Australia Post Makes Efforts To Give More Two-Hour Delivery Estimates

ustralia Post Makes Efforts To Give More Two-Hour Delivery Estimates

By spending $20 million on system upgrades, Australia Post plans to develop its technology to estimate the parcels’ arrival down to two hours.

Over the next year, the $20 million investment will provide cloud-native solutions to enhance the postal service’s tracking and parcel scanning.

This advancement is just a fraction of a larger, $440 million investment that also supports newer logistic companies in Australia. This way, Australia Post can keep the increased service requests under control.

During the financial year of 2020-21, 9.1 million Aussie households shopped online, with parcel deliveries growing by 27%. What’s more, an astonishing $52 million parcels were delivered only in December 2020.

The cloud-based data event management platform aims to detect all scans as the packages move through the postal network. Per chief information officer Munro Farmer, the platform will help make the tracking information more accurate, bringing it closer to real-time.

Since the debut of the optimiser software, more than 2.5 million notifications have been sent, and 96% of sent parcels are constantly being delivered within the two-hour time window.

Farmer additionally stated that funding would also be used to make Australia Post’s delivery estimation cloud-based.

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