Sleeping Duck vs Koala: The Ultimate Mattress Comparison

Koala vs Sleeping Duck

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The New Koala mattress and the SD Mach II are two of the most popular beds in Australia right now. 

How do you pick the right one for you? 

This Sleeping Duck vs Koala review will compare and contrast these two brands so you can decide which mattress is the best to snooze on!

Sleeping Duck vs Koala At a Glance 

Koala Mattress 
Mattress typeHybrid Foam 
Mattress depth 31 cm25 cm
Firmness CustomisableCustomisable  
Trial Period 100 nights 120 nights 
Delivery Free next-day delivery Free next-day delivery 
Warranty 10 years 10 years 
Price From $999From $759

About the Sleeping Duck Mattress

The SD Mach II, the Sleeping Duck’s flagship product, is an Australian mattress-in-a-box that offers adjustable firmness levels, unmatched comfort and high-tech engineering. Awarded Australia’s ‘Best Innovation’ Mattress in a Box for 2019, the SD Mach II is a great choice for all types of sleepers, regardless of body shape and sleeping position. 

The company recently opened a showroom in Melbourne, where customers can try out the SD Mach II (and other products) before making a final decision, which is a great plus for those who are still sceptical about the concept of a bed-in-a-box. 

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About the Koala Mattress 

Koala is an Australian company that puts environmentally-friendly materials and sustainable design at the forefront. The manufacturer is a B-Corp-certified business and part of the 1% for the Planet, which means that they adhere to the highest social and environmental standards. 

On top of that, all the materials used in their mattresses are GECA and CertiPUR-US certified (the highest safety and ethical standards). 

In addition to their most popular model—the all-foam Koala mattress, the company manufactures two more high-quality mattresses, as well as a wide range of bed frames, furniture and linens. 

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How do the Koala and Sleeping Duck mattresses compare? 

Let’s take a look. 

Koala vs Sleeping Duck: Material & Construction

The biggest difference between the Koala mattress and the SD Mach II is in the design. 

While the Koala is an all-foam bed, the Sleeping Duck is a hybrid, which means that it combines a foam construction with twice tempered steel springs. 

Here is a breakdown of the construction of both beds. 

The Sleeping Duck Mattress Design

The innovative technology incorporated in the SD Mach II is split into four distinct layers.

  • The first layer is a BreatheTech Cover made of bamboo yarn that is not only soft and gentle but has advanced cooling features as well. What’s more, the cover is removable and machine-washable for easy maintenance. 
  • Under the antimicrobial cover, you will find a high-density polyurethane foam layer that absorbs heat and moisture, while providing a feeling of weightlessness.
  • The next layer is also made of polyurethane foam, however, this is SD’s AirGrown foam that is specially calibrated to provide varying firmness levels.
  • The final section is called the Motherboard and consists of high-quality steel springs that provide tailored support to various parts of the body. 

The Koala Mattress Design 

While the Sleeping Duck bed uses revolutionary tech to give you the best sleep ever, Koala focuses on eco-friendly and natural materials. 

The Koala Mattress is made of three layers.

  • The cover is made of high-quality TENCEL Lyocell fibre, a soft, antimicrobial and breathable material that provides cool nights. 
  • A double-sided Kloudcell foam layer that allows sleepers to adjust the firmness and comfort level. 
  • The support layer is made of firmer foam designed to reduce partner disturbance, align your spine and provide ultimate pressure relief for your hips and shoulders. There is also an anti-slip base to add more stability and support to the mattress. 

The winner: Sleeping Duck. The Koala mattress is a great bed but its construction is simpler than the SD Mach that relies on advanced technology and innovative materials to provide comfort, support and quality sleep. 

Koala Mattress vs Sleeping Duck: Firmness & Comfort

The perfect firmness level can be difficult to get right, which is why most mattress manufacturers stick to the industry standard of medium-firm beds (5-6 on the one to ten firmness scale). 

Koala and Sleeping Duck have taken a different approach—both offer beds whose firmness levels can be adjusted to suit the sleeper.

The Koala mattress incorporates a double-sided foam layer in the core that can be flipped to offer either a firm or medium-firm feel. The softer side is a 6 on the firmness scale and is more suited to side sleepers, while the firmer side is a 7.5 and is better for heavier and stomach sleepers. 

Source: Slumber Search

The Mach II, on the other hand, features an interchangeable firmness system. Currently, only two firmness levels are available: medium (around 6/10) which is best for people who sleep on the side and a firm level (8/10) which is best for back and stomach sleepers. For partners who prefer different firmness levels, there is a ‘half and half’ option, i.e. you get different firmness on each side of the bed. 

Source: Sleepopolis

The winner: Sleeping Duck. Currently, the SD mattress offers more customisation options in terms of firmness. It also gives customers 100 nights to swap foams for free until they get to their preferred firmness level.

If you need an even firmer bed, here are some tips on how to make your existing mattress firmer.

Sleeping Duck Mattress vs Koala: Temperature Regulation

Both mattresses excel when it comes to cooling down sleepers on hot Assie nights. 

The Mach II uses several cooling technologies to regulate temperature, including the soft bamboo in the cover and the porous foam in the comfort layers. On top of that, it has springs in the bottom layer that further boost breathability and airflow. 

In the Koala mattress, temperature is regulated with the open-cell Kloudcell and the Tencel cover on the top, which absorbs moisture and adds breathability.  

The winner: Sleeping Duck. As a foam bed, the Koala mattress inherently sleeps hot. At the same time, the SD bed employs several advanced cooling technologies to prevent sleepers from overheating. 

Sleeping Duck vs Koala: Edge Support

The Sleeping Duck mattress provides excellent support around the perimeter—the pocket springs in the base ensure that the edges are steady, letting you enjoy the entire surface of the bed. Actually, the company claims that their spring system offers up to 20% extra functional space on the surface of the mattress, thereby giving you a King bed for the price of a Queen. 

The Koala also performs very well in terms of edge support, although its foam construction cannot rival the hybrid design of the SD Mach II. 

The winner: Sleeping Duck. Like other all-foam beds, you might experience some sagging around the edges when sleeping on the Koala mattress, particularly if you are a heavier user. On the other hand, the spring system on the SD bed activates when you sleep or sit on the perimeter of the mattress, preventing any sinkage. 

Koala vs Sleeping Duck: Which is Better for Couples?

If you sleep with a partner who tosses and turns all night, the Koala can be a life-saver. Thanks to its two layers of high-density foam and Zero Disturbance tech, all motion on the surface of the bed is absorbed so you won’t feel your partner moving even if you are an extremely light sleeper.

The springs on the SD mattress, on the other hand, cannot fully isolate motion, even though they are individually wrapped. That said, the Sleeping Duck is more responsive and might be better suited for intimate activities. 

The winner: Tie. Although the Sleeping Duck provides bounce and responsiveness, the Koala is the absolute best bed for eliminating motion transfer. Those who share a bed with a restless partner will appreciate the fact that the Koala lets them sleep undisturbed through the night.  

Sleeping Duck vs Koala: Maintenance & Care

Keeping the Sleeping Duck mattress fresh and clean is a breeze thanks to its removable cover which can be tossed in the washing machine and come out as good as new.  The foam layers can also be removed and vacuumed. 

The cover on the Koala mattress is not removable, although it is antimicrobial (which means it will keep dust and bacteria away) and can easily be kept in tip-top shape with some spot cleaning. 

Both mattresses are not meant to be flipped, although they can be rotated twice a year to prevent sinkage. 

The winner: Sleeping Duck. There is no beating the convenience of a removable and machine-washable cover. 

Koala Mattress vs Sleeping Duck: Trial Period & Warranty

Both beds come with a 10-year warranty that covers manufacturing defects or physical damages. 

They differ in terms of the trial period, though. 

Koala offers a 120-day trial period while Sleeping Duck mattresses come with a 100-Night Guarantee. 

The winner: Koala. Although 20 days may seem like a short amount of time, sleep experts recommend sleeping on a mattress for at least 4 weeks to see if it suits you or not, so those 20 days might make a lot of difference. 

Koala vs Sleeping Duck Mattress Price

How much do both beds cost?

Koala Sleeping Duck
Single Mattress (92cm x 188cm)$607.20 (w/o sale $759)$999
King Single (107cm x 203cm)$767.20 (w/o sale $959)$1,099
Double (138cm x 188cm)$799.20 (w/o sale $999)$1,349
Queen (153cm x 203cm)$879.20 (w/o sale $1,099)$1,649
King (183cm x 203cm)$1,039.20(w/o sale $1,299)$1,999

Special Offers and Sales

Sleeping Duck currently has four bundles on offer, letting you combine the SD Mach II with their signature Sleeping Duck pillow and fitted sheets. You could also opt for the Twin pack and buy two mattresses, saving $200 on the second bed.  

Koala, however, offers more attractive package deals that pair mattresses with the company’s high-end bed bases, (Koala makes some of the best bed frames available on the market). They also have some great furniture bundles, such as the Guest Sleepover deal that includes a sofa bed, 2 Koala pillows, and a sheet and duvet cover set, all for under $2,000. 

Plus, Koala has continuous sales throughout the year that can get you 20% and even 50% off select products, including their best-selling Koala mattress. 

The winner: Koala. Not only is the Koala mattress much cheaper than the SD, but the company also runs promotions and deals throughout the entire year so you can get a significant discount whenever you decide to buy a new mattress. 

Is Koala or Sleeping Duck better?

The Sleeping Duck certainly performs much better in several categories than the Koala mattress—it has more layers and higher quality materials, as well as superior technology that embraces the latest developments in mattress engineering. 

However, the Koala mattress might be more appealing to sleepers on a tight budget. The Koala Queen-sized bed is almost half the cost of the SD Mach II. What’s more, the price can go lower thanks to the company’s generous year-long discounts. 

Koala also places great emphasis on using eco-friendly materials and sustainable design, as well as doing its bit for the environment. If you are an eco-conscious shopper, the Koala is a great option. 


1. Where are Sleeping Duck mattresses made?

The foams used in the Sleeping Duck mattress are made in Australia, while the mattress is assembled in China. 

2. How long does a Sleeping Duck mattress last?

Like other hybrid beds, the SD Mach II has a lifespan of 8 years if properly cared for, although the warranty on your bed covers you for damages for up to 10 years. 

3. Is Sleeping Duck made in China?

No, the mattress is assembled in China, but the materials used in the construction are made in Australia. 

4. Does Sleeping Duck mattress sag?

No, due to the twice-tempered steel springs and high-density foam in the construction, it is unlikely that the SD Mach will sag. 

5. Is Koala or Sleeping Duck softer?

Both beds come with adjustable firmness levels, although the Koala is a bit on the softer side. In other words, for side sleepers who want the sinking feel of foam, Koala takes the lead in this Sleeping Duck vs Koala tussle. 

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