The Pros and Cons of Using Pillow Sprays in Australia

Pillow spray is a form of aromatherapy that is growing in popularity. This is unsurprising as 48% of Australians suffer from sleep-related problems and seek solutions to improve their sleep quality. 

However, what exactly are the pros and cons of using pillow sprays? Find out here. 

Advantages of Pillow Sprays

Pillow sprays have a long list of benefits, including: 

Easy to Use

The use of pillow sprays at bedtime is quick and simple. Give it a minute to settle, and then you can breathe in the soothing aroma and drift off to sleep.

Smells Great

Essential oils with pleasant aromas are frequently used ingredients for pillow sprays. Some examples are lavender, peppermint, and lemon myrtle. Other manufacturers combine various scents to help aid sleep and allow your body to relax. 

Symptom Relief

Even though seasonal allergies and colds can be annoying, many people would rather not develop a reliance on medication to treat them. Due to the four seasons, the long-term use of antihistamines to treat hay fever in Australia can be harmful. As a result, people find relief by using essential oils or sprays for their pillows.

Pillow sprays can help alleviate symptoms of colds and improve sleep quality. Loccitane conducted 1,200 clinical studies annually, demonstrating remarkable efficacy for pillow sprays. The tests also indicate that these sprays can be an enjoyable part of a sleep routine.

Disadvantages of Pillow Sprays

When choosing the right spray, read the ingredients on the label. Not all are 100% safe, especially if you plan to use the product for a long time. Some contain dilutants or alcohol. Be cautious of ethanol, for instance, since this solvent can increase the chance of an allergic reaction (as with other types of alcohol) and reduce the product’s effectiveness.

Undesirable Skin Reaction

Some sprays won’t react well with your skin, but others will. There may be some undesirable reactions if you have sensitive skin. Even some natural ingredients might not be friendly to your skin, so it’s advisable to test them first in a small area.

Final Thoughts

A pillow spray can help you get a better night’s rest. However, there are also some potential downsides to this. Checking for allergic reactions is crucial by applying a small product to a hidden skin area.

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