What Does No Caller ID Mean?

what does no caller id mean

Being continuously called by someone whose phone number is concealed can be seriously bothersome. In most instances, these calls are made by scammers or sometimes even harassers who won’t stop calling.

If that’s a problem that you have encountered, you should keep reading because we answer questions like “What does No Caller ID mean?” and “How to block No Caller ID calls?”.

What Does No Caller ID Mean?

No Caller ID is a label displayed on your phone screen when the person calling you has chosen to conceal their phone number. The caller might have set up this feature for all phone contacts or for you specifically. Whatever the case may be, you won’t be able to call back or see who called you.

The “Hide Number” feature allows you to either set it up permanently or use it on a per-call basis. However, it’s good to mention that not all phones have this option, so you’ll have to check if it’s available in your device’s settings.

What Does an Unknown Caller Mean?

Although you might find that No Caller ID and Unknown Caller are sometimes used interchangeably, there’s a big difference between the two. 

Unknown Caller is a label that is typically displayed on your screen when your carrier’s service operator couldn’t collect enough information to disclose the ID of the caller. You may encounter calls labelled this way in various situations, some of which are technical issues and being on an international call. 

Difference Between No Caller ID and Unknown Caller

While both labels hide the identity of the caller, they differ in the way they originated. Namely, the No Caller ID label appears when the caller is intentionally hiding their phone number. This label shouldn’t be confused with the Unknown Caller, which, in most instances, shows up when the network provider can’t properly identify the number or when the caller is making international calls. 

Nevertheless, in rare instances, the Unknown Caller label may indicate that a scammer is trying to reach you.

 How to Block “No Caller ID” Calls on iPhone?

No one wants to be bothered by anonymous calls, which is why some mobile phones have a feature developed to prevent those callers from contacting you directly. For example, the Silence Unknown Callers feature on newer iPhones can redirect all unknown callers to voicemail, and if the person does leave a message, you’ll be notified. 

This is what you have to do to activate the feature on iOS 13 devices:

  • Select the Settings icon;
  • Tap the Phone section;
  • Select Silence Unknown Callers and slide the toggle to the right.

Since the “Silence Unknown Callers” option is only available for iPhones 10, 11, and 12, you won’t be able to use it if you have an older device.

Instead, you can follow these steps to block anonymous callers:

  • Open Contacts;
  • Tap the “+” sign and add a new contact;
  • Type in “No Caller ID” in the Name bar;
  • Add “000-000-0000” for the phone number;
  • Select Done; 
  • Find and select Block this Caller in the newly saved profile;
  • Choose Block Contact.

As a last resort, you can enable the Don’t Disturb Me feature, which is available on all Apple phone devices.

You can activate this feature by following these simple steps:

  • Tap the Settings icon;
  • Find and tap the Do Not Disturb button;
  • Slide the toggle, so it becomes green;
  • Select the Allow Calls From option;
  • Select All Contacts.

Bear in mind that if you opt for this feature, you won’t only block No Caller ID calls but calls from any number that isn’t on your contact list. So, if this isn’t your intention, you’re better off going with one of the previous options.

How to Block No Caller ID Calls on Android?

While Android phones don’t have a feature specifically designed for blocking calls labelled No Caller ID, there is a great feature that allows you to block all unknown callers.

Follow these steps to enable this feature on your Android device:

  • Click the Phone icon;
  • Tap the three dots at the top of the screen;
  • Select Settings;
  • Tap Block Numbers;
  • Toggle the Block Unknown Callers button. 

Unlike the iPhone’s Do Not Disturb feature, this feature will not block calls from anyone that’s not on your contact list. Instead, only calls that don’t have a caller ID made apparent will be prevented from contacting you.

How Do You Find Out a No Caller ID Number?

No Caller IDs were developed to safeguard your data and prevent it from being shared with a third party. Many people, unfortunately, abuse this feature for illicit purposes and unlawful activities. But luckily, there are a few ways to track down such people, and we’re here to show you how to unmask a No Caller ID!

Call your phone service provider 

The first option you may consider is calling your network service provider and asking them to reveal the anonymous caller. You’ll have to check the exact time and date in order to receive the proper information, so don’t forget to write it down to avoid getting it buried beneath other call records.

Nevertheless, the provider won’t be able to give you any information unless the frequent calls become threatening. If that’s the case, your phone service provider has to disclose the caller’s details, including their name and address.

You can also check if your phone company provides the Anonymous Caller ID service. When using this service, your phone will automatically scan all calls, thus forcing the person to unblock and reveal their identity in order to go through with the call. 

Use Caller Identification Apps

If you don’t want to waste any time, you can always subscribe to or download an unmasking Caller ID app. These apps provide services that allow you to access the information you’re looking for in a matter of seconds. 

As soon as you figure out who’s on the other side of the line, you can add the unknown numbers in the blacklist section, preventing them from bothering you again. Then, anytime they attempt to call you, they’ll receive a message saying that the number is no longer in service.

Bottom line

While both calls labelled No Caller ID and Unknown Caller prevent us from seeing the number that’s usually displayed on the screen, they differentiate in the way they originated. If you are continually bothered by these kinds of calls, it may be useful to find out how to unmask No Caller ID calls, and if that doesn’t work, you might want to learn how to block these No Caller ID calls.


1. What does No Caller ID mean?

No Caller ID is a label displayed when a person deliberately hides their number when calling someone. One can do this by enabling the “No Caller ID” feature if it’s available on that specific device. 

2. Should I pick up No Caller ID calls?

You probably shouldn’t answer No Caller ID calls since most of them are either scams, spam, or harassment. Furthermore, answering these calls can pose a risk to you because scammers often use this method to steal your personal data and information.

Most of the time, No Caller ID calls come from telemarketing companies trying to scam you into buying products you don’t even need, so it’s best for you to ignore and block these hidden numbers.

3. Can you trace a No Caller ID?

There are three options available for tracing down a person calling from a hidden number. Firstly, you can call your service provider, in which case you need to write down the exact time and date of the call, so the company can reveal their identity if you have been harassed. Another option is to download a caller identification app that can help you block these kinds of calls.

You can also ask if your service provider has an Anonymous Caller ID Service that forces the callers to unblock their number so they can go through with the call.

4. Does “No Caller ID” mean they are in your contacts?

That person could be someone from your contact list that’s trying to reach you without having to reveal their identity, but usually, that’s not the case. It’s more likely that these people are either scammers, hackers, or harassers.

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