The Emma Mattress Review You Can Trust [2022]

Emma Mattress Review

Combining innovative technology with first-class craftsmanship, Emma has managed to deliver two of the best beds-in-a-box on the Australian market. 

What makes these beds stand out from the competition?

This Emma Mattress review is here to answer that question.


  • OEKO-TEX certified
  • Adaptive foam
  • Luxury feel 
  • Machine washable cover
  • 10-year warranty 
  • Free delivery and returns


  • Longer delivery period
  • Not Australian made


  • Mattress type: Foam/Hybrid 
  • Mattress depth: 25 cm
  • Trial period: 100 nights
  • Warranty: 10 years 
  • Price: $799-$2,399


Motion isolation4/5
Temperature Control5/5
Edge Support3/5
Company Reputation4/5
Value For Money5/5

Brand Snapshot

emma mattress

Emma is a German-based company, founded in 2015. 

Employing a simple, yet smart design, Emma Sleep has grown rapidly, establishing a presence in over 21 countries and winning multiple awards for their beds in almost all the markets they entered. 

Emma expanded on the Australian market in early 2020 and has since increased its sales by almost eight times. 

Material & Construction

Emma offers two mattresses, the Emma Comfort, an upgraded version of the popular Emma Original, and their new, premium model, the Emma Diamond Hybrid. 

To see what exactly goes into the construction of these popular beds, we will look at each one separately. 

Emma Comfort

Designed specifically for Aussies, the Emma Comfort is 25 cm of weightless comfort. 

Its design features:

  • A removable and machine washable cover made out of climate control fibre, wicking away moisture and boosting airflow. 
  • A unique Airgocell layer of point-elastic foam for ultimate relief from pressure points and restless sleeping partners.
  • A three-zone support layer made out of HRX polyfoam that perfectly conforms to the body. 

Emma Diamond Hybrid 

This mattress combines individually-wrapped pocket springs and graphite foam for a more responsive and luxurious feel. 

It is made out of:

  • A fully breathable and removable elastic cover.
  • A diamond and graphite infused foam layer that excels at temperature regulation and motion isolation.
  • Ergonomically-designed comfort layer that can easily adapt to any body type and sleeping style.
  • A section of individually encased steel pocket springs to enhance bounciness, breathability, and edge support.

A support layer of HRX foam offering 3-zone support for the back, shoulders, and hips.

Emma Mattress Firmness

The Emma Comfort is a lightweight but incredibly supportive, medium-firm mattress, rated 6 out of 10 on the firmness scale (10 being the firmest). 

The Emma Diamond Hybrid is enhanced with metal springs, which raises the firmness level to 7.5 on the one to ten scale

Keep in mind that the firmness levels of the Emma mattresses are not adjustable, meaning that you would have to buy a mattress topper to make the bed softer or firmer. If you want a mattress that offers customisable firmness levels, the Sleeping Duck Mattress is one of the best available. 

Comfort & Support

Designed to ease back pain by using patented technology for spinal alignment and eco-friendly material for hygiene, comfort is guaranteed when purchasing the Emma Sleep mattresses.

What’s more, the Emma Comfort and Emma Hybrid feature a layer of adaptive foam, making these incredible beds suitable for any body type and sleeping position

Even so, the Emma Comfort with its gentle cushioning is more suited to side sleepers. In contrast, the Emma Diamond Hybrid would be a better choice for back and stomach sleepers who need a firmer and bouncier sleeping surface.  

Temperature Regulation 

Though the Emma Comfort utilises open cell technology to boost airflow, alongside a breathable, cooling cover, an all-foam mattress is no match to an innerspring bed. 

The construction of the Emma Hybrid model is also enriched with individually-wrapped pocket springs for improved air circulation on top of the diamond and graphite infused foam layer, which makes the hybrid 1.5 degrees cooler than any other mattress on the market. 

However, if the cushioning feel of memory foam is a must for you, the Ecosa Mattress can accommodate both on the temperature regulation and the body-conforming front. 

Motion Transfer

Whichever Emma model you end choosing, you can rest assured that motion transfer will be eliminated. 

The Emma Comfort, with its two layers of comfy foam, is almost unmatched in this section, guaranteeing uninterrupted sleep even if you share a bed with a restless partner, pet or child.  

The Emma Diamond Hybrid is a bit more responsive but still pretty good at motion isolation, thanks to the low rolling resistance of the unique Diamond Degree foam.

Edge Support 

The Emma mattresses are quite durable, although the hybrid is less prone to sagging over time compared to the foam construction model. 

While the supportive layer ensures the Emma Comfort is sturdy, it can start to dip after a few years, especially around the edges. The Emma Hybrid, on the other hand, performs quite well in this area, although still lacking in comparison to other hybrids on the market

Durability & Maintenance

The Emma mattresses, if properly cared for, can be in your life for at least ten years, in line with most models with a similar construction.

Luckily for Emma customers, maintenance is a walk in the park.

Both the Emma Comfort and the Emma Diamond Hybrid come with a removable cover that can be washed in the machine, while spot cleaning with water should do the trick for more stubborn and deeper stains.

There is no need to flip the Emma mattresses (the design of the beds does not permit it), although rotating them once in a while is recommended to stop them from sagging. 

Mattress Accessories

Emma Sleep doesn’t just make high-quality mattresses. Their range of products includes:

  • The Emma Mattress protector V3 to add an extra layer of durability to your Emma mattress.
  • The Emma mattress topper—a flippable solution letting you adjust the firmness and comfort for the most personalised setting ever.
  • The Emma foam pillow provides extraordinary support for your neck and back, as testified by more than one Emma Pillow review.
  • The Emma Bed Box—designed with simplicity and style in mind, this bed base matches both Emma mattresses. 

Warranty & Trial Period

Emma offers a warranty of ten years for their mattresses, which is the average on the Australian market. While this is no match for the 21-years guarantee provided on some of the best latex beds, the Emma warranty affords decent coverage against any damages that might befall your mattress. 

The company also provides a 100-night sleep trial on their mattresses and sleeping accessories, after which you can arrange a return without any additional transportation costs. This is quite generous, although the New Koala Mattress, another all-foam bed-in-a-box, is sold with a 120-night risk-free trial. 

Purchase & Delivery 

Each Emma mattress and the other products from their range are delivered right to your front door, four to five weeks after you place your order via the official Emma Sleep website. 

Delivery and returns within the 100 trial period are completely free of charge.

Both the Emma Comfort and Emma Diamond Hybrid are lightweight, while the former also comes with a set of practical handles sewed onto the mattress, so setting them up is a piece of cake. 

The mild plastic odour common for even the best mattresses in a box can be felt here as well, so let the bed air out for a few days before sleeping on it. 

Emma Mattress Price

Both mattresses come in 5 sizes, as seen in the table below. 

SizeDimensions (cm)Emma Comfort Emma Diamond Hybrid 
Emma Single Mattress188 x 92 x 25$799$1,499
Emma Double Mattress188 x 138 x 25$1,099$1,899
Emma King SingleMattress203 x 107 x 25$899$1,699
Emma Queen Mattress203 x 153 x 25$1,199$2,099
Emma King Mattress203 x 183 x 25$1,299$2,399

The Emma Diamond Hybrid is pricier than other hybrids sold right now. For instance, a Queen size Macoda bed costs $1,150, almost a thousand less than the Emma. 

The Emma Comfort, however, is closer to the market average. Actually, compared to other all-foam beds like the Ergoflex 5G (priced at $1,529 for a Queen), the Emma Comfort is actually much cheaper. Even better, discounts and seasonal promotions abound on the Emma website, especially during Black Friday/Cyber Monday, Christmas and other popular holidays. 

You can place an online order using any credit card (Master Card, Visa) or PayPal, as well as two BNPL services—Zip and Klarna.

Certification & Awards

The Emma Sleep company is OEKO-TEX certified, which means that the mattress fabrics used are eco-friendly and 100% safe. 

The Emma bed-in-a-box has also won numerous awards, including: 

  • Awarded Australia’s ‘Best Foam’ Mattress in a Box in 2021
  • CHOICE ® Top Scoring Mattress 2021
  • Canstar Blue 5 Star Award
  • T3 Platinum Award
  • Good Housekeeping Institute Approved (2020)
  • BMAU Awards 2021 – Best Mattress Overall (Emma Comfort)
  • CHOICE ® recommended – 2020

Are Emma Mattresses Really That Good? 

The short answer is yes.

The Emma Comfort combines two layers of plush foam for a cloud-like sleep, perfect for couples and side sleepers. Plus, it’s priced below average compared to similar models, making it great value for money

The Emma Diamond Hybrid may come with a higher price tag, but it is well worth it thanks to the unique, innovative technology it employs and the overall luxurious comfort it provides. 

On top of that, the cover of both beds is removable and machine-washable—an incredibly practical solution ensuring carefree maintenance. 


1. Can you buy an Emma mattress in Australia? 

Emma Sleep recently expanded on the Australian market, and even made adjustments to their own Emma Original mattress in order to meet Australian standards, renaming it Emma Comfort.

2. Is the Emma mattress good for hot sleepers? 

Emma Comfort has some cooling properties; however, when it comes to temperature regulation, it’s the Diamond Hybrid that takes the win. Infused with graphite and diamond particles, reinforced with pocketed springs for added airflow and covered with breathable material, this model is more than suitable for hot sleepers. 

3. Can I change my mattress’s firmness level? 

The Emma mattress doesn’t come with adjustable firmness levels, like the Ecosa or Sleeping Duck. However, the company does sell a flippable mattress topper for a customised sleeping experience. 

4. What is the best mattress in Australia?

The Emma Mattress Australia is one of the best beds-in-a-box on the market. Awarded “Australia’s Best Foam Mattress in a Box in 2021”, as well as CHOICE’s highest-scoring mattress, the Emma bed has managed to win several top awards in the short period it’s been available in Australia.

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