‘World First’ Change for Aussie Cadbury Bars

NEWS-change for Aussie Cadbury bars packing

The manufacturer of Australia’s most popular chocolate blocks has made a major change, which you wouldn’t notice. 

According to the chocolate brand, the Cadbury Dairy Milk Blocks, made in Australia, will be among the first food products in the world to be wrapped in recycled soft plastic packaging.

Cadbury’s owner, Mondelez International, announced today that it had found the equivalent of 30% of the plastic needed to wrap the brand’s renowned blocks from recycled sources.

“Not only is this a world-first for Cadbury, but Cadbury in Australia will be one of the first anywhere in the world to buy recycled content soft plastic packaging,” says Mondelez International president David Sacks.

The amount of recycled plastic used in the new packaging is enough to make 50 million family blocks, which would stretch the distance from the Cadbury factory in Hobart, Tasmania, to Mumbai, India, if set end-to-end.

While soft plastic packaging has long been considered a one-time use material, access to cutting-edge recycling technology means chocolate lovers (all of us) may look forward to playing a role in the circular economy.

Mondelez International noted that using recycled soft plastics as a circular material was “only the first step”. The company is committed to increasing the amount of recycled material in its packaging.

In September 2022, the first blocks made with recycled soft plastic in their packaging will hit grocery shelves.

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