Australia Welcomes Its First Recyclable Mattress By A.H Beard

Australia Welcomes Its First Recyclable Mattress By A.H Beard

Motivated by the over 1.8 million used mattresses that get thrown away every year, A.H Beard aims to solve this problem with its new, sustainable collection. 

That being said, the Origins range focuses on delivering high-quality mattresses to eco-friendly Aussies while taking a leap towards saving the planet. Furthermore, the company expects the collection to play a significant role in expanding in the next five years.

The hand-made mattresses from the Origins collection use domestically sourced wool materials derived from sustainably grown cotton and Tencel – a smooth fibre coming from organic Eucalypt pulp. On top of that, the mattresses include a pocket spring support system that is entirely recyclable, meaning it doesn’t contain glue and foam. 

Customers can expect to find three different models available for both commercial and retail sales.

Tony Pearson, A.H Beard’s CEO, says he is pleased the company became an industry leader in sustainable bedding and encourages others to develop mattresses that will improve the quality of the planet and people’s sleeping habits. 

Additionally, A.H Beard received a Platinum Health Rate certificate from one of the strictest ecolabels, Global Green Tag. Therefore, the company states it will keep funding the local staff and include a training program to make sure employees learn the new handcrafting process.

Besides the Australian Government’s efforts to ban single-use plastic by 2025, it also strives to spread the word about circular supply chains for mattresses by funding the ‘Recycle My Mattress’ initiative.

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