Guide on Mattress Recycling for A Greener Australia

mattress recycling

Australian households generate about 12.4 million tonnes of waste every year – 16% of the entire waste in the country. Did you know mattresses are among the most common household objects that get thrown away?

If you want to get rid of your mattress, it might be a good idea to consider mattress recycling to help reduce waste. 

Read on and learn how to dispose of mattresses in an eco-friendly way. 

Why You Should Recycle Your Mattress

Helping the environment

Instead of throwing such a large piece of furniture into the garbage, think of how the environment can benefit from mattress recycling. Many components used in mattress production are hard to decompose and dispose of, and they take up too much space in landfills. 

By recycling your mattress instead of just throwing it away, you’d be taking a huge step – going green. When you decide to recycle your old mattress, all those waste materials are repurposed to give life to something new. For instance, timber is recycled into animal bedding, foam is reused for carpets, and steel and metal are used in many different building materials. 

If you want to recycle your old mattress but don’t know which steps to take, check out the Safe Landing mattress recycling and collection scheme introduced by the Australian Government; it assists residents and businesses through the whole process. 

Helping those in need

It might seem crazy, but by simply recycling your old mattress, you’d actually be helping a lot of people. 

For instance, the more people decide to recycle their old mattresses, the more workforce is needed by garbage and recycling companies. This can create job opportunities for people who have a hard time finding a job (ex-criminals and felons or recovering addicts), as mattress pick-up is something they can easily get hired to do. 

Additionally, this can also be a great first-job opportunity for many people who lack experience and can’t get a job. 

When you decide to recycle your old mattress, many shelters and charities in Australia actually benefit from this. As many companies offer mattress donation services, where cleaned pieces of mattresses that are in good condition get donated, many people in need will have a place to sleep thanks to your responsible mattress disposal.

Signs That You Need To Replace Your Mattress

When you notice some of the following things, it’s time for you to replace your mattress: 

  • Expired mattress warranty – mattress lifespan is sometimes longer than the warranty states; but as soon as it expires, it’s probably time for a new one.
  • Sagging – uncomfortable sleep and neck and back pain are the most common signs you have a sagging mattress, and a sign to get rid of your old mattress.
  • Unpleasant odour – if the odour persists even after changing your sheets regularly, it’s time to recycle your old mattress.
  •  Visible stains – if nothing can help you get rid of the stains, you are due for a new mattress.
  •  Bed bugs and dust mites – the uninvited tenants of mattresses come along with time, despite your cleaning efforts.
  •  Mould – excessive body liquids and poorly ventilated bedrooms can promote the creation of mildew, which can cause many health problems, such as asthma.

Tips and Steps on How To Recycle Your Mattress

1. Check your mattress type – every mattress can be recycled, but Latex mattresses are the easiest to recycle. They are the most eco-friendly mattresses you can find on the market.

2. Check your warranty – though there are short-lasting mattress warranties on the market, there are also warranties that last for 15, or even 25 years! If that’s the case with your mattress, try reaching your retailer and using your warranty – you might even be able to get a new mattress and recycle or donate your old one.

3. Look up a recycling option – the city of Sydney offers free weekly mattress pick up, but there are also plenty of other options available across Australia

4. Recycle yourself – if you’re into “the small details”, dismantling your old mattress into tiny pieces you can sell and organising them into groups (metal, timber, fabric) shouldn’t be a problem.

5. Donate it – if your mattress is still in good shape, but no longer suitable for you, you can always give it to the ones in need! Many mattress donation options are actually available in Australia, such as Bedcollect.

6. Upcycle it – if you’re into DIY, there are plenty of ideas online on how to turn your old mattress into a new piece of furniture, canvas art, or even a backyard garden essential.

7. Sell it – if your mattress is in a good condition, you can always sell it. In Australia, second-hand mattresses are normally sold for 30% off their regular price on the market.

Verdict: Should You Recycle A Mattress?

Absolutely! There are many eco-friendly, charitable, and creative ways for mattress recycling.

We hope our guide has helped you see that it’s a good idea to recycle your old mattress. After all, you’d help many people, your country, the economy, and our planet.


1. Where do I dispose of a mattress?

If you want to dispose of a mattress, check out the Soft Landing program introduced by the Australian Government. It offers mattress pick-up and mattress disposal services, and it’s available in Victoria, New South Wales, the Australian Capital Territory, and Western Australia.

2. How do I dispose of a mattress for free?

In Australia, mattress disposal in Sydney is the only free old mattress removal option, since the city offers a free weekly pick-up service for unwanted mattresses. However, the prices of these services around the country are as low as AU$15.

3. Can mattresses be recycled?

Yes. Since mattresses contain many reusable materials (such as metal, timber, and fabric), mattress recycling is highly encouraged.

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