2023 Essentials for Your PC: ESET AntiVirus Review

ESET antivirus review

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ESET  is among the top 10 antivirus software choices, offering bonus components beyond basic malware detection.

More than 110 million users worldwide have already reached out to ESET’s problem-solving solutions.

If you’re thinking of becoming a customer too, read our ESET AntiVirus review to unlock the insights of this wholesome AV protection.


  • Great malware detection
  • Easy installation and simple interface
  • Minimal system footprint
  • 256-bit AES encryption
  • Acts as a secondary firewall
  • Local-based tech support


  • Only basic parental controls
  • Not available for iOS
  • Lacks ESET VPN network protection
Ease of use10
Free version/
Value for money10

Security Features

Anti-malware Engine

Thanks to an extensive and regularly updated ESET malware list, ESET is one of the most efficient malware protection on the market. It successfully intercepts computer viruses, Trojan horses, rootkits, spyware, ransomware, and even computer worms.

With three different scan options and storing data on the ESET scanner’s cloud-based database, you’re covered on all fronts:

  • Removable Device ESET scan – external hard disks, phones, keyboards and mouse, speakers – everything can be scanned and checked.
  • Custom ESET Scan – suspicious files and folders can be added for examination.
  • System ESET Scan – program files, cached files, system files, and running processes – nothing can get past ESET.

Host intrusion prevention system (HIPS) is a special type of ESET scanner for the computer’s firmware, which scans existing files on your PC, preventing further changes from malware and rootkits.

ESET has an amazing 99,9% malware protection rate on independent tests. Although it isn’t a perfect 100% score boasted by a few other AV programs, like Norton, the difference is negligible.

Complete Antivirus Protection

ESET combines many different shields providing you all-around threat protection to keep you safe both online and offline:

  • Anti-Phishing – protects your sensitive information from being acquired by unreliable websites.
  • Ransomware Shield – employs advanced techniques to block malware that tries to steal your data.
  • Advanced Machine Learning – created specifically to stop new, never-before-seen threats.
  • Script-Based Attack Protection – detects malicious scripts; supported by all  major browsers.
  • UEFI Scanner – protects from threats that may attack you even before Windows starts.
  • Exploit Blocker – guards you from threats designed to evade detection.

Secure Web Browsing

Safe networking is essential, and ESET guards your online presence in numerous ways, including:

  • Firewall – blocks unauthorised access to your device. 
  • Anti-Spam Filter – removes unwanted mail.
  • Payment Protection – offers all-around security so you can safely make online payments.
  • Botnet Protection – an extra layer of protection to stop spam or network attack on your computer.

Network and Devices Monitoring

Several useful features to keep all your devices safe:

  • Parental Control – lets you set a password to protect settings; possibility to choose predefined categories specified for your kid’s age.
  • Webcam Protection – monitors, alerts you and blocks any unwanted access to your camera.
  • Network Inspector – inspects your home network for vulnerabilities and uses improved device detection to see who’s connected.
  • Anti-Theft – locates your device and lets you control it remotely.

Gamer security

The ESET antivirus has a special gaming mode that suspends pop-up screens, running in the background and ensuring the best gaming experience. The ESET software enters “gaming mode” whenever you’re on full screen, so it’s good for watching videos as well. This special smart mode comes with almost every AV software bundle, though if you’re into gaming specifically, you may want to try Kaspersky or even Bitdefender. 

Identity Theft Protection

Not all competitors have online theft protection as comprehensive as this one, making ESET an absolute champion. The best thing is that it provides your device with a Phantom Account – allowing hackers to access the device, but not its important and sensitive content. With dark-web monitoring and alerting you when your name is mentioned in suspicious places, ESET is the perfect bodyguard in the virtual community.

Premium Protection

Device encryption 

Offers the possibility to encrypt the entire data from your PC and store it on a virtual or removable drive. This is a 100% efficient additional security against hackers – if they somehow entered your device, they still wouldn’t be able to reach your information and data.

Password Manager

ESET’s password manager uses 256-bit AES secure encryption to connect and manage passwords on all your devices using the same logging profile. There’s also a handy browser extension that can be added to Chrome, Edge, and Firefox, providing password assistance and autofill options. Being a pretty basic tool, a password manager can be found with other antivirus platforms even in their entry-level plans.


A specifically designed layer of protection to detect and prevent new threats; works with most file types. 

Note: The last three options come only with the ESET Smart Security Premium.

Additional features

ESET has a plethora of bonus tools designed mainly to boost production and manage effective device usage. The ESET SysInspector stands out as the most valuable one, helping with diagnostics and troubleshooting a wide range of system issues and capturing detailed reports and critical intel on your PC.

Other additional tools include Security Report, Portable Computer Support, and One-Click Solution.

ESET Antivirus Performance

You can choose between a simple or advanced type of ESET download. An ESET free guiding book found on the official webpage is helpful if you’re installing the program on different devices and platforms while using the same account.

Installation of the ESET NOD 32 is smooth sailing – just click your way through the whole process. As for the ESET antivirus interface, it’s quite simple, with a menu that lists all the important features.ESET works hard on leaving a small system footprint, postponing all system-hungry activities to maintain high performance at all times.

Platforms and Apps


You can download ESET Mobile Security for free or choose the premium plan for AU$14.99 a year. Several other apps are available for Android, such as ESET Parental Control, ESET Secure Authentication, and ESET Password Manager.

Sadly, iOS users are out of luck, as ESET is currently not available for iPhone.

ESET for Mac

Macs are known as less susceptible to cyberattacks, so two additional options are tailored specifically for Mac: ESET Cyber Security (A$49.95/year) and ESET Cyber Security PRO (AU$59.95/year).

Plans and Pricing

ESET for Home

This deal offers ESET security for the entire household or a small home office (up to five devices) in three different plans:

PackageESET NOD32 AntiVirusESET Internet SecurityESET Smart Security Premium
Operating System /Software Type Windows, Mac(1 device)Windows, Mac, Android (1 device)Windows, Mac, Android (1 device)
Malware, ransomware, and phishing protection
Smart device & network protection
Privacy & banking protection
Sensitive Data Encryption
Password Management
Protection against new threats 
ESET Price$49.95/year$59.95/year$79.95/year
Check the website for the latest ESET deals and offers before purchasing.

ESET for Business

Designed to guard company endpoints, business data, and users with ESET’s multilayered technology, ESET PROTECT is an easy-to-use cloud-based platform that offers customizable protection.

Three solutions are available to business users, starting with AU$401.28 per year for the entry-level plan, for six devices. ESET for Business protects up to 999 devices, and each added one will cost you AU$70-$85 per year.

ESET For Enterprise

Covering all OS (even including ESET Linux), the ESET Enterprise package offers ultimate cyber risk management for businesses with more than 1000 seats.

The fact that ESET has been the first choice of Mitsubishi Motors, Canon, T-Mobile, and Allianz Suisse for more than a decade proves the exceptional quality of its cyber-security, even on the biggest networks and systems.

Aside from the ESET free trial where you can test out the software for 30 days, the company gives you an additional 30-day money-back guarantee in case you’re not satisfied with the package offer. This makes a total of 60 days to trial the product. Not all AVs are that generous with the return policy.

Compared to other competitors who offer the same suite of arrangements, ESET is a low-price AV. For example, AVAST’s cheapest solution still costs more than the ESET Smart Security Premium.

Customer Support

Common means of customer care are available to users, such as self service (searching through the knowledgebase and the user guides), a support helpline, and an online chat, although the techs are not around at all times. Kaspersky, for example, provides 24/7 support.

Verdict: Is ESET Your Essential PC Security? 

This ultimate leader in cybersecurity around the globe can surely find its spot on your desktop, whether you’re a regular home user, a parent, or a business owner. 

Although lacking some features users usually take for granted, such as a VPN and protection for iPhones, ESET’s rigorous defence will ward off all attempts of exploiting your security vulnerabilities.

Overall, this ESET antivirus review shows the security software is good value for money with plenty to offer for a low price.


1. Does ESET scan for ransomware?

Yes, ESET has a specifically designed Ransomware Shield that blocks malware trying to lock you out of your data and demand a ‘ransom’ payment.

2. Is Eset a good antivirus software?

ESET is an award-winning AV software used by world-leading enterprises for decades. Being more affordable than its competitors but offering all the essentials and more, ESET exceeds expectations.

3. Does ESET slow down your computer?

ESET’s protection is fine-tuned to save resources for your priority needs. According to the ESET antivirus review, it doesn’t slow your device more than 12% during the ESET scan. Without requiring much memory and running on a low CPU, ESET is one of the lightest AVs around.

4. Which is the best ESET product?

Eset Internet Security review appoints the ESET Smart Security Premium plan as the most downloaded and purchased one – it’s great for both tech-savvy users as well as those in need of basic threat protection.

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