Victorian Schools Will Get Better Internet Thanks To Telstra

Victorian Schools Will Get Better Internet Thanks To Telstra

In a $100 million deal with Australia’s government, Telstra will improve the network infrastructure of over 1,600 Victorian public schools.

More than half of the schools have already received the upgrade, projected to increase the internet bandwidth speed to 40Mbps-3Gbps.

According to Telstra, students in both rural and regional areas will have a minimum of 1Mbps available before moving to the NAPLAN online tests next year.

The biggest telco in Australia further states they are spending over $40 million to make the speed increase possible and have completed the upgrade in 700 schools. 

Telstra Enterprise’s group executive, David Burns, stated that the schools aren’t the only ones to take advantage of the higher speeds. The $40 million investment will also play an essential role in future 4G and 5G network upgrades. 

The decision to increase internet speeds in Victorian public schools comes after Telstra’s deal with the government in NSW to upgrade the fibre network of over 2,000 schools. Additionally, the telecommunications company implemented high-speed fibre internet in SA schools and is currently boosting the bandwidth speeds in Western Australia.

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