Queensland’s CS Energy Hit by a Ransomware Attack

Queensland’s CS Energy Hit by a Ransomware Attack

During the weekend, Queensland’s CS Energy was a victim of a ransomware attack, the company confirmed that with a statement to Energy Source & Distribution.

CS Energy said that the incident occurred on CS Energy’s corporate network and has not impacted electricity generation at the Callide and Kogan Creek power stations. The power stations continue to generate and dispatch electricity into the National Electricity Market.

This year in May, the energy company had another bigger incident where 477,000 homes and businesses throughout Queensland were left without power. 

According to Andrew Bills, CS Energy responded promptly to manage this situation by isolating the corporate network from other internal networks and putting in place business continuity procedures.

However, cyber-attacks are becoming more common in Australia and throughout the world. While this event has had an impact on the corporate network, they are fortunate to have a resilient and highly experienced staff dedicated to ensuring that CS Energy continues to provide power to Queenslanders, Bills added. 

A good firewall will observe your internet connection for any sneaky hackers or ransomware and prevent piggybacking, an action performed by users who use your Wi-Fi instead of paying for their own.  

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