6 Best Bamboo Sheets in Australia to Buy in 2024

Best Bamboo Sheets in Australia

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Bamboo sheets are softer than linen, cheaper than silk and more breathable than cotton. They are wrinkle-resistant, work great for people with allergies and come in a variety of designs and sizes to suit anyone’s preference and budget. What’s not to like?

To narrow down your search for the perfect companion for your mattress we shortlisted the  6 best bamboo sheets to buy in Australia.

Let’s dive in. 

A Quick Look at the Best Bamboo Sheets Australia

  1. Ecosa Bamboo Bedding: Best Overall 
  2. Ettitute Signature Sateen Sheet Set: Best Organic Bamboo Sheets
  3. Macoda Bamboo Sheets: Best Value for Money 
  4. Home Republic 600TC Bamboo Cotton Sheet Sets: Best Bamboo & Cotton Blend
  5. Bas Phillips 400TC Bamboo & Cotton Sheet Set: Best for King-size Beds 
  6. Linenly 100% Organic Bamboo Sheet Set: Most Luxurious Bamboo Sheets

Reviews of the Best Bamboo Sheets Australia 

Check out our bamboo sheets selection to find the perfect set for your bedroom.

1. Ecosa Bamboo Bedding Review: Best Overall 

  • Rating: 10/10 
  • Sizes available: Standard 
  • Colours: 11 colours available 
  • Set includes: 1 Fitted Sheet, 1 Flat Sheet & 2 Pillowcases
  • Shipping: Free
  • Refund: 45 days warranty 
  • Price: $135
    ***Check the latest prices before purchasing as they are subject to change over time***

With the Ecosa bamboo sheets, you’ll want to stay under the covers all day.

Made from 100% organic bamboo, these OEKO-Tex 100 certified, sateen-weave bed covers will keep bacteria, unpleasant odours and allergens away while staying cool and silky soft to the touch. Suitable for hot sleepers, this bedding will give your body more room to breathe.

What’s more, Ecosa’s premium bedding comes in a variety of sizes and a total of 11 different colours to choose from, complete with practical keep-in-place clips and label cues

Best of all, the Ecosa bamboo sheets won’t break the bank as they are one of the most affordable on the market. The company also has generous discounts and bundle offers throughout the year that can get you a great deal on bedding and the one-of-a-kind Ecosa mattress


  • Sateen weave 
  • Pre-shrunk sheets


  • Delivery might take up to 7 business days 

2. Ettitute Signature Sateen Sheet Set Review: Best Organic 

  • Rating: 9.8/10 
  • Sizes available: Standard  
  • Colours: 12 colours available 
  • Set includes: 1 bamboo fitted sheet, 1 flat top sheet & pillowcases
  • Shipping: Free on orders over $100
  • Refund: 30-night sleep trial
  • Price: $239
    ***Check the latest prices before purchasing as they are subject to change over time***

Ettitude is the perfect pick for eco-conscious shoppers. 

The company’s signature sheet set meets all the industry standards—they are ultra-soft and breathable, available in a variety of colours & designs and compatible with mattresses up to 43 cm high. 

But what makes Ettitude stand out is their dedication to sustainable production

Not only are these sheets made from 100% bamboo lyocell, but each set uses 500x less water than cotton. What’s more, the company includes all their data on traceability and environmental impact on the site, so you can see how much the sheet set you purchase helps the planet. 

At $219 for a single, they are a bit pricey, but they offer the peace of mind that comes with sleeping on safe and eco-friendly bed covers.


  • STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX certified 
  • Ideal for people with allergies & sensitive skin 


  • A little pricey 

3. Macoda Bamboo Sheets Review: Best Value for Money 

  • Rating: 9.8/10 
  • Sizes available: Queen & King
  • Colours: White only
  • Set includes: 1 bamboo fitted sheet, 1 bamboo flat sheet & 2 pillowcases
  • Shipping: Free
  • Refund: 60-night sleep trial 
  • Price: $190
    ***Check the latest prices before purchasing as they are subject to change over time***

With the Macoda sheet set, you will be sleeping the night away on 100% natural bamboo, antibacterial and hypoallergenic bedding. Bamboo fabric isn’t only hypoallergenic, naturally antimicrobial, and breathable– it’s also soft. This luxurious material can be found in a variety of top mattresses, sheets, pillows and among the best mattress toppers.

Featuring a simple yet refined design, Macoda sheets have a 375 thread count and a sateen weave that provides cool and dry nights, an elegant sheen and a silky feel. There are click buttons and useful labels, too, so that making your bed is as hassle-free as possible. 

The only drawback? These bamboo covers come in limited sizes and colours, but just like the company’s best-selling hybrid mattress, they provide excellent value for money. Not only are they one of the most affordable, but they come with a 60-night free trial, free shipping and returns. 


  • Matching duvet set sold separately
  • Sustainable design 


  • Only one colour available

4. Home Republic 600TC Bamboo Cotton Sheet Sets Review: Best Bamboo & Cotton Blend

  • Rating: 9.5/10 
  • Sizes available: Standard + Super Queen, Super King 
  • Colours: 11 colours available 
  • Set includes: Fitted sheet, flat sheet & standard pillowcases
  • Shipping: Free on orders over $150 
  • Refund: Free returns in 60 days 
  • Price: $284.99-399.99
    ***Check the latest prices before purchasing as they are subject to change over time***

If you can afford to splurge on a bed sheet set and get a truly luxurious feel, then Home Republic’s rich 600 TC, sateen weave bedding is the one for you. 

Cool and silky smooth, this sheet set combines the best of bamboo and cotton sateen fibres—you get the breathability of cotton and the anti-bacterial and moisture-wicking properties of bamboo. Plus, since it is predominantly made up of bamboo (60% vs 40% cotton), you can take advantage of the material’s temperature-regulating properties and use it all year round. 

This unique blend though is one of the highest-priced bamboo sheet sets in Australia. That said, you can join the company’s loyalty program (a $19.95 membership fee applies) and get great discounts and free delivery. 


  • 600 thread count 
  • 11 contemporary designs available


  • Shipping might take two weeks

5. Bas Phillips 400TC Bamboo & Cotton Sheet Set Review: Best for King-size Beds 

  • Rating: 9.4/10 
  • Sizes available: King, Mega King, Mega Queen, Queen
  • Colours: 6 colours available 
  • Set includes: 1 flat sheet, 1 fitted sheet & 2 pillowcases
  • Shipping: Not free
  • Refund: 30-day return policy
  • Price: $89.00 – $99.00
    ***Check the latest prices before purchasing as they are subject to change over time***

Those who have beds larger than a Queen might struggle to find bamboo sheets for their bigger-sized mattresses. Bas Phillips has got you covered.

Offering bamboo sheets compatible with King, Super and Mega King-size beds, Bas Phillips bamboo bedding has no problem fitting mattresses up to 50 cm high. 

A variety of sizes to choose from, though, is not the only thing that makes these one of the best bamboo sheets in Australia. 

Like Home Republic, Bas Phillips sheets are made of 60% bamboo and 40% cotton, giving users a super soft, durable and naturally breathable material to sleep on. And at under $100 for a luxe 400 TC sateen weave, they are practically a steal. 


  • 6 pastel colours available 
  • Hundreds of happy customers 


  • Only available as a set

6. Linenly 100% Organic Bamboo Sheet Set Review: Most Luxurious Bamboo Sheets 

  • Rating: 9/10 
  • Sizes available: Standard
  • Colours: 9 colours available 
  • Set includes: 1 flat sheet, 1 fitted sheet & 2 pillowcases
  • Shipping: Free on orders over $50
  • Refund: 30 days (on unopened products)
  • Price: $210
    ***Check the latest prices before purchasing as they are subject to change over time***

Linenly offers hotel-style luxury at affordable prices

The company’s pre-washed, organic bamboo bedding is made with a rich 400 thread count sateen weave that provides a silky smooth feel that is bound to suit all types of sleepers. What’s more, it boosts the material’s natural cooling properties, giving you cool and comfy nights.  

However, Linenly’s sheets are not just luxurious, but eco-friendly as well. This  OEKO-Tex certified bamboo fitted sheet is hypoallergenic, odour-resistant and even comes packaged in a reusable bamboo bag.  

But just because you are buying a premium product doesn’t mean you will pay premium prices. Linenly’s bed covers range from $180 to $300 and there are discounts all year round bringing the price down even further.


  • Long & short side labels
  • Luxurious & soft


  • No warranty 

How to Find the Best Bamboo Bedding in Australia: A Buyer’s Guide

Here is what you need to know while searching for the perfect bamboo sheet sets in Australia. 

1. Check thread count and weave 

The thread count represents the horizontal and vertical threads woven into one square inch of the material. Generally, the higher the thread count, the softer and more durable the fabric will be. 

When it comes to bamboo, you should look for bedding with TC between 250 and 500—typically anything over 400 TC is a sign that you are dealing with high-quality material.

Another important aspect to look out for is the weave. Try to find bamboo sheets in twill or sateen weave—the former is standard for most bamboo sheets, while the latter is more luxurious as it makes the sheets feel smoother, cooler and silkier. 

Worth noting: Bamboo is much softer than other materials, so organic bamboo bed linen with a thread count of 400 can equal an Egyptian cotton sheet with a thread count of 1000. 

2. Look at refund policies and sleep trials

Before you purchase the bamboo sheet set, you should check the company’s return policy and see if there is a warranty or a sleep trial period

Luckily, several bamboo bedding manufacturers in Australia, such as Ecosa and Macoda,  provide a risk-free sleep trial, while others like Home Republic offer full refunds after 60 days. Either is fine, as long as you have the option to return the product if you are not 100% satisfied. 

3. Are the materials tested and certified? 

Look for companies that have an OEKO-Tex 100 certification, one of the most widely-recognised labels showing textiles have been tested for toxic elements and proven free of harmful substances. 

4. Check if the sheets are pre-shrunk?

Another key feature to check out before buying bamboo sheet sets in Australia is to see whether they are pre-shrunk or pre-washed

Most bed sheets, regardless of the fabric, might shrink slightly after the first few washes. However, If the sheets have been pre-shrunk, you won’t have any problems fitting them on your mattress even after putting them in the washer. 

5. Will the sheets fit your mattress?

Almost all bamboo sheet sets in Australia come in standard bed sizes, although some like Bas Phillips are designed to match Super and Mega-king size mattresses, while others like Macoda are only available in Queen and King sizes.

Take a look at the sizes on offer before you make a final decision—the sheets should fit your bed like a glove. 

If you’re looking for bedding for a sofa bed as well, those are a different size than standard beds, and regular bed sheets won’t fit. However, some sofa beds can effortlessly convert into a double bed that you can match with your bamboo bedding.

6. Find the right style 

Luckily bamboo sheets come in various designs that can suit any bedroom style. So whether you want minimalist or colourful, plenty of options are available. 

What’s more, manufacturers in Australia sell bamboo sheets as part of a set, complete with pillowcases and duvet cover—mix and match or go for the set, the choice is yours. 

7. Don’t go for the most expensive option 

Bamboo sheets are usually more expensive compared to other materials. But overall, they are worth every cent.

The prices of bamboo sheet sets in Australia can vary depending on the manufacturing process, type of material, certifications, thread count and retailers, but most bamboo bedding in Australia costs between $180 and $300. 

Note that a higher price doesn’t mean you will get bamboo bedding with better quality than the cheaper ones. Always try to find the best bargain—wait for the end-of-the-year or seasonal sale, check out bundles and package deals or use discount codes to get the best deal. 

Bottom Line

Bamboo sheets are becoming increasingly popular and with good reason. They are soft, breathable, hypoallergenic and environmentally friendly, plus they are one of the most luxurious types of bedding, giving you a 5-star hotel feel and look right in your bedroom. 

So which one of the top-rated bamboo bedding in Australia are you welcoming into your home?


1. What is a good brand of bamboo sheets?

The best bamboo sheets brands in Australia provide organic bamboo covers at affordable prices. They also offer free shipping and returns as well as discounts and deals throughout the year. To find examples of great bedding brands in the country, pick any of the companies listed in the bamboo sheets selection above. 

2. What are the disadvantages of bamboo sheets?

There are some cons when it comes to bamboo sheets, the biggest one being care and maintenance. Bamboo sheets are known to shrink when exposed to heat and are very sensitive to bleach and sunshine. They are also more expensive than other materials, although they come with so many benefits, they are more than worth the extra cost. 

3. What is the best bamboo sheets to buy in Australia?

Our choice for the best bamboo sheets in Australia are the Ecosa bamboo sheets. Soft and cool, as well as affordable and organic, this bed sheet set will make getting out of bed in the mornings extremely difficult. 

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