2021 Solargain Reviews: To Buy or Not to Buy

It’s no wonder solar is becoming the go-to option for power supply lately. Given what we know about climate change and the Anthropocene, solar panels are definitely an improvement on the power sources of yore.

With alternative energy now a reputable and attractive proposition, market prices for solar gear are coming down. That’s where Solargain comes in, offering popular solar-related products at affordable prices, along with a knowledgeable staff eager to help.

So, if you’ve been thinking of getting in touch and doing business with the company, you don’t have to trawl the net for Solargain reviews and background research. Here at TakeATumble, we’ve put together a review with all essential information about the company’s history, products, services, and customer reviews.

Put on the SPF and walk into Solargain’s world!


  • Over 25 years of market presence
  • Works with cutting-edge brands
  • Outstanding customer support
  • Overwhelmingly positive customer reviews
  • Hard to beat deals and unique offers


  • Doesn’t install off-grid systems
Value for money4.0
Product Quality4.5
Customer Service5.0

Solargain Company Overview 

Solargain is one of the leading providers of solar-related products in Australia. The company’s history begins in 1995 when it was a small one-man plumbing business. When it hired its next three employees in 2005, their vast experience in solar energy and technology helped transition the business into an agile, reliable solar dealer.

Solargain now has multiple offices in each Australian state and territory with over 170 employees nationwide. The company provides hand-picked solar panels and solar water heaters to about 65,000 residential and business locations.

Solargain’s Partners

Through the years, Solargain has built strong relationships with some of the leading brands on the market. It now offers solar panels with both monocrystalline and polycrystalline cell technology, along with related equipment, from Q Cells, Sunpower, JinkoSolar, Trina Solar, and LG. Those are some of the most reliable and some of the most affordable brands on the market, so it’s no surprise to see excellent sales and amazing feedback from users. Solargain complaints are indeed few and far between.

In addition to sales, Solargain performs the installation for all of the available models, be they grid-connected panels, hybrid solar, micro-inverters, or power optimisers. The only type of service that Solargain doesn’t currently provide is off-grid installation. Should you need an off-grid installation, you can check out Winaico’s certified installers.

Solargain Solar Panels in Australia

Whether you’re looking for premium panels or affordable modules, Solargain has it all, stocked across 21 stores from Solargain Melbourne to Solargain Hervey Bay. Let’s look at some of the specific brands and models available in Solargain’s stores in Australia.


It seems the popular consensus is coalescing around LG as the undisputed industry leader. The best efficiency rates on the market and superior warranty packages mean that only a few manufacturers can compete with the South Korean behemoth. Below are two new LG panels sold by Solargain.

Output350-360 W375 W
Warranted degradation2% in first year; 0.35% per year after5% in first 5 years;0.4% per year after
Product weight17.1 kg18.5 kg
Product dimensions (in mm)1016 x 1686 x 401700 x 1016 x 40
Performance warranty25 years25 years
Heat tolerance-40°C ~ +90°C-40°C ~ +90°C
Country of manufactureSouth KoreaSouth Korea
Product warranty25 years25 years 


SunPower panels are also considered cutting-edge and among the best of the best – just ask NASA. The company provides premium solar systems for both residential and commercial purposes across Australia, available in every Solargain store. In addition, Solar gain Perth has some amazing SunPower panel deals offers – you can get the lowdown in the Special Deals section below.

SunPower Maxeon 5 ACSunPower Maxeon 3SunPower Performance 3
Output400 – 415 W400 W370 W
Warranted degradation2% in the first year, 0.25% per year after0.5%No more than 8% after 25 years
Product weight21.1 kg19 kg18.1 kg
Product dimensions (in mm)1017 x 1835 x 401690 x 1046 x 401690 x 998 x 35
Performance warranty20 + 5 years w/ SunPower Complete Confidence Warranty25 years25 years
Heat tolerance-40ºC ~ +60ºC−40°C to +85°C–40°C to +85°C
Country of manufactureMalaysiaMalaysiaChina
Product warranty25 years (panel and microinverter)25 years25 year Complete Confidence Warranty

Solargain Water Heaters

In addition to household solar panel names, Solargain also offers its own brand of water heaters. Their tanks boast 97% solar absorption, passive sun tracking, and a completely automated booster that gives you hot water regardless of the season and saves 80% on the water heating bill. Look out for our Solargain hot water systems review for an in-depth overview and analysis. In the meantime, compare the products listed in the table below.

  Solargain Evacuated Tube 250L 20 Tube with Electric BoostSolargain Ground Mount 315L Twin Panel Gas BoosterSolargain Roof Mount 300L Single Panel Electric Boost
Product warranty10 years parts on the heat exchanger;3 years parts and labour on booster;5 years parts and labour on tank and collector;2 years parts on solar pump;1 year parts and labour on all other components5 years solar system warranty (parts & labour);2 years pump warranty;1 year electrical warranty5 years parts and labour on tank and collector;1 year parts and labour on all other components
Tank capacity250 L315 L300 L
Element size2.4 kW2.4 kW2.4 kW
Temperature pressure release valveNoNoYes
MaterialVitreous enamelVitreous enamelVitreous enamel
Sacrificial anode installedYesNoYes

Warranties and Service

What happens if a Solargain product breaks down? You finally get to use your Solargain warranty! It’s up to 5 years on their own brand of water heaters, and whatever the solar panel manufacturer has specified, if that happens to be the product in question. Solargain provides you with the maker’s warranty documents, which means the product you receive is directly insured and warranted by the original manufacturer. In terms of customer feedback and various Solargain reviews, most buyers appear satisfied with Solargain warranties.

Regardless of whether you’ve bought your product at Solargain or elsewhere, the company offers service and help with warranty claims, which is rather handy. You can contact their support centre to speak with someone (yes, a real person!) about any type of issue. 

Solargain Special Deals

Given that solar power is a costly investment, pricing is an essential part of the decision making process when buying photovoltaic products. Thus, finding a company that offers discounts and deals will surely alleviate the pressure of overspending. Solargain Melbourne and Solargain Brisbane, among others, are currently offering a number of exclusive deals. You can check out some of the Solar gain prices in the table below.

6.66 kW Jinko Solar panel + Tesla inverter + batteries – $9,999370W Trina Solar Panel + 5kW Sungrow inverter – $3,99018 370 W  JinkoSolar panels + 5 kW Growatt inverter + option to upgrade to a battery-ready inverter – $4,59018 370 W  JinkoSolar panels + 5 kW Growatt inverter + option to upgrade to a battery-ready inverter – $4,59018 370 W  JinkoSolar panels + 5 kW Growatt inverter + option to upgrade to a battery-ready inverter – $3,99018 370 W JinkoSolar panels + 5 kW Growatt Inverter + option to upgrade to a battery-ready inverter – $3,290
18-Panel SunPower panel + battery-ready Huawei Hybrid inverter + Huawei Smart Meter – $4,99920 400W Trina Solar panels + 6kW Hybrid battery-ready inverter – $5,29025 400W Trina Solar panels + 8.2 kW Fronius Primo inverter – $7,89025 400W Trina Solar panels + 8.2 kW Fronius Primo inverter + option to upgrade to a battery-ready inverter – $7,89027 400 W Trina Solar panels + 8.2 kW Fronius Primo inverter + FREE Fronius Smart Meter – $9,59019 400 W Trina Solar panels + Huawei L1 6 kW inverter + Huawei Smart Meter – $4,990

Customer Reviews and Alternatives

Solargain has continuously delivered premium quality products and dependable installations in an attempt to ensure maximum yields for both the solar panels and the solar water heaters the company offers. If their website is anything to go by, there is a conspicuous lack of any major Solargain complaints. The company is rated 4.3 out of 5 by close to a thousand customers.

Solargain reviews indicate that the company delivers premium quality services in a timely manner. Customers speak highly of Solargain personnel, both the installers and the salespeople, for helping them choose the right products and set them up within 3 weeks from receiving a quote. Furthermore, their website offers a direct helpline to promptly assist you with any type of issue or inquiry regarding the products they offer, with the possibility for a Solargain expert to visit and inspect your premises to help you choose a product.

As far as products are concerned, Solargian offers its customers a wide range of quality solar modules for every need and budget. Solargain truly works with some of the best manufacturers on the market, so you won’t go wrong by choosing any of them.

Let’s take a look at several other solar dealers across Australia to see where Solargain stands.

  • Ever Power Solar (EPS)

EPS is a leading solar dealer, offering quality products, great customer service, and ratings to reflect both of those. They offer a wide range of Tier 1 solar products and do the installations as well.

  • Regen Power

Similarly to Solargain, reviews attest that Regen Power works well with the industry’s best brands, including Qcells, JinkoSolar, and Trina Solar, all of which hold a Bloomberg Tier 1 rating. The company helps you choose the right product and punctually installs it for you.

  • Smart Energy Answers

Smart Energy Answers take pride in providing solutions for any and all energy requirements. The company has a long market presence and has worked with industry giants such as Tesla and LG, which speaks of their serious commitment to quality in providing smart solar solutions. 

Is Solargain Worth it?

If you’re looking for first-rate solar products and installation, Solargain is a great choice. It’s a reputable company whose trained professional staff will gladly offer to assist you and share their vast experience in solar tech. Rather than buy products directly from the manufacturers and then spend hours searching for the right installer, you can see a dealer such as Solargain and receive two services at once.

In addition, Solargain offers exceptional deals on solar water heating devices, helping you kill two birds with one solar stone.


1. Is Solargain a reputable company?

Solargain is one of the leading providers of solar panels and related equipment in Australia, with a long history on the market and 21 offices across the country. The company is considered one of the most professional and reliable on the market, praised by numerous Solargain reviews across the net.

2. Who owns Solargain?

The founder and CEO of the company is Domenic Mercuri, a businessman with considerable experience in the solar power sector. Under his leadership, Solargain has installed over 10MW of commercial solar systems.

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