Android Users Warned About Scam That Can Steal Money if they Answer

Android Users Warned About Scam

ANDROID users have been identified as potential victims of a malware scam that seeks to obtain personal information through their phones.

The Android scam was discovered using SMS phishing or text message fraud to distribute Android applications. The spyware has infiltrated over 300,000 Android phones by disguising them as banking, fitness, and document scanning applications.

The Trojan software can send personal information to criminals, hack messaging apps, and spread the virus to other phones on the same network.

According to a study released last month by ThreatFabric, over 300,000 people have downloaded the infected applications, including QR code readers, crypto wallets, and document scanners.

Because the scam remains inactive when the apps are first downloaded, it’s impossible to tell if they include hidden malware.

The scam is then started remotely to collect information. If your phone has any unusual apps, uninstall them immediately and do an antivirus scan.

Download a robust antivirus for mobile devices that will run frequent security checks on your phone to keep it safe.

This will help detect any viruses that may be lurking in the background of your device, preventing them from stealing your data.

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