9.3 Million Android Phone Devices Attacked by Dangerous Malware

9.3 Million Android Phone Devices Attacked by Dangerous Malware

Security experts have warned that a dangerous data-stealing malware has infected over nine million Android devices.

A modified version of the Cynos trojan, specially designed to steal sensitive user data, was detected on over 190 applications installed on about 9.3 million devices.

The Cynos version detected in these apps is capable of various destructive activities, including spying on text messages and downloading and installing additional potentially harmful payloads.

While Huawei phones now run on HarmonyOS, the company’s own operating system, the Chinese giant’s phones formerly operated on EMUI, based on Android.

The trojan that was loaded onto these AppGallery apps is called ‘Android.Cynos.7.origin,’ and the anti-virus provider Dr.Web discovered it.

Huawei was warned of the threat, and researchers from the Moscow-based organisation worked with them to remove the problematic apps from the AppGallery.

The data-stealing software was hidden in a range of apps for English-speaking users and those in China and Russia, including strategy, shooting, and arcade-style games.

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