NSW Government Prepares to Set Up a New Identity Recovery Unit

NSW Government Prepares to Set Up a New Identity Recovery Unit

It makes it easier for victims of data breaches to get support.

The NSW government plans to establish a new identity recovery unit to assist citizens whose personal information and identity credentials have been stolen or obtained fraudulently.

The unit, known as IDSupport NSW, will serve as a single point of contact for citizens who have been victims of identity theft or whose personal information wasn’t protected and has been exposed due to a data breach.

IDSupport NSW will cooperate with government agencies to replace compromised identity documents and lower the chances of stolen credentials being used when it launches early next year.

It will also offer additional help and counseling to clients who have been affected by privacy breaches.

Last year’s phishing attack against Services NSW, which exposed the personal information of 103,000 customers, highlighted the need for coordinated identity recovery.

Around 100 Service NSW and Department of Customer Service employees were assigned to a special ‘hyper care team’ during the height of the government’s incident response.

IDSupport NSW, according to Digital and Customer Service Minister Victor Dominello, is a “nation-leading” solution to a problem expanding worldwide issue. The unit would offload customers of replacing identifying documents, improving their experience at what we know can be a stressful period.

Ne added that customers would call one number and obtain the appropriate guidance, information, and support, saving time and frustration during an already challenging position.

The unit, according to Dominello, would also complement a framework being developed by the Department of Customer Service to guarantee that responses to privacy breaches are coordinated.

A parliamentary inquiry into cyber security recommended the framework to help agencies anticipate and minimize any privacy risks from data breaches.

Another suggestion that the government moves Cyber Security NSW within the Department of Premier and Cabinet was rejected because it would not make it more autonomous.

To address difficulties with broader identity misuse, IDSupport NSW wants to collaborate with national identity and cyber support service IDCARE.

DCS is currently recruiting experts to join IDSupport NSW.

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