How To Store a Mattress: A Seven-Step Guide

how to store a mattress

Thinking of putting your mattress in storage? 

Before you wrap it up and dump it in the garage or storage unit, keep in mind that improper storage can significantly damage your mattress and shorten its lifespan.

So how do you store a mattress the right way?

Here are 7 easy steps.

1. Think about where you will store it

A climate-controlled storage unit is the best location for storing a mattress. 

However, if that option is not available, any room in the house will do. In reality, all you need is a large, dry and well-ventilated space

To make sure your mattress doesn’t gather stains or mites while in storage, clean the area thoroughly beforehand. If you are using a cleaning solution and water, make sure to let the space dry completely before storing your mattress, as it’s risky to put it on wet or damp surfaces. 

2. Clean the mattress

It’s important to clean your mattress before storing it to stop mould and germs from taking over the bed.

The best way to do it is to use a vacuum with an upholstery attachment. For a particularly stained mattress, you can also use baking soda, leaving the mattress to dry out in the sunlight for a few hours after that. 

3. Wrap the mattress for protection

When you’re done cleaning it, use a plastic cover for mattress storage and seal it with tape so that the product doesn’t collect any dirt. To let moisture escape, it’s a good idea to use a breathable plastic cover. 

Alternatively, you could invest in a mattress storage bag, made of heavy-duty plastic to completely cover the bed, according to the mattress size.

If you’re storing a mattress long term, open out the plastic cover every few months to let it breathe and then reseal it again. 

4. Keep an eye on transportation 

A covered moving truck is the best vehicle to transport your mattress. When moving it, remember not to tie your mattress up or place other items on it as that could damage its internal structure.

Make sure to line the surface of the vehicle with tarpaulin or other furniture before placing your mattress on it. 

5. Make sure the mattress is flat

It’s best to store a mattress by laying it flat, i.e. in this natural resting position. This could be a bit of an issue because putting it like this requires more space. However, if you want to use your mattress again, it’s best not to place it upright or on its sides. 

On the other hand, while storing a mattress topper, you can just roll up the mattress topper, so it takes up less space.

6. Use a climate-controlled unit

The best way to store mattresses in the hot Australian summers is to opt for a climate-controlled unit as it shelters the product against weather conditions, light exposure, and humidity. 

However, if you can’t invest in a climate-controlled unit at the moment, you could store the mattress at home in a cool and ventilated room. 

Remember: The optimal temperature for preserving your mattress is between 18ºC and 19ºC

7. Getting it ready for use again

So you’ve fished out your mattress from storage and it smells a little off. 

Don’t worry; there are easy ways to get rid of the odour

  • You can clean it again or use some white vinegar mixed with cold water to eliminate any unpleasant smells. 
  • Throw in some drops of essential oils to keep it smelling fresh, and always remember to air it out for several hours before using it.

Factors to Consider Based on the Mattress Type

With a variety of mattress types available in the market, it helps to know the best way to store the specific kind of mattress you’ve got. 

Foam mattress

If you have an all-foam bed, like Ergoflex or the New Koala Mattress, it’s crucial to lay it flat on the floor when putting it in storage. Putting these mattresses upright would give them a hunched shape that is tough to repair. 

Also, owing to the soft exterior makeup of the foam mattress, it is important not to stack anything on top of it. 

Spring mattress

These mattresses are less flexible than others, so they get misshapen permanently if packers bend them before loading them onto trucks. 

That’s why these beds also need to be laid flat on the ground to make sure they keep their shape.

Hybrid mattress

A hybrid mattress should not be stored on its side because most of them also contain foam inserts. 

Moreover, these mattresses have coils that could get misshapen by pressure being applied to one area for a long period of time. For that reason, it’s important to rotate the bed every few months in storage. 

Latex mattress

Even the best latex mattress could get damaged if you store it too long on its side. So, to keep their structure—internal and external—it’s best to put the latex bed flat on the floor.

Remember that latex mattresses are bulkier than others, so you would need more help with the move. 

For homes lacking space, consider buying one of the best sofa beds Australia.

Bottom Line 

Badly stored mattresses can wreak havoc on your well-being as elevated patches on the bed might harm your spinal column, and a dusty mattress is a breeding ground of allergens. 

So don’t sleep on these handy mattress storing tips and implement them the next time you put your bed to storage. 


1. Can you leave a mattress in the garage?

Enclosed spaces like attics, basements, and garages don’t have the temperature-regulation capabilities required to store a mattress properly.

These spaces are prone to humidity, making them a breeding ground for mould and bacteria—a serious health hazard. 

2. Can you store mattresses on their side?

Yes, but only for a short time. Too long, and it could damage the structure of the bed. 

3. Can you put the mattress back in the box?

No, do not attempt to put the mattress back in the box.  A bed-in-a-box is one of the most popular types of mattresses sold today, delivered straight to your door. However, once you unroll it from the box, the mattress should remain in that position to avoid damaging its construction.

4. How to store a mattress topper?

The best way to store a mattress topper is to clean it well, roll it up, and keep it in a plastic vacuum bag. Covering your mattress topper in a protective cover or plastic bag will keep dirt and debris out.

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