16 Legitimate Jobs That Don’t Require Experience

Jobs That Don’t Require Experience

If you’re looking for your first job or simply want to switch to a new career, you surely noticed that only experienced employees seem to get hired. However, you can still dive into many professions without prior expertise, so don’t give up just yet. Read on to find out which jobs don’t require experience in Australia.

What kinds of jobs don’t require experience?

1. Concreter

Building concrete structures requires a lot of physical work. Should you decide to work as a concreter, you need to have a good level of physical fitness.

Additionally, you have to be knowledgeable (or be willing to learn) about the characteristics of concrete and on-site safety regulations, communicate well with your team, and be able to follow directions.

Average SalariesEducation Requirements
AU$109,200High school and/or apprenticeship

2. Administrative Assistant

The administrative assistant is a women-dominated field. They make sure everything in the office runs smoothly. This job usually includes organising, storing information in digital form and on paper, scheduling appointments, making travel arrangements, and dealing with queries and visitors.

Average SalariesEducation Requirements
AU$59,103High school, Diploma in Business Administration, VET qualification is a plus

3. Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants specialise in offering remote administrative services. Their job description is more or less the same as that of an Administrative Assistant. However, as they have to deal with clients they’ve never met in person, it’s important they are charismatic and responsible. Some clients would want their VA to take care of their social media accounts like Pinterest and Instagram.

Average SalariesEducation Requirements
AU$49,400High School, Diploma in Business Administration, VET qualification is a plus

4. Delivery driver

Besides driving, the job also requires reviewing orders, loading and unloading, and transporting items safely to clients at an agreed time. It’s important to know that this job doesn’t require any prior experience, but experienced delivery drivers do get paid more. Be sure to drive safely all the time to avoid car accidents.

Average SalariesEducation Requirements
AU$27,400High school, but a certificate or a diploma is a plus

5. Oil field roustabout

This job requires cleaning the drill sites, repairing equipment, transporting materials, and scraping paint and repainting. It includes a lot of manual work, so a person should have a good level of physical fitness and be able to work in a team.

Average SalariesEducation Requirements
AU$65,317High school

6. Real Estate Agent

Their job entails guiding clients through selling, buying, or renting properties and consulting them on making the right decision. Patience, problem-solving, and communication skills are a priority, especially when it comes to negotiation.

Average SalariesEducation Requirements
AU$60,372High school, a VET qualification is a plus

7. Library Technician

They are responsible for ordering new materials and maintaining library records. They take care of databases, and they can also be asked to operate audio-visual equipment. This job requires concentration, responsibility, and great managing skills. Being aware of some of the book publishers might also be helpful in the role.

Average SalariesEducation Requirements
AU$66,576Undergraduate/Postgraduate qualification in library and information studies

8. Cafe worker

Cafe work is dynamic, requires concentration, an optimistic attitude, and being pleasant and patient. The job itself means taking orders and serving drinks and food, and also involves keeping the cafe clean, and ensuring that money and profit are accounted for.

Average SalariesEducation Requirements
AU$53,560High school, Certificate III in Hospitality, VET qualification is a plus

9. Security guard

The duties of a security guard can vary depending on the company’s policy; they mostly include monitoring directly or via security cameras. A security guard is usually the first to greet visitors. They have to check if the doors are locked, perform area checks, and report any suspicious activity.

Average SalariesEducation Requirements
AU$47,597High school/GED

10. Construction labourer

The construction industry employs over 1 million Australians, from engineers to carpenters. Even if you don’t have any professional construction experience, don’t worry, this job is a great option for those accustomed to physical work. Since this job includes working on construction sites, it requires responsibility, working in a team, and being careful. The main duties of construction labourers are loading and unloading material, and sometimes even running the equipment.

Average SalariesEducation Requirements
AU$61,730High school

11. Vet assistant

Vet assistants work in animal hospitals, where they make sure everything is sanitary. Another part of their job description is taking care of animals, including feeding, walking, grooming, and recording information about them. Australia has the second-highest pet ownership rates all over the world which means there is a huge potential for this field.

Average SalariesEducation Requirements
AU$56,576High school and a Certificate IV in Vet Nursing

12. Customer Service Representative

Customer Service Representatives deal with customer complaints and questions. They help customers by giving them answers and guiding them through solving the problems, but also have a role in sales by generating new leads.

Average SalariesEducation Requirements
AU$62,192High school, Certificate III in Business

13. Sales Representative

Their primary responsibility is to sell products or services using convenient arguments. If you want to work as a sales representative, you need to have excellent communication and negotiation skills, be patient, convincing and confident, and be a good listener. Additional duties include taking orders, processing returns, and giving information about products.

Average SalariesEducation Requirements
AU$73,788High school, a VET qualification is a plus

14. Proofreader

Proofreaders are responsible for catching writers’ spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors. This job requires perfect knowledge of language and grammar, and it’s considered a low-stress job. It’s an excellent opportunity for those who have good communication skills.

Average SalariesEducation Requirements
AU$66,526High school, but BA in English or VET qualification is a plus

15. Data Entry Operator

This position requires a lot of responsibility, concentration, and accuracy. Data Entry Operators prepare documents, transcribe them from paper to digital databases (manually or with scanners), and make sure the records are verified.

Average SalariesEducation Requirements
AU$40,508High school, Certificate III in Business, VET qualification is a plus

16. Tutor job

Tutoring refers to working with a student on a particular subject or topic. You don’t need previous tutoring experience for this job, but you need to be knowledgeable in the field you’re tutoring. Tutors are also supposed to have a lot of patience, great communication skills, and a gift for teaching.

Average SalariesEducation Requirements
AU$57,977High school with A or B in the subject they will teach, but BA or advanced diplomas are a plus

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Bottom Line

If you’re wondering what your options for a future job are, but you have no experience, we hope you found this article helpful. We provided an extensive list of professions for different worker profiles – from physical labour to an office or remote job, you can actually do plenty of things, be it individually or as a part of a team.


1. How do I start a career with no experience?

Start with this article, where you can learn what jobs don’t require experience. After that, try looking for any open positions from these different fields, and then send your application.

2. What jobs do not require experience?

There are plenty of options for workers who don’t have prior experience, from physical labour to a sales position. We’ve listed most jobs that don’t require experience in Australia in this article.

3. What jobs require no experience but pay well?

All of the jobs we listed have a good experience-to-salary balance, but some of the highest earnings are concreter, library technician, proofreader, and sales representative.

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