2021 Boxing Day Furniture Sales

boxing day furniture sale

If you missed out on all the great deals this year, we have good news for you – the year isn’t over just yet!

With Boxing Day ahead of us, there’s been a huge mattress sales frenzy around, and we’ve picked out the five best mattresses in Australia with the most generous discounts.

Let’s dive right into the best Boxing Day Furniture Sales.

1. Koala Mattress

  • A short-term offer 
  • Available in all standard sizes
  • 120-night trial
  • Free delivery
  • 10-year warranty on Koala mattress, 5-year for bed base, and 1-year for bedding
  • Money-back guarantee

Koala is offering an 8% discount on their Bedroom Bundles for Boxing Day. As for the New Koala Mattress, you can choose between two options, depending on what you need at the moment. With this deal, you’ll get additional perks for a ridiculous price, so it’s a great opportunity if you need a new bed base to go along with your mattress.

The New Koala Mattress has a 3-zone support system for relieving pressure around shoulders and hips, which makes it a perfect mattress for side sleepers.

The bed base that comes with it takes only minutes to assemble, and you won’t need any tools whatsoever.

Dream BundleSlumber Bundle
Koala Mattress, Timber Bed BaseKoala Mattress, Timber Bed Base, Sheet Set, Duvet Cover Set, Two Koala Pillows

2. Emma Mattress

  • The offer expires on the 26th of December
  • Free delivery
  • Available in all standard sizes
  • 100-night trial
  • 10-year mattress warranty
  • Money-back guarantee

Emma is giving away up to a 50% discount for new customers on their Emma Comfort Mattress, meaning you’ll be able to purchase their queen size for only $599. The offer goes for all other sizes as well.

This mattress in a box will provide you with three layers of premium memory foam and a 7-zone support system, making it ideal for any sleeping position since it will keep your spine properly aligned no matter how you lie.

Moreover, it was designed to suit Australian hot summer nights thanks to its Airgocell layer with amazing temperature regulating capabilities.

3. Ergoflex 5G Mattress

  • The offer expires today
  • Next-day delivery
  • Available in all standard sizes
  • 30-night trial
  • 10-year mattress warranty
  • Free returns

Yet another generous discount of 30% comes from Ergoflex, meaning you can save up to $500 for their famous 5G Mattress with the code ‘SUMMER’.

This 5-layered memory foam mattress has all the premium qualities you can ask for. It’s made from a highly breathable material that allows healthy airflow and temperature regulation and has a removable Tencel fabric cover that you can machine-wash to keep your mattress fresh week after week.

Moreover, it’s a great option for couples because of its impeccable motion isolation, so both you and your partner can enjoy uninterrupted sleep. Ergoflex 5G Mattress also has many health benefits and is ideal for those who suffer from back and joint pain, asthma, or allergies.

4. Ecosa Mattress

  • The offer expires on the 21st of December in 23:59
  • Free delivery
  • All standard sizes available
  • 100-night trial
  • 15-year mattress warranty
  • Full refunds and free returns

For the Boxing Day mattress sales, Ecosa has put out a 20% discount on their best-seller Ecosa Mattress, meaning you’ll get to save over $200 just before Christmas. And if you’re looking for more than a mattress, you could save an additional $400 if you add Ecosa bed base to your purchase.

Their mattress fits most types of sleepers because it has perfectly balanced and adjustable firmness levels. Its design priority is back support, so you can toss and turn however you want, and the mattress won’t let you sink in an uncomfortable position. It’s also low-maintenance, thanks to the waterproof and dust mite-free fabric cover.

5. Eva Mattress

  • The offer expires on Boxing Day
  • Next-day delivery
  • Available in all standard sizes
  • 120-night trial period
  • 12-year mattress warranty
  • Free returns and full refunds

With Eva’s Boxing Day mattress sales, you can save $150 on Eva Mattress using the code ‘UNBOX-150’. Moreover, you can save up to $240 on their Bedroom Bundles!

If you’re looking for a mattress with high durability, this might be just the one. It’s built from high-quality mattress fabrics, such as gel memory foam that’ll keep you cool during the night, while the premium latex foam layer will easily adapt to your body shape and provide a responsive bounce. But the durability part is mostly related to the 5-zone pocket springs system, which is seen only in high-end mattresses.

Boxing Day Sale FAQs

1. Which is the best mattress in Australia?

The best mattress for you is the one that moulds easily around your body shape while giving you support at the same time.

2. What is the difference between Koala mattresses?

Koala mattresses differ in price, height and construction. Either way, both models are top quality and either one is a good choice.

3. Do Boxing Day sales apply online?

They do. In fact, most mattress manufacturers offer great discounts, which we’ve listed in this guide for Boxing Day Furniture Sales.

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