Construction equipment, new cars stuck at sea due to Perth’s Fremantle Ports dispute

Construction equipment, new cars stuck at sea due to Perth's Fremantle Ports dispute

Goods such as new cars, farming products, and construction equipment have been delayed at sea or redirected to Melbourne due to industrial disputes at Fremantle Ports in Perth.

Five ships are now waiting to port, and seven have been diverted to Melbourne in the last ten days.

The delays result from 76-day strikes, with some speculating that the issue may influence Christmas deliveries.

The Maritime Workers Union and logistics business Qube Holdings are still at odds, resulting in massive backlogs at the state’s main port.

According to the union, none of the company’s Fremantle employees has a roster and is obliged to alternate between night, day, and afternoon shifts every week.

Qube’s Dan Colton said that they are concerned that this will impact the larger community, and if it continues, the impact will greatly increase.

The state government has written to the federal Labor Commissioner requesting intervention.

Premier Mark McGowan stated, “I’d urge them to get involved because this has to be handled as quickly as possible.”

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