On November 1, returning Australians will be allowed to leave the hotel quarantine

returning Australians will be allowed to leave the hotel quarantine

More good news for Australians returning from overseas is that some travellers will save significant amounts of money.

An official has confirmed that returning Aussies whose 14-day quarantine period finishes after November 1 can check out of the hotel on that day.

That implies that fully vaccinated travellers returning on October 31 would only have to stay in a hotel for one day.

A spokesman for the NSW government also confirmed that the travellers would only be charged for the days they were in hotel quarantine.

He added that anyone who has been twice vaccinated will be allowed to exit quarantine on November 1 and will only be charged for the time they are there.

A single traveller is now charged $3000 for a fortnight’s quarantine in Sydney, with each day costing approximately $214.

The explanation comes as Australians react to the unexpected announcement that the necessity for overseas arrivals in NSW will be scrapped on November 1.

NSW Premier Dominic Perrottet told reporters that there is simply no reason why you should have to stay in a hotel quarantine if you are properly vaccinated. 

Even tourists would be able to benefit from the quarantine-free reopening, according to Mr Perrottet, but those hopes were shattered by the Prime Minister hours later. He stated that at the time, they were not allowing everyone to return to Australia.

“It is up to the Commonwealth and federal governments to decide when the international border opens and closes, and we will do so.

It will be for Australian residents and their families in the first place. We’ll see how things proceed.”

Mr Morrison also noted that arrival restrictions would still apply to returning Australians who lived in states and territories other than NSW, leading the double-dose jab race by 80%.

He added that Australians, permanent residents and citizens, and their families would be allowed to leave Australia and return from wherever they live in Australia. Still, the capped agreements in other states and territories will continue due to vaccination levels in those states and territories.

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