Koala Is Making A Limited Edition Pet Bed for your Four-Legged Friend

koala pet bed

The company made its debut on the Australian market with the Koala Mattress. 

Since then, they’ve expanded their range of products, offering high-quality beds and furniture, bed linen, and bedding products. 

But not only that. They’ve also added a little something for your furry friend – a limited edition pet bed. 

Koala’s Furbaby bed is a limited edition range, with 120 of them going up on sale on the Koala website on December 13

That prized Koala mattress is quite comfortable, but the thought that we can now get a tiny replica of our bed for our pets is selling itself. It’s also tiny enough that you can put it anywhere you want in the house. 

The foam inside is identical to the original Koala mattress and has a removable and washable cover made from the brand’s human-quality upholstery, so it’ll go with the rest of your Koala furniture.

Koala has partnered up with Mad Paws, a pet care company, to give you the chance to win a year’s worth of Mad Paws Pet PA services, including dog walking and pet sitting, as well as some lovely Koala stuff, like their limited edition Furbaby pet bed.

This was a line of limited edition and it’s no longer sold.

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