Macoda Mattress Review: To Buy or Not to Buy in 2022

Macoda Mattress Review

The Macoda mattress packs in multiple layers of high quality, eco-friendly materials and boasts a five-zone pocket springs layer, guaranteeing restful sleep.

But is it the best option for all types of sleepers? Is it affordable? Is it high maintenance? 

Our Macoda mattress review is here to give you the answers.


  • Excellent temperature regulation
  • Hybrid design for optimal comfort
  • Adjustable firmness
  • Great value for money 
  • A 100-night trial period
  • Free and fast delivery across Australia


  • Might not be suitable for stomach sleepers 
  • Some off-gassing post unpacking
  • Not made in Australia

Mattress Highlights

  • Mattress type: Hybrid
  • Mattress depth: 29 cm 
  • Trial period: 100 nights
  • Warranty: 10 years 
  • Price: $750-$1250


Comfort 4/5
Support  4/5
Motion Isolation 3/5
Edge Support  4.5/5
Company Reputation4.5/5
Value for Money  4.5/5

Brand Snapshot

Macoda mattress

Macoda Mattress is the brainchild of Perth-based James Cole and Dayne Gruenthal, who were on the lookout for a premium quality mattress that would not drive a hole through customers’ pockets. The result was their very own distributor-to-consumer company in 2018 that minimizes hefty set-up fees by operating online and offering free deliveries all over Australia. 

Despite being a new player in the game, Macoda has made quite a name for itself in the bed-in-a-box department. In addition to its best-selling hybrid mattress, Macoda offers high-quality bedding and the one-of-a-kind Macoda pillow.

Material and Construction

The Macoda mattress is a hybrid bed composed of five internal layers, each made up of different components. 

Let’s take it apart from the top down:

  • The topmost layer features a soft and breathable bamboo quilting—an eco-friendly move. The cover is hypoallergenic, too, so it fights off those nasty dust mites and mould that could mess with your well-being. 
  • The next component of the top layer is made of premium latex to give you a sturdy sleeping surface and stop you from sinking too far into the mattress. This premium latex top layer is Oeko-Tex tested, meaning it is free from harmful chemicals.
  • A gel-infused memory foam layer makes up the comfort layer, keeping you cool and comfy by contouring to your body and eliminating excess body heat. 
  • A high-density polyurethane layer lies under it, distributing weight evenly and enhancing the durability of the mattress.
  • The support layer comprises over 400 pocket springs spread out across five zones that lend support to various areas of your body. 

The structure of the Macoda stands out from other hybrid beds on the market, thanks to the premium latex layer in the top cover and the two foam inserts under it that can be flipped to adjust the firmness of the bed.

Macoda Mattress Firmness

The default firmness of the mattress gets a 5 out of 10 rating, meaning that it is quite soft. If this is too plush for you, Macoda allows you to switch the foam layers inside the mattress and make it firmer.

Offering both a fluffy, soft feel and steady, firm support, Macoda is basically two mattresses into one—something you won’t easily find on the market. 

However, if you’d prefer a firmer mattress without bothering to flip layers, then the Eva Mattress clearly wins the Macoda vs Eva tussle. 

Comfort & Support

Whichever firmness you settle for by switching up the foam inserts, the Macoda mattress is super comfortable to sleep on. 

In fact, most Macoda mattress reviews say that it feels like “sleeping on a cloud”, which is a feature most side sleepers look for. Another aspect side sleepers would appreciate is the five-zone spring system which supports the spine while relieving the most common pressure points.

The Macoda mattress also checks out excellently for back sleepers. The mattress has got your back when it comes to aligning your spine, once again, with the help of the supportive spring zones that evenly distribute your weight, so there is no pressure on your spinal column. 

Finally, this bed has outstanding edge support, perfect for supporting heavier body types who would like to stretch to the perimeter of the bed without feeling like they are about to roll off its edges.

The mattress, however,  is softer than most beds, so lying on your stomach will result in slight discomfort and some possible pressure on your lumbar region and neck. Stomach sleepers might like to explore Macoda mattress alternatives because it slightly fails to deliver in this area. 

Temperature Regulation

Unlike all-foam beds, this hybrid mattress is designed with the Australian climate in mind, so it won’t disappoint when it comes to temperature regulation.

The airy bamboo cover and the natural latex keep you comfortable in the sweltering Aussie summers, while the gel-infused memory foam in the middle helps you cool down. 

What’s more, the breathable materials increase airflow as you move around in your sleep, thus stopping any added heat from building up. 

Motion Transfer   

However, even though the support foam restricts movements on the surface, the bounciness of the latex and the responsiveness of the pocket springs do not completely eliminate motion transfer.

If you are looking for a mattress that excels at motion isolation, try one of the all-foam beds available on the market. 

 Edge Support 

The distribution of the pocket springs holds up the edges so that your bed won’t sag towards the sides. With this in mind, it’s no wonder customers have rated the Macoda bed very highly when it comes to edge support. 

Durability & Maintenance

The high-quality components that go into making this mattress ensure that it will easily last for a decade (the average lifespan of hybrids is seven to ten years), so there is no need to worry on the durability front. 

Maintenance is pretty straightforward, too. This is a hypoallergenic mattress, keeping dust mites and allergens at bay. On top of that, the bamboo cover is removable and easy to wash in warm soapy water. 

That said, the best way to take care of your mattress is to use a mattress topper or protector. The company also recommends rotating the mattress every few months for optimal maintenance. 

Warranty & Trial Period

The Macoda mattress comes with a secure warranty period of 10 years, in line with most models available right now. 

Nevertheless, some beds provide longer guarantee periods, so if this makes you feel more secure, you could try the Eva or one of the Onebed mattresses. 

Macoda also offers a 100 night trial period for the product. So if you don’t like the feel of the mattress or it is unsuitable for your body, you can return it hassle-free. They make a full refund if you choose to return the product. 

All returned mattresses are either donated or recycled by the company, thus giving back to society. 

Mattress Delivery 

Macoda delivers your mattress in a box rapidly and without a delivery fee. Delivery times typically range from one to ten days, depending on your location. 

You can set up the mattress on your own by simply unzipping it.

There have been some reports about off-gassing; however, this is common for all boxed mattresses and the smell should go away in 48 hours. The trick is to unzip the mattress in an open and well-ventilated space. 

Sizes & Macoda Prices

The Macoda mattress comes in all the standard sizes. 

Here are the prices of each size: 

Single 92 x 188 x 29cm$750
King Single107 x 203 x 29cm$850
Double137 x 188 x 29cm$1000
Queen153 x 203 x 29cm$1,150
King183 x 203 x 29cm$1,250

Considering the features the mattress offers, it is priced appropriately. The Sleeping Duck mattress, for instance, costs $999 for the single size and doesn’t have many of the same properties. 

In addition, the official website runs promotional offers and Macoda mattress deals from time to time, allowing customers to make considerable savings. Currently, their Black Friday sale is live, giving great discounts on this excellent bed. 

Awards and Certifications

The Macoda Mattress has been awarded the title of Australia’s Most Comfortable Mattress in 2019, 2020, and 2021. 

The elements in this bed also have the highest level of certification—the foam is CertiPUR-US certified, while all materials have been granted the Oeko-Tex Standard guarantee

Bottom Line: Is the Macoda Mattress Worth It?

The Macoda Mattress incorporates some great features at an affordable price, including the chance to customise the firmness level to your liking, making this hybrid bed suitable for almost all types of sleepers.

Actually, it’s biggest (and only) con is that it might not be the best choice for stomach sleepers who should look for firmer sleeping surfaces. 


1. Is Macoda Mattress made in Australia?

No, the Macoda mattress is made in China, but the company is Australian-owned. Almost all boxed mattresses in the Australian market are manufactured in China. 

2. Who owns Macoda Mattress?

Dayne Gruenthal and James Cole are the owners of Macoda Mattress, starting the company back in 2018. 

3. Is Macoda Mattress good for your back?

The Macoda mattress features a zoned-support layer that relieves pressure and provides support where it is needed the most. In other words, it’s great for your back and lumbar area as it offers proper spinal alignment.  

4. How much does Macoda Mattress cost?

The Macoda mattress is priced at $750 for the single bed size, putting it among average-priced beds. However, as we’ve shown in this Macoda mattress review, it packs many helpful features and provides great value for money, so it’s not a purchase you will regret making. 

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