How To Slide Into DMs on Instagram: Clever Tips & Lines

How To Slide Into DMs on Instagram

Choosing the right conversation starter is what can make or break your chance with someone you like, as you’re making a first impression. If you often feel like you want to say hi, but don’t know how to, we’ve got you covered.

We’ve prepared some advice on how to slide into DMs on Instagram and picked out a number of best pick-up lines that could help you get your next date.

Let’s begin!

How To Slide Into DMs on Instagram

Social media has made striking up a conversation with a stranger easier than ever. 

With the many features of Instagram – stories, meme tagging, geolocation search, and direct messaging – this app creates the perfect substitute for a successful dating app.

Knowing how to slide into DMs without being too pushy can result in romantic relationships, life-long friendships, or good acquaintances. Also, sliding into someone’s DMs can be a great icebreaker to initiate a chat with your crush and lead it towards a date. 

So, if you have been on the fence about sending a DM to your crush, consider these ten tips and take your sliding game up a notch.

1. Respond to Their Story

There’s a high chance that someone will reply to your message if you respond to their story. It could be a photo of a museum, restaurant, or a selfie. You can respond with an emoji, but that won’t get you many points in their book. 

Instead, try to send them a message which revolves around a common interest. For example, if they have posted a song from your favourite artist, you could write something like, “Wow, my go-to song! Do you know when the new album is coming out?” or “I can’t believe I finally found someone who knows this band!”.

In that way, you provide a conversation opener that will most likely result in engagement. Plus, you’re showing them that you’re willing to put in more effort than with a simple “Hey!” which is not the best way to slide into DMs.

Did you know that the best time to post on Instagram is between 11 am and 2 pm?

2. Ask Them About a Post

Aussies spend an average of 7 hours a week on Instagram, so surely they upload multiple pictures about their summer holiday, road trip, or concert, so you can ask about their experience. It will make you look like an open-minded person who’s genuinely interested in learning more about them. 

The point is to ask open-ended questions that will keep the conversation going. On top of that, most people like to answer questions about themselves, so this should get you an answer. 

You can send something along the lines of, “I saw that you were in Monaco. I am planning on going there soon. Is it worth visiting?” or “I heard Justin’s concert was amazing. What did you think of it?”.

3. Find Mutual Interests

You can take a quick glance at someone’s feed or open their Instagram stories and highlights and figure out if you have some things in common. You can use this to your advantage and start up the convo based on that. 

For example, if you go to the same school or listen to the same music and have similar political beliefs, the conversation will flow more smoothly. At the end of the day, who doesn’t like texting or talking to a like-minded individual?

If you go to the same school, you can use this line: “I don’t know if you know me, but I also go to X school. I think I remember you from biology class.”

While if you have the same hobby, you can say, “I noticed that you’re into tennis as well. What’s your favourite tennis player?”.

4. Send a Compliment

Most Instagrammers post selfies, so it wouldn’t be inappropriate to send a compliment about someone’s physical appearance, as long as you don’t go over the top. 

Use your chance and give your crush a compliment that is focused on something specific. Compliments like “you’re so hot” won’t do the trick. That’s why you should avoid typical superficial comments and be witty in order to capture their attention.

Some of the best DM slides on Instagram can be seen in examples like, “Love how these jeans look on you. Such an 80’s babe.” or “Looking drop-dead gorgeous.”.

5. Use Humour

If you see that someone posts memes, funny videos, or crazy captions most of the time, hitting them with a few jokes will make you stand out. However, you should consider their humour before making an attempt. 

If they like goofy jokes, pull out the best corny joke you have. On the other hand, a fan of puns will appreciate witty wordplay. Wouldn’t you respond with laughter immediately if someone tried to slide into your DMs by cracking a good joke? Exactly. 

Besides, you could also be super corny with, “Have you heard the joke about the guy who slid into your DMs?” or “What did the ocean say to the beach?” followed by the wave emoji along with an introduction of yourself. You can also just send them a funny meme and make them laugh.

6. Mention a Mutual Friend

If you know that you and your crush have a mutual friend, you can bring them up as a starting point for a conversation. Neither of you will feel pressured to continue the conversation due to having a mutual friend. 

You can ask things like, “Have you seen that friend recently?”, “Is it true what X friend told me? Have you heard about that?” or talk about a funny situation involving that friend.

It’s a great opening but also a perfect excuse to draw a line. So, don’t wait up on that opportunity.

7. Ask for Recommendations if You’re New to a City

If you have recently moved to a new city, you will most likely need help finding the best places for eating or hanging out. 

So, to initiate a conversation and learn to navigate the city along the way, ask them about the best restaurants, bars, and markets. If they’re locals, they probably know where the best coffee is served or where you can get the juiciest cocktails.

Eventually, you can ask them to join you and show you the place in person, and you might just get a date!
Simply ask them, “You seem like a coffee person. What are your favourite coffee spots in town?” or “I see that you have a highlight with food. What are your favourite restaurants in town?”.

8. Be Open About Your Feelings

If you want to speed up the texting process and get straight to the point, you could confess your feeling right away. Why wait when you feel a strong attraction and feelings towards this person? You can tell them how you feel without being creepy, as most DMs from strangers are. But how do you go about that in a respectful and polite manner?

Here are a few examples, “I am a straightforward kind of person, and I gotta say, I have been crushing on you for a while now.” or “I have been hesitant on whether to text you or not, and this is me shooting my shot.”.

9. Ask for Their Number

If the conversation has been going on for a while, you can ask for their phone number. Instagram is great for starting a casual conversation or sending pictures; however, to make things serious, you should ask for their number. Obviously, only do this if things have been going good and you feel like they also want to take it to the next level.

You can say something like, “If you want to grab drinks this weekend, here’s my number. What’s yours?” or “You seem like a cool person. Would you like to carry this convo in person? Here’s my number if you want to shoot me a text.”.

10. Ask Them Out

Finally, be bold and ask them out. It’s better to put yourself out there and get rejected than to think about the what-ifs. Plus, doing this will make you look confident, and that’s a huge green flag. 

Try to get creative and write messages like, “Would you like to try out our favourite dishes together?” or “What about drinks after work? I will let you pick out the place.”

It goes without saying that the message should be appropriate and respectful. At the same time, you should be understanding in case you receive a rejection or no response, so don’t double text if that happens.

Best Lines To Slide Into DMs

If you still feel like you haven’t found your opener, don’t worry; we have more pick-up lines ready for you. These are not the typical dry pick-up lines but funny conversation starters that will surely get you a response. Open up your notes and jot down some of the best lines to slide into DMs on Instagram. 

  • “Is your name Google? Because you’ve got everything I’m searching for.”
  •  “Are you a loan? Because you have my interest.”
  • “My parents always said I should follow my dreams. That’s why I started following you on Instagram.”
  • “Oh no! You’ve caused me to slip and slide into your DMs!”
  •  “I’ve been thinking about you from am to pm, so I figured it’s time to send you a DM.”
  •  “This is probably pretty bold of me, but you know what they say: Carpe DM.”
  • “Are you my wisdom teeth? Because I have a feeling that I should take you out as soon as possible.”
  • “What do first base and your inbox have in common? I’m terrible at sliding into both of them, but I’m still going to give it a try.”
  • “I see you’ve been double-tapping all my pics recently. Care to comment?”
  • “If you like all my pictures so much, then you should see my number.”

Bottom Line

Sliding into direct messages on Instagram is a great way of shooting your shot with someone you like. This way, you can meet some cool strangers that could potentially turn into romantic partners. As long as you’re respectful with a touch of humour, things won’t go south. To get inspired, check out some of our pick-up lines along with pieces of advice for guaranteed success.


1. How do you slide into her DMs with examples?

Wondering how to DM a girl on Instagram? Slide into her DMs by using cheeky pick-up lines like, “Are you a loan? Because you have my interest.” or “Is your name Google? Because you’ve got everything I’m searching for.”.

3. How to slide Into DMs on Instagram without being creepy?

You can avoid being creepy by not sending superficial compliments or constantly texting until you get a response. Make sure the message is an engaging opener while being respectful at the same time.

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