What Are the Best Places to Live in Australia?

Best Places to Live in Australia?

Whether you’re looking for a global, European, or countryside charm, Australia has a place for everyone. Even if you’re a foreigner, it’s possible to settle down and rent or buy your dream place in Australia, but you’ll have to prepare.

Read on to find out which are the best places to live in Australia, the median weekly prices, and which papers you’ll need to fill in. 

Let’s dive right in!

7 Best Towns to Live in Australia

1. Hobart – Best small country town

Median weekly rental priceAU$499
Income spent on rent34%

A fairly-like state with Hobart as its capital, Tasmania is one of the best parts of Australia.  With its cinematic forests, endless parks, and a sense of community, Tasmania is undoubtedly suitable for living an idyllic life. Its residents mostly appreciate its slow pace, great schools, and cheap housing, which make Tasmania perfect for those wanting to live in smaller towns. 

However, industries other than education and hospitality don’t offer that many job opportunities.

2. Adelaide – Best family-friendly town

Median weekly rental priceAU$430
Income spent on rent27%

One of the nicest cities in Australia, Adelaide can offer a perfectly balanced lifestyle to those who are not into big cities such as Sydney or Melbourne, but still want to experience an urban environment. It also has high affordability and, thanks to its praised schools and plenty of outdoor activities, it’s a popular family-friendly location. 

However, it may take you more time to find job opportunities in a higher position.

3. Canberra – Best safe place

Median weekly rental priceAU$620
Income spent on rent25%

Home to all the important institutions, such as the Parliament House and the High Court, Canberra is popular among expats, especially because of its stable real estate market and housing prices at high affordability. 

Canberra also has a great public transport system, so you’ll get to the suburbs in no time. Although Australia is generally considered a safe country to live in, Canberra might be its safest point, with one of the lowest crime rates.

4. Brisbane – Best climate place

Median weekly rental priceAU$476
Income spent on rent25%

We could just say that Brisbane has 280 sunny days a year and stop right there. However,  this city has many more benefits to it, and it’d be a shame not to mention them. Apart from being the 3rd most populated city in Australia, it’s also the fastest-growing and most diverse. It’s also one of the most visited cities by tourists.

Although it’s an urban area, there are many outdoor activities that you could partake in. The cherry on top, koalas chose it as their main home. Convinced yet?

5. Perth – Best diverse place

Median weekly rental priceAU$472
Income spent on rent24%

It’s believed that ⅓ of Perth’s population are expats, most of them coming from South Africa, the UK, and the rest of Europe. That said, it could be the most welcoming to people who consider moving to Australia, with as many benefits as you can count – the coast, lots of green surfaces, slow pace, many cultural activities, and higher affordability than Sydney or Melbourne. 

However, Perth could be quite a change for people coming from bigger cities, especially since it’s isolated from other parts of the country.

6. Sydney – Best urban city

Median weekly rental priceAU$582
Income spent on rent24%

Sydney is not only the largest city in Australia but also its economic capital, with by far the most job opportunities for newcomers. It’s open to people coming from different backgrounds so you’ll easily feel welcomed and accepted. 

Sydney also offers numerous ways to spend your free time, whether you’re interested in sightseeing or nightlife. Although its public transport system is affordable, prepare yourself for heavy traffic.

7. Melbourne – Best European-like place

Median weekly rental priceAU$444
Income spent on rent20%

Australian neighbourhoods are known to be vibrant and diverse and in Melbourne, you’ll have that impression all the time. It’s often referred to as the London of Australia and is considered a cultural capital thanks to many nations who came and enriched it with its food, music, clothing, and other habits. 

On the other hand, those who are not as tolerant of cold weather may not be huge fans of Melbourne since its winters are known to be colder than the rest of the country.

What Is the Best State to Live in Australia?

Choose a home based on state and occupation

Your quality of life will not only depend on your environment but on the job opportunities market and competitive working conditions as well. That said, some states are better than others when it comes to the average annual wage:

South AustraliaAU$82,279
Northern TerritoryAU$92,138
New South WalesAU$93,236
Western AustraliaAU$98,420
Capital TerritoryAU$99,164

Some occupations are valued differently in Australia than in the rest of the world. For example, miners are one of the highest-paying positions in the country.

Information Media and TelecommunicationsAU$108,124
Financial and Insurance ServicesAU$106,730
Education and TrainingAU$98,649
Healthcare and Social AssistanceAU$93,496
Arts and Recreation ServicesAU$80,958
Real Estate ServicesAU$82,388
Administrative and Support ServicesAU$80,678
Accommodation, Cafes and RestaurantsAU$59,582

Advice for finding a home in Australia

So, what should you keep in mind when finding a home in Australia? Consider the following tips:

  • Instead of finding rents advertised at a monthly rate, in Australia, you are bound to find postings with weekly rent rates.
  • You’re most likely to be asked for a yearly agreement, but you can try negotiating for a 6-month lease.
  • Property is usually put for rent unfurnished, so you may have to invest in some furniture as well.
  • Try to find your future home before arriving in Oz, since maybe you won’t find a suitable place right away.

What documents do you need for renting a property?

Being prepared will save you time, money, and energy. Before you head to your future city, have all the necessary documents prepared:

  • Photo identification (such as your passport or driver’s licence)
  • Employment and income details
  • Bank statements that show you have available funds
  • References from previous landlords or character references (optional)

The Australian Government has adopted a personal identification system that many landlords rely on. For your rental application to be considered, you’ll need to satisfy a minimum of 100 points with different pieces of ID, such as driver’s license, passport, previous tenancy agreement, and utility account.

Note: If you want to buy a home instead of renting it, you’ll need to ask permission from the Foreign Review Board.

Bottom Line

Australia is probably one of the most welcoming countries you’ll ever come across. From the coast and urban cities to the countryside and peaceful forests, it really does offer everything. We hope this guide helped you get a clear vision of your future dream life in Australia.  Now that you know all the renting-related formalities, you can just pack your suitcase, and off you go!


1. What is the best country town to live in in Australia?

Countryside charm is present in many Australian towns. Depending on if you prefer bigger or smaller towns, we recommend Hobart or Adelaide.

2. What is the best and safest place to live in Australia?

Australia is generally a safe country to live in, with Canberra being one of its safest cities. 

3. Where is the friendliest place to live in Australia?

Since there are so many cultures in Australia, you’ll feel welcome everywhere, especially in Melbourne or Perth.

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