Queensland To Impose a Fuel Price Cap

news cost of fuel in australia

Despite the fuel experts calling on the government to introduce a cap, Annastacia Palaszczuk, the Premier of Queensland, has denied any responsibility for the increasing petrol prices. 

The Northern Territory is the most expensive state for both diesel and petrol, and now motorists will have to pay 170 cents per litre for unleaded petrol in 80% of the service stations in Brisbane and the Gold Coast.

According to the RACQ, the price for unleaded petrol exceeded the previous record back in December 2019. Specifically, the daily average price for unleaded petrol in Brisbane is 173.5, while 173.3 on the Gold Coast.

The general manager of the FuelTrac petrol price monitoring service, Geoff Trotter, said that motorists are being “ripped off” by the Queensland government and should do something about it. While speaking on the ABC Radio Brisbane, he also added that if the Queensland government was serious about the price rise in petrol, they would put a cap on these companies so that the prices wouldn’t go above a certain level.

However, the Prime Minister of Queensland, Ms Palaszczuk, responded to these comments saying that she is not in charge of setting the prices as the markets set them.

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