The first wearable insulin pod for people with type 1 diabetes launching next week

News Wearable insulin pads

A new device will be available early next week, giving one in every ten Australians with diabetes excellent options. Wearable insulin pods would eliminate daily injections, but they are a costly treatment option that users want the government to subsidize.

Although the device dimension is like dental floss, this wearable device is very advanced and designed to deliver insulin to people with type 1 diabetes.

Omnipod DASH, a revolutionary insulin delivery system, provides insulin for up to three days without the need for daily injections or linking to tubes.

A tiny hidden needle is used to insert a soft cannula into the tissue, which remains in place as the person goes about their daily activities. Then the pod is activated with a separate smartphone-like device, and doses are adjusted based on activity levels and food choices.

The pod’s initial cost is around $800 for two months’ supply, which is out of reach for many Australian families. The company plans are to make an application subsidy through the National Diabetes Services Scheme.

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