2023 Black Friday Mattress Sales in Australia

Black Friday mattress sales

Ready for a new mattress? With Black Friday sales around the corner, you can get up to half off on mattresses and bedding from your favourite brands.

Check out the best Black Friday mattress sales for 2022 and get a good night’s rest without breaking the bank.

Best Black Friday/Cyber Monday Deals

2022 Best Mattress Deals for Black Friday and Cyber Monday

As every year, the Black Friday/Cyber Monday shopping event offers huge discounts. Here is what you can snag this year. 

1. The Eva Mattress: Save $200 

  • Black Friday price: $550–$950
  • Usual price: $750​​–$1150
  • 365 days trial & 10-year warranty

eva mattress

This November you can get Australia’s number one hybrid bed at $200 off, so you can enjoy cloud-like comfort and low partner disturbance at even more affordable prices. 

In addition to this one-of-a-kind mattress, you can also get generous discounts on other items, including $150 off on the Eva Mattress Plus and up to $100 on dining, end and coffee tables.

2. Ecosa Mattress: 20% off sitewide

  • Black Friday price: $640–$1,320
  • Usual price: $800​​–$1,650
  • 100-night trial & 15-year warranty
ecosa mattress review

The Black Friday mattress sales have already started at Ecosa. Shoppers can use the ECOSA20 coupon code and get a 20% discount on the company’s flagship product—the G-7 memory foam Ecosa mattress. This bed not only combines several layers of innovative and durable memory foam, but it also comes with adjustable firmness levels to suit any type of sleeper. 

Best of all, the Ecosa Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals apply to all items on the site—from high-quality bamboo bedding to super comfy sofas, as well as their other two mattress models. 

3. Emma Comfort Mattress: Save up to 55% 

  • Black Friday price: $574–$854
  • Usual price: $1,149–$1,709
  • 100-night trial & 10-year warranty

Emma’s Black Friday mattress sale offer expires on 20 November. Until then, you’ll have the chance to save up to 55% on all sizes of the Product of the Year 2023 winner—the Emma Comfort mattress. The Emma Mattress features three layers of high-quality, dense foam and provides ultimate comfort, pressure relief, and support. 

Other items offered during the Black Friday mattress sales include furniture pieces like the Emma wooden bed, as well the company’s other two high-end mattresses—the Emma Comfort Premium and the Emma Diamond Hybrid, the last of which is also available as a bundle deal that can save you a whopping $3,952. 

4. Ergoflex 5G Memory Foam Mattress: Save $500+

  • Black Friday price: $699–$1,294  
  • Usual price: $999–$1,849
  • 30-night trial &10-year warranty

Ergoflex, the leading mattress manufacturer in the UK and Down Under, is offering amazing savings as part of their Black Friday mattress deals. You can now get their best-selling mattress at $500 off and more and enjoy cool nights and comfy slumber thanks to their innovative design and unique pressure-relieving visco-elastic foam. 

You can also combine the Ergoflex bed with other accessories and save over 45% on select items. 

5. Macoda Mattress: $200 off

  • Black Friday price: $800–$1,300
  • Usual price: $1000–$1,500
  • 100-night trial & 10-year warranty

The Macoda Black Friday mattress sale in Australia offers $200 off on their number one mattress—the elegant and super comfy Macoda mattress. Simply use the DREAM200 code at checkout to get thigh high-quality, adjustable firmness hybrid bed at a great price. 

Macoda has Black Friday sales on their pillows ($30 off) and quilt & sheet sets ($40 off), so don’t hit snooze and take advantage of these great offers today.

Major Furniture 2022 Black Friday/Cyber Monday Deals 

Why not combine your new mattress with top-notch accessories and bedding? Here is what is on offer this Black Friday. 

Black Friday Deals on Pillows 

1. Emma Foam Pillow: 50% off

Price $100 (was $200)

Best Pillows Australia

Shoppers can buy this customisable, OEKO-Tex® 100 certified pillow for $100 off this holiday season. 

Shop and combine more emma accessories for elevated comfort.

2. Ecosa Pillow: 20% off

Price: $120 (was $150)

best pillows australia

You can now bundle two or more of Ecosa’s adjustable, ergonomically-designed pillows and save up to $200.

3. The Eva Pillow: Save $20

Price: $99 (was $120)

Featuring temperature-regulating and hypoallergenic properties, plus dreamy comfort and ultimate pressure relief for just $99—the Eva pillow Black Friday deal is too good to miss

Black Friday Deals on Beds

1. Eva Timber Bed Frame: $200 off

Price: $700–$1,150 (was: $900–$1,350)

eva timber bed frame

Durable, elegant and eco-friendly, the Eva timber bed is one of the top-rated bed frames in Australia. Now available at $200 off on all sizes.

2. Emma Signature Bed: 50% off

Price: $1,224–$1,824 (was: $2,448–$3,648)

You can now bundle the stylish and sleek Emma Signature bed with their award-winning mattress and foam pillow in a phenomenal Black Friday offer allowing you to save up to $1,824.

3. Brosa Upholstered Bed Frame: 25% off

Price: $899 (was $1,199)

With the Black Friday 2022 offers, you have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to save $300 on this super sturdy and elegant upholstered bed frame, complete with four drawers.

Black Friday Deals on Sofa Beds

1. Siesta 3 Seater Sofa Bed By Brosa: 25% off

Price: $524 (was $699)

Best Sofa Beds Australia

Recognised as the best sofa bed in Australia for overnight guests and casual lounging, the multi-functional Siesta 3 seater from Brosa can be yours at $175 off even before Black Friday comes.

2. Lana Sofa Bed by Brosa: 25% off

Price: $599 (was $799)

Best Sofa Beds Australia

The Lana Sofa Bed, with its selection of rich colours and timeless design, is a stylish addition to any home. Now available for just $599 or 25% off the original price.

3. The Everyday Sofa by Eva: Save $200

Price: $1,650 (was $1,850)

Like the Eva Black Friday mattress deals, you can get a $200 discount on each model of the Eva everyday sofa, starting from a simple 2.5 seater to a roomy 6-seater with flexible configurations.

Best Black Friday Deals on Bedding

1. Ecosa Weighted Blanket: 20% off

Price: $176 (was $220)

Relieve stress and keep cool without breaking the bank this Black Friday with Ecosa’s unique 20% discount on their best-selling bamboo blanket and find out why it is one of the most popular weighted blankets on the market.

Money Saving Black Friday Shopping Tips

Black Friday is the perfect time to snag great deals on mattresses and bedroom accessories—but it can quickly turn into a budget buster if you’re not careful. 

Here are a few tips to stop you from overspending on Black Friday sales:

  • Plan ahead and make a list of the items you need to buy, as well as the maximum price you’re willing to pay for each;
  • Research prices beforehand so you know what a good deal looks like;
  • Compare products and prices in different stores;
  • Don’t buy on impulse—just because an item is discounted doesn’t mean you have to buy it.

With a little planning, you can enjoy all the fun of Black Friday shopping and still stay within budget. 

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