2023 Bitdefender Antivirus Review: All You Need to Know

Bitdefender Antivirus Review

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Bitdefender is a maintenance-free tool that offers top-notch protection for your devices. 

The creators of this award-winning AV claim it’s the only protection engine you’ll ever need. Here, at TakeATumble, we carry out ongoing testing to track down the absolute best antivirus for you.

Take a look at this Bitdefender Antivirus review to find out if it lives up to the hype. 


  • Free 30-day trial
  • Suited for gaming computers and intensive apps
  • Optimized security banking
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Light on memory usage and battery life
  • In-the-cloud scanning doesn’t slow down your device


  • Installation might take too long 
  • Limited VPN traffic

Free version9
Value for money10

Security Features

Bitdefender offers everything some of its biggest competitors do, and more—depending on which plan you opt for. 

We took available and essential features from each plan and grouped them together to present them in more detail.

Real-Time Protection 

By creating innovative technologies, this AV protects and successfully fights even the most sophisticated ransomware, botnet-related URLs and brute force attacks. It also uses behavioural detection to monitor active apps and stop infections the second it detects suspicious activity.  

On top of that, Bitdefender protects your documents, photos, and other files by using a data-protection layer and it scans the weak spots on your device, recommending the best course of action.

Anti-Fraud, Anti-Phishing, Anti-Tracker & Antispam 

Bitdefender not only warns you when you visit suspicious websites, but it’s also able to track sites that do not seem reliable and block them before you click on them. 

Plus, with web-filtering technologies and anti-spam email tools, it will once and for all end online scams and website tracking. Well, at least on your device.

Adaptive & Intelligent Engines

Having designed exclusive solutions, such as Bitdefender Photon, the creators of this AV made it adaptable to any system’s configuration. Moreover, it can identify when you’re working, watching movies or playing games, so it won’t disturb you with notifications and will stop unnecessary background activities. And the cherry on top—it detects your usage patterns and goes into autopilot mode to advise you on battery saving, system cooling, and updates.

Premium Features

To enjoy Bitdefender’s privacy potential to the fullest, you may need to upgrade to a premium plan. 

If choosing to do so, you’ll have access to:

  • Privacy Firewall

Adding an e-bulletproof protection layer.

  • File Shredder

What file? Bitdefender’s never seen any file. Jokes aside, it’s never been easier to destroy traces of a chosen file thanks to this feature.

  • Password Manager

Secures your financial and other sensitive data, advises you on choosing secure passwords, stores them, and offers you the option of auto-filling the forms.

  • Parental Control

Enables you to filter inappropriate content or set screen time limitations, and you can even remotely monitor your children’s online behaviour.

  • Anti-Theft and Safe Online Banking

When it detects financial transactions, it opens them on a separate desktop, thus providing maximum privacy protection.

  • Bitdefender VPN

Most Bitdefender plans come with a limited 200MB of encrypted traffic, but if you need more, other alternatives offer unlimited VPN in their cheapest plans. 

Bitdefender Antivirus Performance

With its well-thought minimalistic approach, Bitdefender does not slow down your computer’s speed. In fact, it has the highest score when compared to its industry competitors for having the lowest impact on your PC performance.

Antiviruses with the lowest impact on performance, overall score from January 2013 to June 2021.

An overall score from January 2013 to June 2021.

It easily outruns McAfee, which is notorious for slowing down your device, as well as some of its bigger rivals like Kaspersky. 

The secret behind this is that heavy scanning takes place in the cloud, meaning it doesn’t scan the actual content or upload anything to the cloud. Additionally, it offers speed improvement with OneClick Optimizer.

Platforms and Apps

Bitdefender is compatible with major platforms and apps. 

Other than its standard Windows PC protection, Bitdefender also offers an AV solution designed for Macs. 

Apart from the regular Antivirus (AUD39.99), there are two plans available: Total Security (AUD59.99) and Premium Security (AUD99.99).

These include unique features, such as:

  • Cross-Platform Malware Detection
  • Adware Blocker
  • Time Machine Protection

It reached the highest rank on the independent AV test compared to its competitors, scoring maximum points in all three categories—Protection, Performance, Usability. 

If you’re an Android device owner, you can also get a hold of Bitdefender’s Antivirus Free security tool. It protects users from malware and is capable of scanning in the cloud, meaning that it does not store signatures on your device. Moreover, it does not consume much of your battery life even at its full-performing speed.

Two important app features are also worth mentioning, such as on-install scanning, so that users can be certain that new apps are safe for their device, and on-demand scans, available at any time, for checking if the storage is in its optimum condition.

For mobile devices, both Android and iOS, there’s also Bitdefender Mobile Security, with an annual price of AUD19.99. It covers secure browsing and downloading, with up to 200 MB of encrypted traffic per day, as well as insights into your online activity. Android users can also enjoy the Anti-Theft feature within this plan.

Currently, Bitdefender has no dedicated plans for Linux. If this is a deal-breaker, you might want to check out other solutions like Avast or ESET NOD32 Antivirus. 

Bitdefender Plans & Pricing

Bitdefender has several plans, each of them prioritising a different feature as a reflection of users’ needs and habits. A major plus is that they are available for free download, providing you with decent protection. 

They are not, however, the cheapest around. For instance, Avast Premium, which offers similar features, is available from AUD69.99 a year, compared to Bitdefender’s plan that costs AUD99.99. 

What is the difference between Bitdefender free and paid?

Premium versions are built with industry-specific trends and cover cross-platform security, whereas Bitdefender Box offers you a connection to an unlimited number of devices.

Bitdefender Antivirus PlusWindows PC3 devicesAUD39.98
Bitdefender Total SecurityWindows PC, Android, macOS, iOS5 devicesAUD59.99
Bitdefender Small Office SecurityWindows PC, Android, macOS, iOS10 devicesAUD99.98
Bitdefender Premium SecurityWindows PC, Android, macOS, iOS10 devicesAUD99.99
Bitdefender Internet SecurityWindows PC3 devicesAUD49.99
Bitdefender Family PackWindows PC, Android, macOS, iOS15 devicesAUD79.99

NOTE: Available annual plans in Australia as of November 2021. However, the price can vary depending on current special offers, so make sure to stay updated.

In case you don’t want to bother with remembering renewal dates, Bitdefender offers an Automatic Renewal option. At the end of each billing period, you’ll receive an email checking if you wish to proceed with the agreed conditions.

Cancellation of the ongoing subscription is available at any time, either through your Bitdefender Account or by reaching out for support via email. Additionally, there’s also a possibility of getting a refund 30 days from your first purchase or the auto-renewal date.

Bitdefender Customer Support 

Similar to Sophos, Bitdefender has provided customers with different ways of getting help:

  • Top Solutions – List of the most common issues and thorough answers to them.
  • Expert Community – Engaged peers with whom you can discuss your problem.
  • How-to Videos – Step-by-step explanatory videos for each type of device.
  • 24/7 Chat and Phone – Contact their support centre directly, and there are even three lines for Australian customers.
  • Email – Open an email ticket, and their support promises to come back to you asap.

There’s a separate help centre for business users, where they can browse existing articles or report malware directly to Bitdefender’s team.

Not all AVs can brag about having these many customer support options; for example, Kaspersky is missing on live chat and phone reports, which are usually favourite among users for its easy access.

Is Bitdefender Antivirus for You?

If you recognise yourself among users who enjoy great user experience and tend to use exhausting software on a daily basis, Bitdefender Antivirus is definitely the engine you’ve been looking for. 

With a few downsides, such as limited VPN, it remains one of the industry leaders.


1. Does Bitdefender use a lot of memory?

It takes up 200-300MB in idle. According to an independent scoring in 2021, Bitdefender is among the Top 5 lightest Antiviruses, ranked better than McAfee, Kaspersky and AVG. In fact, it is only matched by Webroot, one of the smallest and fastest AVs around. 

2. How to turn off Bitdefender?

If you want to temporarily disable Bitdefender, you can turn off its Protection modules on the left side of the main interface. If you’re a Mac owner, you can access this option through the Preferences bar by switching off the Bitdefender Shield.

3. Which Bitdefender should I buy?

As this Bitdefender antivirus review has shown, there are six plans to choose from, depending on whether you are an individual or a business user and on how many devices you plan to use. 

If you’re a first-time Bitdefender Antivirus user, we advise you to start from the free Bitdefender Edition and upgrade accordingly to your needs or to go with a 30-day trial. 

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