Stay Away From The Bars After COVID-19

news Stay away from bars

Due to the coronavirus outbreak, over 12 million people in Australia are in some sort of lockdown. People who live in parts of New South Wales, Queensland and Western Australia have especially been hit, as they can’t leave their homes unless it is absolutely necessary. 

As pubs and bars are the favourite beer takeaway spot, it is no wonder why many Australians can’t wait for lockdown to end and have a beer in one of the pubs. However, not everyone is looking forward to the day pubs open their door to Australians again, and one of those people is award-winning journalist Alice Clarke.

In an opinion piece for the Sydney Morning Herald, Alice Clarke urged people not to go back to bars stating that “we’re better than that”. She also stated that she hopes once the pandemic is finally over, we shouldn’t just go back to how things were, but we should all try to make society better, starting with pubs.

People were not happy with the journalist’s opinion and expressed their anger on their social media platforms. One of the most popular tweet was by an account that posted, “Who hurt you, Alice?

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