Top 5 TikTok Video Ideas for Beginners to Go Viral in 2024

TikTok Video Ideas for Beginners

Have you spent countless hours scrolling through your TikTok feed wishing you were one of the platform’s stars with countless followers and video impressions?

We’re here to get you started with our curated list of the best TikTok video ideas for beginners that you will definitely fall in love with.

Let’s get filming!

Top 5 TikTok Video Ideas That Will Go Viral

  • Tutorials
  • Educational Videos
  • Celebration Videos
  • Current Events
  • Viral Dance

The 5 Best TikTok Video Ideas

Getting more followers and heart taps on TikTok is no easy feat, especially as a beginner. But there are ways to attract many new followers out of the 1.1 million Aussie users

So if you are wondering what to post on TikTok, look at our list of the best, most creative, and most importantly, fun video ideas to get you started on your road to fame.

1. Offer short tutorials

Sharing various tips and tricks on TikTok is a proven strategy to grow your personal account. And the best part is you can make a tutorial for everything, from dance and beauty routines to sports and DIY builds. Simply find your passion, and the hard work is done!

  • Good TikTok ideas: dance, make-up, hairstyle, video editing, computer skills, fitness, home improvement, cleaning hacks, magic tricks, job interview, car maintenance, learning tips, and cooking recipes.
  • Our pick:‘Around the world’ TikTok video tutorial

2. Share an educational video

Educational videos on TikTok are very effective in increasing a profile’s reach, especially if they are done by experienced professionals in fields that affect our everyday lives. 

For instance, if you are an astronomer, you can teach the public about the movement of planetary bodies and how they affect the seasons we are experiencing year-round. 

Pick an appealing topic that is less known to the general public. Then, ensure your video is fack-checked and creatively edited so you bring more traffic to your account.

3. Celebrate special occasions

Sharing a special life moment with the TikTok community typically puts you at the forefront of the daily feed as the best way to multiply your happiness is to share it with others. 

Ultimately, there’s no joy shared that goes unnoticed, and in addition to plenty of views and likes, expect genuine congratulations and warm wishes from your followers. 

  • Good TikTok video ideas: job promotion, engagement, wedding, birthdays, graduation, childbirth, opening your business.
  • Our pick: А gender reveal party

4. Cover current events

Suppose you are looking for things to post on TikTok that will boost your profile growth and inform viewers of the latest happenings in Australia and the world. In such cases, you can always briefly cover the latest news relevant to your followers.

Also, this is an excellent option if you don’t want to appear in the video since you can make the media content and add the voiceover to the background.

  • TikTok content ideas: world, domestic, entertainment, economy, business and sports news.
  • Our pick: The day in 30 seconds

5. Create a viral dance

Perhaps one of the most memorable TikTok ideas for beginners is to choreograph a new dance to popular music. If you have an excess of dancing talent to show off, simply pick a catchy tune, press record, and let your body do the rest.

Charli D’ Amelio and Bella Poarch are just a couple of the many TikTok celebrities who became famous thanks to their easy-to-learn yet contagious dances. 

Bonus Tiktok Video Ideas for Business Brands

If you represent a business looking to boost its brand recognition, you should utilise the unique marketing strategies offered by TikTok. For that purpose, we outline five TikTok ideas that will help you reach your audience better and faster.

1. Launch a branded hashtag challenge

By turning TikTok influencers into brand advocates, businesses gain massive boosts in brand recognition, engagement, and sales. One of the best and cheapest ways to do that is by using an innovative and compelling branded hashtag challenge (HTC).

In essence, the branded HTC movement is an alternative approach to standard hashtag contests wherein participants express their take and creativity on a popular challenge, such as recreating a funny dance, singing a certain song, or performing a physical feat.

That way, businesses tap into the users’ desire to become active participants instead of passive observers, thus bringing their brands into the centre of cultural movements.

2. Partner with an influencer

One of the most effective TikTok account ideas that increase your business reach and unique engagements is arranging a collaboration with a well-known influencer or a celebrity on a content video.

Influencer partnerships help businesses tap into new audiences and build their brand awareness and legitimacy, especially when they engage the services of a celebrity with whom they share the same values, mission, and vision.

  • Extra tip: Try to get some of the most followed Australian influencers like Hannah Kate Balanay, Sarah Magusara, Caleb Finn, Mocha, or the Rybka twins. 
  • Our pick: Q&A session Bella Hadid for Vogue

3. Host a livestream on TikTok

Live streaming is a great way to connect with your audience in real-time and show off your products in services in a fun and engaging way. Moreover, you can increase your viewership numbers by incorporating a giveaway for your loyal followers.

Another reason to host a livestream is to familiarise your consumers with your business practices, standards, and values and answer any questions they might have on the production, maintenance, and troubleshooting methods for your products.

  • Extra tip: Promote your livestream, make a detailed agenda, and reserve time for direct questions from your customers.
  • Our pick: Day 1 of starting a new business

4. Design a branded filter

By creating a filter featuring your brand, anything from green-screen effects, games, and puzzles to AR-transforming environments, you’ll be offering your online community one of the freshest and most creative methods of expression on TikTok.

With branded effects, marketers successfully leverage the creativity of TikTok’s users to film authentic and joyful content that leads to increased reach and engagement.

5. Organise a contest

One of the best business ideas for TikTok is creating a contest with valuable prizes, especially in the form of products and services offered by your company.

You pick out the rewards, schedule a start and end date, figure out the participation criteria, create your TikTok contest hashtag, and post it to your media website.

Note: Ensure that your videos always follow the TikTok community guidelines and rules, as any violation typically results in a permanent shadowban of the offending video.

Pressing Stop

So what do you think of our choice of ideas for TikTok videos to impress your followers and quickly get new ones? Even if you don’t see anything you like, you can experiment with elements of more than one idea to create your own unique and creative video. At the end of the day, while content is important, fun and the love of what you do must come first!


1. What topics are popular on TikTok?

Since TikTok trends change often, check the feed of the most influential TikTokers to get a sense of what’s popular at the moment as they stay on top of or set the latest trends.

2. What kind of videos work best on TikTok?

If done well, just about anything can go viral as the app is designed for quick and creative clips. That said, videos focusing on music, dance, or humour always perform well.

3. What should I do for my first TikTok video?

Some of the best TikTok video ideas for beginners include tutorials, educational videos, live streams, celebration videos, and creating a viral dance. If you are looking for TikTok video ideas for business purposes, on the other hand, check the sections above.

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