Packages missing as Australia Post van was stolen in Melbourne

NEWS Post Van Stolen In Melbourne

Your items may have been stolen if you have been waiting for weeks for delivery in Melbourne’s green suburb of Prahran.

According to the Australia Post, the van, with 67 packages onboard, was stolen in the suburbs in August.

A man with a knife threatened the driver in Greville Street about 6 p.m. 13.15 on August 24, according to Victoria Police.

According to police, the van was found about an hour later on Albion Street, but most of the contents were missing.

The Australian Post spokesman said the stolen van was a StarTrack vehicle, but he couldn’t confirm if it was marked as such.

According to the spokeswoman, the driver of the stolen van was unharmed.

“Right now, our drivers and posties are delivering more parcels than ever before, and unfortunately, they sometimes experience problems that no one should have to face over their working day,” the spokesman said. He added to all affected customers waiting for their packages to be patient and will be contacted as soon as possible. 

The investigation is still ongoing, according to Victoria Police.

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