2022’s Latex Mattress Review: The Best Sleep Ever?

Latex Mattress Review

Latex is undoubtedly the best and most premium material used in mattress production since you get the best support, comfort, durability, and temperature regulation anywhere.

Latex Mattress Australia has been making this stuff of dreams for decades, and our Latex Mattress review will tell you everything about it!

Let’s jump in!


  • 21-year guarantee
  • Asthma- and allergy-friendly
  • The ultimate choice for hot sleepers
  • Removable, machine-washable cover
  • Available in custom sizes
  • 100% biodegradable


  • Heavier than other mattress types
  • No trial period
  • Free delivery not included


Pure Support

  • Mattress type: pure latex
  • Mattress depth: 23cm
  • Trial period: n/a
  • Warranty: 21 years 
  • Price: $3,350–$6,626

Pure Comfort

  • Mattress type: pure latex
  • Mattress depth: 28cm
  • Trial period: n/a
  • Warranty: 21 years 
  • Price: $4,871–$8,996

Pure Indulgence

  • Mattress type: pure latex
  • Mattress depth: 33cm
  • Trial period: n/a
  • Warranty: 21 years 
  • Price: $7,697–$17,497


Comfort 5/5
Motion Isolation4/5
Temperature Control5/5
Edge Support  4/5
Company Reputation5/5
Value for Money4/5

Brand Snapshot

latex mattress review

Latex Mattress Australia is one of the oldest and most popular companies on the Australian market, answering Aussies’ needs for blissful and refreshing sleep since 1955.

This family-owned business has been creating all-natural, handcrafted, custom-made mattresses with Malaysian-sourced natural latex for generations of sleepers.

Moreover, since their pure latex mattress products contain no chemicals whatsoever and are made using the tested Dunlop method, you’ll feel like sleeping in a peaceful forest.

With Latex Mattress, you get nothing short of uncompromised luxury!

Material and Construction & Firmness

In addition to the Pure Support latex mattress, the company’s core lineup includes two other beds. We cover the differences among all three products below:

Pure Support
Mattress depth23 cm
Core layer20 cm of pure & natural latex
7 different posture zones
Removable coverSoft bamboo with Eden quilting
Embroidered handlesX
Pure Comfort
Mattress depth25 cm 
Core layer25 cm of pure & natural latex
7 different posture zones
Removable coverTENCEL with Eden quilting
Embroidered handles
pure comfort latex mattress
Pure Indulgence
Mattress depth33 cm
Core layer25 cm of pure & natural latex
7 different posture zones
Removable coverPure silk with Eden quilting
Embroidered handles
pure indulgence latex mattress

At their core, these Australian-made latex mattresses use the best quality, natural latex harvested by hand from Hevea Braziliensis rubber tree plantations. Moreover, their covers are OEKO-TEX certified: free from artificial and harmful substances.

The Latex Mattress Australia range answers the needs of every sleeper out there with varying firmness levels. While the Pure Support comes with a single medium or firm layer, the Pure Comfort and Pure Indulgence include three layers in three configurations: soft-medium-soft, soft-firm-soft, and firm-firm-firm.

Note: If you need a mattress that lets you adjust the firmness levels of separate zones, look into Sleeping Duck.

Comfort & Support

Latex Mattress Australia boasts of the perfect fusion of comfort and support of their products, and for good reason. Those lucky sleepers that have tried their products swear they enjoy a blissful, rejuvenating, and pain-free sleep every night.

In addition, most Latex Mattress reviews emphasise the importance of the mattresses’ pin core holes grouped into seven posture zones since they allow for even weight distribution and neutral spine position regardless of your body type and weight.

From the firmer yet buoyant support of the Pure Support to the softer and more comforting feeling of the Pure Comfort and the Pure Indulgence, Latex Mattress Australia will have side, back, or stomach sleepers, with or without any aches, fall asleep in no time.

Temperature Regulation

The 100% organic, open-cell, and pin core latex used in the company’s pure latex mattress products is one of the most breathable materials on the market.

Some consumers think sleeping on latex feels hot since they confuse them with memory foam. However, even though the Latex mattresses sold in Australia contour to any body shape, they still feature the best air circulation out of all mattress types.

In addition, the fabrics used in their covers—from bamboo to TENCEL and silk—offer superior thermal regulation qualities and the ability to draw away moisture and prevent the occurrence of harmful microbes and allergens.

Motion Transfer

The natural responsiveness of the latex rubber material results in minimal contouring and an overall feeling of sleeping on top of the bed instead of sinking in it.

With the company’s all-natural Dunlop latex mattresses, you get a firmer sleeping surface that still offers decent motion isolation properties, despite its innate bounciness.

If you still require a mattress that completely eliminates motion transfer, you should look into an all-foam mattress like the Ecosa foam bed.

Edge Support

While not as good as hybrid and innerspring mattresses, which feature specially designed edge support systems, latex beds are still more responsive and supportive than regular foam mattresses. 

These latex mattresses feature excellent elasticity, resilience and tensile properties, and regardless of how they deform, they recover their original shape. So when you purchase one, you can rest assured its edges will retain their shape over the long term.

Durability & Maintenance

Latex mattresses are the most durable beds on the market, especially those made via the Dunlop process since they use 100% pure and natural latex. This dense, heavy, and resilient material retains its dynamic properties for decades to come.

Latex feels like floating on top of your bed, unlike standard foam mattresses that produce a sinking effect over time. Moreover, side sleepers respond well to the latex properties to equally distribute their weight and relieve their pressure points.

To maintain the top performance of your natural latex mattress, you can follow several steps:

  • Use a mattress protector;
  • Do not keep it under direct sunlight.
  • Air it regularly and gently vacuum it;
  • Rotate it or flip it every 2 to 3 months;
  • Keep it away from fluids;
  • Do not stand or jump on it;

When it comes to caring for your covers, on the other hand, you first have to remove and zip them before proceeding with spot cleaning or using a dry cleaner.

Note: The silk mattress must not be washed in a machine, washed entirely, or ironed!

Warranty & Trial Period

21 years of warranty for a product that will definitely last much longer than that is a very generous offer. However, the company can afford to do so since it has faith in its artisanally crafted mattresses that were built to last.

The intrinsic durability of pure Dunlop latex will ensure your latex mattress remains just as responsive and supportive as the day you first tried it.

However, Latex Mattress Australia does not offer any trial period since their products are custom made. If trying out the mattress is essential to you, check out other premium brands.

Mattress Delivery

Your latex mattress is typically sent out within ten days of paying for it, but the delivery period and shipment fees vary depending on your location and the freight agent’s schedule. 

After handcrafting your mattress per your individual preferences, Latex Mattress Australia has it shipped directly from the factory floor to your address in protective packaging.

The company also offers a ‘white glove’ service that includes delivery, installation and removal of the old mattress and any disposable packaging at extra cost.

Note: Before purchasing the brand’s latex beds in Australia, you can try them out in several showrooms across the country.

Certification & Awards

The recognition of quality received by the Latex Mattress Australia range is unprecedented:

  • Australian Made and Owned License—they support local jobs and the nation’s economy.
  • Eco Institut Certification—100% chemical free and no VVOCs (very volatile organic compounds).
  • OEKO-TEX Certification—recognised by OEKO-TEX as products free from chemicals or other harmful substances.
  • LGA Quality Certificate—put through 60,000 test cycles to confirm that the company’s latex does not sag over time or lose its resilience and conformity.
  • 2020 and 2022 ProductReview.com.au Winner—won 4.9 out of 5 stars in the highest-rated independent tests in Australia.

Note: While Latex Mattress produces the most awarded mattresses on the market, they are still missing the new GECA certification, unlike New Koala or several other beds.

Sizing & Prices

If you are wondering about the Latex Mattress Australia cost of their core lineup, note that it varies depending on the model and size of mattress you choose:

SizeDimensionsPure Support Pure Comfort Pure Indulgence 
Single92 cm x 188 cm$3,350$4,871n/a
Long Single92 cm x 203 cm$3,740$5,621$7,697
King Single107 cm x 203 cm$3,740$5,621$8,397
Double138 cm x 188 cm$4,676$6,746n/a
Queen153 cm x 203 cm$5,456$8,246$12,947
King183 cm x 203 cm$6,626$8,996$14,347
Super King203 cm x 203 cmn/an/a$17,497

Note that the above table includes the current discounted prices. For the most up-to-date costs, check the Latex Mattress Australia official website.

Once you decide on a specific mattress and size, you can pay for it with Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Eftpos, Cash, Cheque, or Direct Deposit. Some customers can also spread the payment with interest-free options like Zip Money and AfterPay.

Note: If you cannot afford the above premium prices but still want to get a high-quality mattress, look into brands such as Ergoflex or Emma.

Mattress Accessories

In addition to their excellent mattresses, Latex Mattress Australia offers a wide range of additional accessories for a more complete sleeping experience:

  • Latex mattress topper: further reduce pressure and maintain your spine’s natural curve with a natural latex topper.
  • Adjustable bed base: a modern adjustable bed base that helps with back pain, insomnia, and other issues that may be affecting your sleep.
  • Latex pillows: sculpted pillows in various sizes that perfectly support any head type to tend to neck aches and stimulate restful sleep.
  • TENCEL mattress and pillow protectors: secure your mattress and pillows and enhance their comfort with high-quality pure TENCEL protectors.
  • TENCEL sheet sets: soft and gentle 100% silky-smooth TENCEL sheets that feel and look great.

Note: You can also purchase some of the above accessories in a bundle. For instance, the ‘Standard Bundle’ includes the mattress protector, two pillows and a TENCEL sheet set.

Verdict: Premium Sleep at a Premium Price!

Enjoying the best possible sleeping experience comes at a steep price. However, if you believe deep and rejuvenating sleep is more important than a price tag, you will not make a mistake investing in any of the natural Latex Mattress Australia products.

These beautifully designed luxurious mattresses are all-natural, durable, comfortable, and supportive beds that don’t hold back. You get the best latex mattress anywhere and a 21-year guarantee on top of that!


1. Are latex mattresses hot?

Latex mattresses are the most breathable mattress types on the market and they keep you cool and refreshed throughout the night, especially those made by Latex Mattress Australia, which feature an open-cell and pin core hole design.

2. Are latex mattresses healthier?

Pure latex mattresses are the healthiest sleep solution anywhere since they offer top-tier antibacterial and antiallergenic properties as they are free from any toxic substances.

3. How much is a latex mattress?

Premium quality comes at a premium price. For instance, the Latex Mattress Australia price range varies between $3,350 and 17,500 depending on the exact mattress and its size.

4. How long does a pure latex mattress last?

As already reported in this Latex Mattress review, these Australian products come with a 21-year guarantee (unlike ordinary spring or foam mattresses with 10-year warranties), but they remain in top condition for much longer than that.

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