Powerball Draw: The $20 Million Winning Numbers You Need To Know

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In Thursday’s Powerball drawing, one player won a whopping $20 million. 17 – 25 – 12 – 5 – 4 – 28 – 14 are the winning numbers, while the Powerball number is 10.

After two weeks, with no one picking the correct numbers, the Powerball jackpot was won.

And only three weeks prior, a Melbourne cleaner took home an $80 million reward on his own.

There have been ten Powerball division one winning entries this year, totalling more than $379 million in prize money.

The last time a $20 million Powerball jackpot was won, a Queensland tradie and an NSW player split the $20 million Powerball prize. In January of this year, a Brisbane tradesman in his 30s won the division prize.

Despite the $10 million windfall – 111 times the average yearly pay in Australia of $90,000 – the bloke went to work the next day.

This year, six of the ten Powerball division one winning entries are from NSW, three from Queensland, and one from Victoria.

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