Melbourne retailers urge customers to plan ahead for Christmas shopping

news Melbourne retailers urge customers to plan ahead for Christmas shopping

With global shortages caused by COVID-19 likely to disrupt stores’ supply, Melbourne retailers advise customers to start getting ready for Christmas now.

September is not over, and store owners have already started decorating their shops and advertising Christmas products.

According to Kate Lewis from the Reject Shop, customers are enjoying the early start to the holiday season, and there’s already been a massive increase in Christmas sales in retailers.

Since last month, online orders have been pouring in at the city’s Ambiance Christmas shop, where the decorations are up 365 days a year.

If individuals want to get into the Christmas spirit early, she advises them to do so.

Retailers are also hoping for a strong Christmas season after consumer spending in Melbourne fell 3% in August.

The Retailers Association’s Fleur Brown said the forecast for retailers was positive. He added that Victorians are expected to spend 2.6 billion dollars on gifts this year, averaging $652 per individual.

COVID- 19 outbreaks throughout the world have caused chaos on supply systems, preventing retailers from getting the stock they need to meet demand.

Retailers are urging consumers to buy their gifts as soon as possible.

Furthermore, from Friday through Sunday, Australia Post will pause eParcel and Parcel Post for eCommerce retailers in Metro Melbourne.

Beasley’s Cycles staff are already working overtime in preparation for Christmas.

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