The first car from iPhone manufacturer leaked

NEWS iPhone manufacturers first car

With a Pininfarina-designed electric vehicle, the company behind your iPhone, Xbox, and PlayStation enters the automobile manufacturing game.

The Taiwanese company best known for making the iPhone is branching out into cars.

It’s not really that far off to see the electric sedan competing head-to-head with the Lucid Air and Tesla Model S, thanks to its four-door coupe profile and what appears to be a Pininfarina badge on its flanks.

However, this vehicle isn’t expected to go into production until 2023. At this point, it may be made in Thailand, the country that produces the majority of Australian utes, or at Foxconn’s controversial factory in Wisconsin, USA.

The architecture can support wheelbases ranging from 2750 to 3100 mm and a variety of track widths and ride heights. It is also possible to install battery packs with capacities of 93kWh, 100kWh, and 116kWh.

Electric motors of various types can be used, with the initial range being front motors with up to 200kW of power and rear motors with up to 340kW of power.

The Tesla lineup has been compared to the “iPhone of EVs,” and the company wants its platform to be the “Android of EVs.”

Foxconn intends to offer the Android architecture for automakers to access, program, and modify to extend the Android model to electric vehicles.

The company has already stated plans to manufacture cars for Fisker and Geely.

Foxconn hopes to drastically decrease the price of manufacturing and designing new electric automobiles by making its components available off-the-shelf.

Over-the-air software upgrades, vehicle-to-anything communication, 5G internet access, and self-driving car technologies are all supported by the platform.
Foxconn claims to be working on solid-state batteries alongside others, a technology that promises to reduce cost and charging time, and wants to have them ready by 2024.

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