How Many Free Tinder Swipes per Day? What is the Limit?

How Many Free Tinder Swipes per Day

Dating life nowadays is hard in person as it is online. And to make things more complicated, Tinder has restricted the number of right swipes, which is starting to be frustrating for some.

So how many free Tinder swipes do you have per day?

“Swipe right” to find out!

Tinder Swipes Rules: Before and Now

With a clever and flirty Tinder biography and just a few photos, you will likely get a match in no time. Although sometimes, we want to spend the whole day on Tinder and swipe left or right, looking for our soulmate, the social media platform has a unique way of protecting its users from scamming and intentionally swiping right on every profile that shows up.

Before the new restrictions took place, the online dating app allowed the 4 million active users from Australia to swipe right 100 times in 12 hours, or 200 times in one day. 

There are significant changes to the Tinder algorithm, and there is no threshold for Tinder swiping that applies to every user. In addition, the limitation is regarding your swipe rights, meaning you can indefinitely swipe left.

How many swipes on Tinder you get a day depends on your account type.

Tinder Swipe Limit for a Free Account

Following the trend of keeping the work of social media algorithms a secret, no one knows how Tinder assigns your number of swipes. But according to the practice, the swipe count will depend on your:

  • Behaviour on the app,
  • Age,
  • Gender, and
  • Location.

Considering the unequal gender representation on the app, women are getting twice as many swipe rights as men. On average, women have nearly 100 swipes in 12 hours, while men are usually left with 50 swipes. Since this is not an official rule, your 12-hour swipes can be as low as 25.

Is there a way to find out how many Tinder swipes you have left?

Unfortunately, Tinder doesn’t have a built-in feature that will count your swipe rights and show your remaining ones for the day. However, if you want to keep track, you can manually count every right swipe on Tinder in 12 hours and have a general sense of how much you have left.

Tinder Swipe Limit for Paid Accounts

In addition to the free standard Tinder account, you can choose one of the three subscription tiers: Tinder Plus, Gold and Premium. On top of the different features available with each subscription, one of the biggest perks of having a paid Tinder account, is having no swiping limit.

Did you know that you get five SuperSwipes a week with the Bumble Boost or the Bumble Premium plan?

Bottom Line: Will I Get More Matches if I Have Unlimited Swipes?

Although it is one of the best dating apps in Australia, no one can guarantee how many people you will match with on Tinder. Some people get more matches with fewer swipes, while others cannot find the perfect match for themselves even if they have unlimited right swipes. So, be patient and work on your profiles since it is the first impression you leave on the other side.


1. What happens if you swipe right on Tinder too much?

According to the user reports, constantly swiping right on Tinder can lower your chances of getting a match and reduce the number of quality matches. In addition, swiping right can only mess up the Tinder algorithm by giving the app the wrong information about your preferences. That’s why it is recommended you swipe right on 1% of the profiles you see.

2. How many swipes do guys get on Tinder?

If the guy in question has a paid subscription to Tinder, he will get an unlimited number of right swipes. But if he uses the free version, there is no standard limit for right swipes. So typically, the male population on Tinder gets around 50 swipes in 12 hours or 100 swipes per day.

3. How many free Tinder swipes per day do you get if you have a standard account?

Your Tinder swipe count depends on your behaviour on the app and demographical factors like age, gender and location. Generally, women get 200 right swipes daily, while men have around 100.

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