Sleeping Duck Mattress Review: Is It The Stuff of Dreams for 2022?

Sleeping Duck Mattress Review

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Sleeping Duck pursues an innovative method of mattress construction employing a host of modern technologies: AntiGravity, BreatheTech, ComponentAdapt, and more.

We’re here to clarify how the SD Mach II uses these modern features to nurture deep and relaxing sleep for everyone.

Read our Sleeping Duck mattress review to get all the answers.


  • 100% Australian-made foams
  • Soft, silky, and ultra-breathable bamboo cover
  • 100-night no obligation guarantee
  • Free no-contact shipping to and from, with a full refund
  • Returned mattresses are donated to charity
  • Adjustable foam pads for every body area


  • Mattress accessories are delivered separately
  • On the heavier side due to the hybrid pocket spring design
  • Only one mattress return per household

Mattress Highlights:

  • Mattress type: Hybrid
  • Mattress depth: 31cm
  • Trial period: 100 days
  • Warranty: 10 years
  • Price: $999–$1,999


Motion isolation4/5
Cooling/temperature control5/5
Edge support5/5
Company reputation5/5
Value for money4/5

Brand Snapshot

Sleeping Duck is a Melbourne-based mattress manufacturer that set out to provide the best sleep possible in 2014.

Frustrated by the baffling process of finding and purchasing the right mattress, the founding duo started creating their Sleeping Ducks with an end-to-end service that designs, retails, and tirelessly perfects the ultimate mattress.

In other words, they created a mattress to help them fall asleep, stay asleep, and wake up refreshed and pain-free. Moreover, owing to the company’s stellar growth in recent years, they have expanded into bed frames, sheets, pillows, duvets, and more. For instance, you should look into their universal Sleeping Duck foam pillow, unique for its manufacturing technique that uses pressure expansion rather than chemical reactions.

Material & Construction

The Sleeping Duck mattress is a 31cm-deep hybrid bed that is expertly crafted with four layers in mind, each serving a specific purpose towards the same goal: the best sleep ever! Our table reveals more:

First layerBreatheTech CoverThis silky and machine washable cover is made from vortex spun bamboo yarn to provide top breathability.
Second layerAntiGravity Surface FoamAustralian-made high-density polyurethane foam with enhanced breathability and absorption benefits.
Third layerComponentAdapt Customization SystemThis additional foam layer is available in four firmness levels and allows you to adjust the mattress for maximum comfort.
Fourth layerMotherboard Multi-Zoned Spring SystemThese twice tempered steel springs add to the responsive support system and prolong the mattress durability.

All of these layers contribute to the world’s most advanced mattress, the company states, as they are constructed with top-quality raw materials and based on material science standards. The following sections will explore these claims in detail.

However, if you’d prefer some traditionally-built mattresses, you may want to check the Ergoflex Mattress.


With the SD Mach II, you can count on four firmness levels: soft, medium, firm, and extra firm. While the initial offering of medium and firm should cover most types of sleepers, you can also ask for specially designed softer or firmer options.

During your 100-day trial period, you can adjust the firmness levels per zone of your Duck beds for free as many times as you wish. You simply have to contact the company’s HQ and ask for new adjustable pads, which you easily swap out at home.

While you should find the perfect balance of comfort and support in the first three months by making the necessary adjustments for free, you can customise your mattress even after the trial period by purchasing the necessary pads.

Note: The queen and king Sleeping Ducks feature a half-and-half sleeping configuration that allows you to change the firmness of each side separately.

Comfort & Support

By virtue of its groundbreaking ComponentAdapt customisation system, the Sleeping Duck mattress can be altered with different foam pad combinations (256 in total) to fit comfortably to any type of sleeper.

Are you a stomach sleeper that needs a firmer middle section? Then, by all means, put firmer pads in the middle. Perhaps you even injured your hip, shoulder, or other joints? No bother at all, simply choose pads that properly support those areas.

As for proper support, the multi-zoned MotherBoard is a more than adequate base made of individual pockets of steel springs. To be more exact, it features three types of springs:

  • 2.3 mm around the edges to secure heavier sleepers near the borders 
  • 2 mm for your back and hip zones to satisfy the most demanding back sleepers 
  • 1.8 mm around the shoulder zone for picky side sleepers

Note: Per various Sleeping Duck mattress reviews, this core structure is highly responsive and tuned to the body’s different zones while equally distributing the sleeper’s weight.

Temperature Regulation

Rarely does a mattress perfectly combine excellent temperature regulation features with comfort and support other than the Sleeping Duck Mach II.

While hybrid mattresses are inherently cool and ventilated, the Sleeping Duck pushes this benefit to the extreme thanks to a host of new technologies.

Everything from its ultra-breathable bamboo cover to the extra porous and breathable AntiGravity surface foam and the naturally ventilated pocketing system is designed to efficiently manage Australia’s hot summers and maintain your body’s own heat.

Motion Transfer

While all-foam mattresses are the best choice for motion isolation, Sleeping Duck attended to that issue and came up with a satisfying solution to keep the best of both worlds.

Namely, to eliminate the bounciness of the pocket springs, the company has developed a breakthrough method of foam manufacturing called Variable Pressure Foaming, which produces hyper-adaptable foam that rapidly reshapes as you move while remaining soft.

Note: The queen and king sizes feature two individually adjustable halves. So, even if you or your partner move at night, you’ll ensure disturbance-free sleep for the other sleeper.

Edge Support

Unlike foam-only mattresses that sacrifice proper edge support for less bounciness, the SD Mach II also has unrivalled edge support.

The mattress’s extra strong perimeter zone includes thicker twice tempered steel springs that allow you to sleep or sit right on the edge without slipping off due to sagging. 

This feature effectively converts a queen-sized bed into a king-sized bed since it provides around 20% extra functional space, making it one of the best mattresses in Australia.

Durability & Maintenance

Sleeping Duck can afford to provide an exceptionally long 10-year warranty period since their Duck mattress is rigorously and regularly tested. For example, the SD Mach II scored 96% in sagging tests that simulate eight years of use with a 140 kg roller.

To keep the mattress performing at its peak, rotate it 180° each month for the first 6 months, and once every 3 months thereafter. However, its unique build prevents flipping.

As for maintenance, each of the four layers requires specific treatment. For instance, while the BreatheTech cover is unzippable and machine washable, the AntiGravity foam and the precision pads should be spot cleaned or gently vacuumed.

Note: If you treat the mattress’s delicate materials gently and regularly follow the above tips, you will keep the SD Mach II looking new for years to come.

Sleeping Duck Mattress Accessories

In addition to selling some of the best mattresses in Australia, Sleeping duck also offers various accessories to enhance the sleeping experience even further. The following table outlines these items, which can also be purchased separately:

Essential Bundle: Save $100Dream Bundle: Save $200Ultimate Bundle: Save $300
-King or Queen size mattress
-Two pillows
-Fitted Sheet and two pillowcases
-King or Queen size mattress
-Two pillows
-Fitted Sheet and two pillowcases
-Summer duvet 
-Duvet cover and two pillowcases
-BreatheTech cover replacement
-King or Queen size mattress
-Two Pillows
-Fitted Sheet and two pillowcases
-Summer duvet 
-Duvet cover and two pillowcases
-BreatheTech cover replacement
-Flat Sheet

The company put a lot of effort into designing the perfect pillow model, and they claim the one they came up with suits both back sleepers and side sleepers. Sleeping Duck make their pillows from their proprietary AntiGravity foam in one size: 60 x 40 x 9,5cm.

Warranty & Trial Period

All Sleeping Duck products come with a 100-Night Guarantee, so if you are unsatisfied with your purchase, ask for a full return and refund at no cost. However, the firm recommends trying the mattress for 21 nights since it has to adjust to your body in the first few weeks.

All Sleeping Duck products are warranty-covered. However, the mattress is the only product sold with a 10-year warranty. For other products, you have up to one year to discover any manufacturing faults and return them.

Note: The company’s policy is one return per household. Meaning that if you were to buy two mattresses, you could return only one.

Mattress Delivery

Your Sleeping Ducks will arrive straight to your door within a day of ordering them. The company guarantees a no-contact free delivery of their mattress in Australia (in most urban and rural areas). However, the accessories are subject to longer shipping times. Before unpacking your vacuum sealed, rolled, and boxed mattress, place it in a well-ventilated room since the bed has an initial non-toxic smell. Then, unravel the mattress and wait for it to expand and decompress for three hours before jumping on it!

Sizes & Pricing

Single 188 x 92 x 31 cm$999
King Single203 x 107 x 31 cm$1,099
Double188 x 138 x 31 cm$1,349
Queen203 x 153 x 31 cm$1,649
King203 x 183 x 31 cm$1,999

After choosing your dream mattress, provide your payment via a payment card or PayPal. You can even select the interest-free route and go with zipMoney, Openpay, or Humm.

Currently, Sleeping Duck does not offer any discounts or special offers on their mattresses as they believe their prices already represent a perfect quality-to-price balance.

However, there are special deals on their Bundle offers, where you can save $100–200 if you choose one of the three bundles or if you decide to buy two mattresses together.

Note: There are cheaper high-end hybrid alternatives, such as the Noa Luxe Mattress.

Awards & Certifications

The Sleeping Duck Pro was named CHOICE’s best-rated mattress in Australia in 2018 and 2019, the first company to win this award two years in a row.

Additionally, all Sleeping Duck products are GECA certified, meaning the materials they use fulfil critical environmental, human health, and ethical impact criteria.

Is the Sleeping Duck the Mattress of Your Dreams?

As testified by the vast majority of Australian mattress reviews, the latest iteration of the Sleeping Duck aims to accommodate all sleepers, regardless of their circumstances. To achieve that goal, the SD Mach II is built with a host of new technologies.

While these new-gen layers might sound a tad daunting to the more traditional customer, they do live up to the hype by delivering an uncompromising sleeping experience that will last for a long time to come.


1. How safe is the mattress?

The SD Mach II is one of the safest mattresses you can get since it has been meticulously designed to accommodate all types of sleepers and provide the proper pressure relief. The extra-strong perimeter springs also allow sleeping right to the edge.

2. Is it suitable for people with allergies?

Many a Sleeping Duck mattress review recommends the BreatheTech cover made from naturally hypoallergenic bamboo yarn. Sleepers that utilise the company’s TENCEL sheets also get a naturally antibacterial product made from heavy-gauge eucalyptus fibres.

3. Is the Sleeping Duck mattress good for a bad back?

Yes. Through the mattress’s ComponentAdapt customisation system, sleepers can easily adjust the firmness levels for different body zones. Those struggling with back pain can try different combinations free of charge until they find the right fit.

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