Teenagers charged after alleged violent assault leaves 17-year-old victim fighting for life

News teenagers assault 17y boy

A boy was left fighting for his life after an alleged violent group assault in Brisbane, and multiple teenagers have been charged with attempted murder.

In response to the alleged incident in Milton, which has left the 17-year-old boy clinging to life in ICU, Detective Superintendent Tony Fleming stated on Tuesday that search warrants were issued at 10 locations across the city.

Ten teenagers, aged between 15 and 19, were arrested by police.

They’ve been charged with one count of attempted murder, one count of serious bodily harm, and one count of contravening an order to access material held electronically.

Detective Fleming said the attack happened after a social gathering on Friday at a Railway Terrace flat in Milton. He also revealed that a group of 12 males gather at the apartment complex around 3.15 am.

The boy was unconscious and in a coma in hospital, stated Detective Fleming.

Police will allege the group were “only present for a few minutes” before fleeing.

Although no motive has been discovered, Detective Fleming believes some “potential retaliation” between the two groups. He said some of the young people alleged to be involved label themselves as part of a gang.

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