Unknown Lucky Australian Wins a $60 million Powerball Jackpot

Unknown Lucky Australian Wins a $60 million Powerball Jackpot

Victoria’s second-biggest lottery win finally went into the hands of a Melbourne citizen after weeks. The Lott reports the winner remains unknown and asks all Victorian citizens who bought a ticket to check it for the numbers 7, 17, 11, 28, 30, 2, 27, the Powerball being number 11.

For now, all officials know is that the lucky ticket was purchased in an inner Melbourne Tatts outlet. 

Aside from the secretive $60 million winner in division one, over 2.023 million winners in divisions two through nine got collectively richer by more than $34.29 million. Taking a look at this year’s stats, $410 million have been secured by 12 division one winners. The majority of winners come from Australia’s East coast, seven of them located in NSW, four in Queensland, and only one in Victoria. 

The Lott’s Matt Hart stated that the huge jackpot won on Thursday was the third $60 million Powerball prize. According to Hart, no division one winners have been chosen over the past five weeks, skyrocketing the million-dollar prize.

On another positive note, a memorable 2021 winner was a North Melbourne father who had lost his job due to COVID-19 measures, winning $80 million. 

Aussies are certainly lotto enthusiasts, with 8.6 million having purchased a lottery or scratch ticket in the three years up to 2018. Some other interesting stats show that in the 12 months to June 30, 2021, citizens of Oz scored $3.62 from lotteries and other games of luck. 

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