more energy compared to conventional panels.

3. Are Solaria Solar panels good?

As stated in this Solaria vs. LG Solar Panels review, Solaria Solar panels are among the top five Australian brands in the field of renewable energy, alongside LG Solar and SunPower.

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