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beforepay review

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If you find yourself in a situation where you need cash quickly, but your savings are gone, a small credit from Beforepay may come in handy. But how does Beforepay work? And what are its features and pricing?

Read on, as this Beforepay review will answer all of your burning questions.


Quick access to money when needed

No ongoing fees, only 5% transactions fee

Lower fees than payday loans

No late fees


Limited amount of money to cash out

$15 fee for borrowing Beforepay maximum limit every time

Interest RatesIt’s interest-free
Minimum Loan Amount$50 
Maximum Loan Amount$2,000
CostsNo costs besides the 5% transactions fee in case you take out money against your upcoming wages
Loan SecurityUp to 4 cycles to repay


Customer Service5/5
Rates and Fees5/5
Application Process4/5

Beforeplay Snapshot

Launched in 2019, Beforepay is an application that lets you borrow a small loan based on your salary before payday. This can be extremely helpful, especially in unexpected situations that require a lump of money.

In addition, Beforepay helps you access a portion of your wages on-demand before your paycheck comes through and manage your finances by tracking your spending habits and creating a customised budget.

This financing app works in a simple way. First, link the Beforepay app to your bank account so that the app can keep track of your payday and spending. Then withdraw your preferred amount (up to $2,000) and receive it as a loan in your bank account.

You can choose to repay the loan in four weeks in instalments or pay the total sum when your salary comes. Keep in mind that Beforepay will charge you a 5% fixed transaction fee.

Beforeplay Features

Let’s dive into what makes this financial app so special to Australians:


The Beforepay app comes with three main features:

  1. Pay On Demand™, which allows you to cash out a portion of the money with a fixed 5% transaction fee
  2. A customised budgeting plan based on your income and spending habits, all done by the Beforepay bot, so no effort is needed from your side 
  3. Insights into all your transactions, spending categories and upcoming bills. 


Not everyone is eligible for the ‘cash out’ feature on Beforepay. To access your pay early, you must meet certain criteria: 

  • You have to earn a salary of at least $300 weekly
  • You need to receive payments on a regular basis – weekly, fortnightly, or monthly 
  • You must be classified as a full-time, part-time worker, casual contractor, or on-demand. You won’t be considered eligible if you’re self-employed, a business owner, work from home, or receive most of your income from Centrelink
  • You will need to pass Beforepay’s assessment of your income and spending habit

Signing up

To sign-up, you must download the Beforepay app and type in your email address and password. First, it will ask you to check whether you fit the criteria mentioned in the boxes. Beforeplay will then ask you to confirm your mobile number, your name, age, and the state you live in. 

As a final step, connect the app with your bank account. As a part of the signing-up process, you will also need to send photos of your ID documentation worth 100 points. Head to their page to see how many points each document is worth.


Beforepay lends you the whole amount of money in a single payment in advance on your bank account, unlike Afterpay of Zip Pay, which borrow cash for certain transactions only. You can purchase goods and pay for Netflix and Spotify subscriptions, bills, and even groceries. But you must make repayments in four weeks or on one debit date.


Beforepay has set up automatic repayments that withdraw the amount you cash out + a 5% transaction fee from your connected bank account. The good thing with Beforepay is that you can schedule your repayments and split them into four instalments. 

But the advantages don’t stop here – you can use the ‘delay repayment’ or ‘early repayment’ options. However, you can delay your repayments only once and repay as early as two days after you cash out.

Beforepay Pricing

Here are all the costs and fees that are associated with Beforepay:

  • You will have to pay a 5% transaction fee. Other than that, there are no hidden costs, charges of interest, or management fees
  • There are no late fees, however, you won’t be able to borrow more money, if you don’t make repayments
  • Beforepay loans don’t come with establishment fees like payday loans which can charge a loan establishment fee of up to 20%
  • Using ‘cash out’ will not affect your credit score

Apps and Platforms

The Beforepay app is available on almost all phones and computers. The Android device must have an operating system of Android 6.0 (API 23) or higher, while iOS users need to have a device with iOS 12.3 and above. 

Customer Service

Beforepay customer service is available between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m., 7 days a week. Their preferred way of communicating with their customers is via email.

Beforepay currently provides customer support online only to keep track of their customer’s inquiries. If you’re having an issue, Beforeplay suggests including screenshots and photos to provide as much detail as possible to solve the problem efficiently.

Customer Reviews and Alternatives

The Beforepay app proves to be a great way to manage finances and get a quick loan when you need it before the payday. Many satisfied customers praise Beforepay’s awesome service and the fast delivery of cash. Moreover, their flexibility to break up repayments over a month and affordability are what appeals to customers the most. 

In case you want to try out other similar apps, here are some Beforepay alternatives: 

  • MyPayNow – another pay-on-demand service that will enable you to get money up to 25% of your salary. The limit is $1,250
  • CommBank Advance Pay – this Big Four bank allows you to access up to $5,000
  • Earned – it allows you to access up to 50% of your salary. However, your employer must be informed before you start using it
  • InstaPay – Similarly, your employer must be aware of you using this service so you can access up to $250
  • Fupay – allows you to access micro-loans up to $20-$500

Is Beforepay the right choice for you?

Beforepay comes with no additional fees except the fixed 5$ transaction fee. Quick access to cash will be a lifesaver in unexpected financial hardships. As we already stated in our Beforepay review, don’t rely on it as a permanent solution to your financial problems. So, if you’re looking for an app that will manage and track your finances, look no further, the Beforepay app offers all you need and then some.


1. Is Beforepay safe to use?

Beforepay is secure and private as it uses bank-grade security to protect all your personal data.

2. What is the highest limit on Beforepay?

Currently, the highest amount of money that you can get from Beforepay is $2,000. The exact amount of money you can withdraw at any given moment depends on your income, how often you get paid, your spending habits, and whether you already have a debt.

3. Does Beforepay affect your credit score?

We already mentioned in our Beforepay review that Beforepay doesn’t affect your credit score.

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