Google to Invest AU$1 Billion in Australia to Boost Digital Future

Google to invest AU$1 billion in Australia for digital future

Google has announced a $1 billion investment in Australia over the next five years, including establishing its first Australian research hub, increased cloud capacity, and partnerships with local organizations such as the CSIRO.

The IT giant’s Digital Future Initiative, its greatest investment in Australia to date, is estimated to support over 6000 new direct employment and over 28,000 overall jobs in the country. 

By investing in providing businesses with a secure platform for business transformation, Google hopes to help set the stage for Australia’s digital economy, especially as the country aspires to be a digital leader by 2030.

Over $100 million investment in digital skills through the Digital Economy Strategy includes a pilot program for work-based digital cadetships that allow people to gain digital skills, investments in the cyber workforce, and scholarships for rising technology graduates.

Google Research Australia will work with the research community and other Google Research hubs to develop a team of local researchers and engineers to study how AI and machine learning might assist in solving local and global problems. 

Google has partnered with Australia’s national science agency, CSIRO, in a multi-million dollar partnership to address natural hazard management, energy, and conserving the Great Barrier Reef.

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