What About the Kids, Alexa?

news What about the kids Alexa?

The American corporation Amazon has considered developing an Alexa-powered wearable device for children after the criticism from privacy advocates about their home and surveillance devices. The company was sued after parents realized that Amazon recorded what their kids say to Alexa.  

According to documents reviewed by Bloomberg, the GPS-equipped device codenamed Seeker will be for kids aged 4 to 12 and could take the form of a wristband, keychain, or clip. With the voice-activated wearable, the parents can communicate and monitor their kids, while the children have access to Amazon’s children-focused content.

Although Amazon explored the concept of this device in 2020, it is still unclear whether the project moved forward.

Amazon has started to develop numerous Alexa-enabled products for children, and a wearable Disney gadget named the Magic Band is scheduled to arrive later in 2021. Amazon and Disney have already collaborated on different projects. Specifically, the Disney+ streaming service is powered by Amazon’s cloud computing division.

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