eToro Review Australia: Investing Like a Pro in 2024


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If you lack the experience of longtime investors but would still like to trade in stocks, cryptoassets, or other financial products, check out eToro!

This social trading platform allows beginner traders to rely on the knowledge and skills of the more experienced by copying their investment strategies.

To learn more, read our detailed eToro review for Australia!


  • No or minimal investment fees
  • Various social trading tools
  • Virtual practice portfolio
  • Thorough educational resources


  • Conversion fees apply


Fees 9/10
Trading tools8.5/10
Research and education9.5/10
Available securities10/10
Customer Support7/10

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What Is eToro?

As one of the first social trading and multi-asset investment companies, eToro was founded in Tel Aviv, Israel, in 2007, and since 2010 it has been developing into one of the leading platforms of its kind after releasing an Android app and the CopyTrader feature.

The primary eToro services empower everyday users to confidently trade stocks, cryptoassets, ETFs, currencies, commodities, and similar products via a slew of social trading features, from copying popular investors to interacting with a rich social feed.

What Services Are Available in Australia?

Luckily, eToro is available in Australia and it comes with nearly the full set of services:

  • CopyTrader—this game-changing and innovative technology lets you quickly and easily copy the positions of experienced traders with a custom amount;
  • Stock investing—you can also buy shares on eToro as you have access to over 2.000 stocks from 17 international exchanges; moreover, the platform let’s you enjoy unlimited commission-free trades, fractional shares, and company dividends. eToro is a great way for Aussies to access the US market and buy and sell whole or fractional shares in some of the biggest companies in the world;
  • ETF trading—track specific assets, industries, and indexes via exchange-traded funds, which allow you to access hundreds of bonds, stocks, and commodities with a single trade;
  • Investing in cryptoenjoy a simplified yet secure cryptocurrency trading platform that lets you buy and exchange most cryptoassets with PayPal, credit cards and POLi and store them in your eToro crypto wallet;
  • Forex trading—eToro is one of the top-rated forex brokers around, offering nearly 50 trading pairs.
  • CFD eToro trading—diversify your investment portfolio with brokered contracts instead of directly purchasing the asset yourself, and instantaneously access stocks from different classes and worldwide markets to profit from their price changes;
  • Popular Investors program—stand out with your savvy investment strategies to earn eToro’s ‘Popular Investor’ status, which helps you grow your own side business and earn additional income;
  • Smart portfolios—browse through fully allocated and balanced portfolios targeting specific market segments, such as driverless cars, medicine, consumer goods, electronics, and much more;
  • eToro Club membership—improve your eToro experience with several tiers of premium membership, which grant additional perks and services, such as instant funds withdrawal, no conversion fees, live support, and various analysis tools.

Note: As users trade and build a successful portfolio with the help of more experienced investors, they may get a chance to be copied by others for extra income.

Did you know that an increasing number of investing platforms are offering cryptotrading as part of its services as over a million Aussies own some sort of cryptocurrency.

Is eToro Good for Beginners?

Absolutely! Every eToro review emphasises the features it offers to novice traders as its mission is to educate beginner investors through the power of social investing.

In fact, it is the best crypto exchange app for inexperienced traders and one of the top-rated investment platforms for newbies. 

Therefore, even if you are learning how to invest from other guides, familiarise yourself with the following fantastic eToro features to learn everything there is to know about trading:

  • Plethora of social features—eToro uses the power of community that shares, asks, learns, and teaches with the goal of making investment markets accessible to a wide array of traders, regardless of their level of expertise;
  • You can also follow and interact with your favourite investors and financial instruments via a rich and personalised Social News feed, where you can share your own updates and comment on the posts of other users.
  • User-friendly interface—both the app and the web interface implement an intuitive and clean UI that lets you quickly access features such as your research tab, one-click buying and selling, Stop Loss and Take Profit, pro-charts, and more;
  • Demo accountnew investors can also practise investing by switching to a $100,000 virtual portfolio to learn from their mistakes, try out different strategies, and build the confidence needed to trade on real markets;
  • eToro Plus—offers a deep dive the world’s financial markets via regular summaries (daily, weekly, quarterly), overviews of the latest trends, and other relevant analyses;
  • eToro Academy—an online trading academy with tons of resources for students of all levels on everything from investing to cryptoassets in various forms, such as written texts, videos, podcasts, guides, and webinars;

You can also access a comprehensive ‘Help center’ via eToro’s website or the mobile app, wherein you can find various instructional articles, FAQ sections, the platform’s customer service channels, and other helpful resources.

Note: If eToro is not to your liking for whatever reason, you can also check another beginner-friendly trading platform available to Aussies.

eToro Fees

As for the applicable fees on eToro, you can open a free account, and you won’t be charged any management fees, even when copying and investing in ready portfolios. Also, you don’t pay commission on stocks or markup, ticketing, broker, rollover, or stamp fees.

However, eToro may still charge some fees and spreads for certain services, such as:

  • 1% fee added to the market price for cryptocurrency trading;
  • Various spreads and overnight fees for CFDs;
  • eToro withdrawal fees of $5 (must withdraw at least $30);
    • The eToro minimum deposit is $50 for Australian customers,  whereas a minimum investment of USD$10 is required of those who want to buy US shares;
  • USD conversion fees between 0–150 PIPs;
  • $10 inactivity fee (for users that haven’t logged in the last 12 months).

Note: As the applicable spreads and costs may be subject to change without notice, always check their latest fee schedule available through the official website.

The difference in the ‘bid’ and the ‘ask’ price is called a spread, and brokers charge it as a commission on every position. For instance, for a bid of 1.2636 and an ask of 1.2638, you would have to pay a spread of 2 PIPs (unit of measurement for price movement).

eToro Customer Support

Users facing certain difficulties and problems with any aspect of the eToro platform can resolve the issue via one or more customer service channels or resources:

  • Help center page—browse through a library of helpful articles on everything from resolving issues with your account to learning about investment strategies;
  • Customer service request ticket—submit a detailed question to eToro’s support team and upload the necessary documents displaying the issue;
  • Customer service live chat—establish direct contact to eToro’s premium support service available to the platform’s club members;

Note: While eToro locks its live chat feature behind a paywall, Superhero allows you to establish a live communication with their support team free of charge.

Is eToro Safe?

Definitely! eToro is a secure and reliable company that employs top-notch security protocols and is regulated by the world’s preeminent regulators, including FCA, ASIC, and CySec.

Moreover, this industry-leading brokerage platform encrypts and does not share your private information with anyone unless with your explicit request or permission.

In any case, you have full control over your account, and you can add additional security layers, such as biometric authentication and two-factor authentication login.

Is eToro Worth It?

So are you still wondering whether or not to give eToro a try? Well, like other eToro reviews, we also believe the platform has plenty to offer, especially to novice traders unfamiliar with the intricacies of investing. Ultimately, eToro will teach you everything there is to know about asset trading, so you play the markets with the confidence of an experienced investor.


1. Is eToro trustworthy?

Yes, eToro is a top-tier social investment company backed by every relevant regulating body, and the platform’s 27 million users (as of 2021) are further testament to its credibility. 

2. Is eToro insured in Australia?

Yes, eToro automatically covers its clients with free investment insurance (provided by Lloyd’s of London) of up to $1 million on all trades except cryptoasset investments.

Is eToro good in Australia? Yes, and you may not find a better, safer, and more affordable trading platform that helps everyday Aussies confidently trade in everything from stocks to CFDs, regardless of their skill level. Read our detailed eToro review for Australia to learn more about its services.

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