With a New Course, Older Australians Are Making Progress Toward a Safer Online Future

Older Australians Are Making Progress Toward a Safer Online Future

eSafety has assisted over a million older Australians in learning new online skills to enable them securely do anything online. From paying bills and banking to grocery shopping and video calling their grandkids, they’re releasing a new course today to help them be even safer online.

The Be Connected program’s Advanced internet security course offers tips on effectively managing passwords, using antivirus software, securing sensitive information, and more.

According to eSafety Commissioner Julie Inman Grant, older Australians recognize the risks – as well as the benefits – of being able to conduct more of their lives online.

“Older Australians’ concerns are apparent, with our study revealing that over 70% are concerned about their gadgets being hacked,” she added. “More than 40% want to increase their ability to modify privacy settings.”

“Many people have informed us they desire to improve their online safety and security abilities. To satisfy the need, eSafety is contributing its expert expertise in this area.

The program routinely receives a 93 per cent satisfaction ratings for the interactive material, demonstrating how well it meets the requirements of older Australians.

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