How to See Someone’s New Followers on Instagram

How To See Someone's New Followers On Instagram

If you are wondering how to see someone’s new followers on Instagram, you’re out of luck since the platform no longer organises other people’s lists chronologically.

However, while you can officially see only the accounts you follow and are followed by listed in order, there may still be a way to get what you need via other apps.

Check out the alternatives below!

How to See Someone’s New Followers on Instagram

Before sliding into someone’s DMs or checking on your loved ones, you might want to scroll through their ‘followers’ list. That way, you’ll gain valuable insight into the lives of those you fancy and/or care about. However, you can only do that as long as the other person’s profile is set to ‘public’ or you are their follower.

For instance, you can peek through most public figures’ profiles and their ‘followers’ lists. But, doing that for someone of the calibre of Marvel’s Thor (Chris Hemsworth) is an insurmountable task since he has 56 million followers.

Furthermore, after Instagram’s recent privacy changes, you’ll no longer be able to see the newest additions on other people’s profiles listed chronologically, regardless of whether you are accessing their accounts via desktop or mobile.

As of now, when you access someone’s ‘followers’ list, you’ll first notice the mutuals you share before stumbling upon a seemingly randomised list of his or her followers.

pictured above: accessing someone else’s ‘followers’ list

Nevertheless, you can still scroll through their list of followers to see who’s on there.

Note: Most likely, the platform’s algorithm first shows you the accounts that you are expected to know and follow, but there is no definitive order in which they appear.

How to See Who Someone Recently Followed on Instagram?

You will encounter the same issue when you going through someone else’s ‘following’ list, i.e., the profiles they follow. While you can see all the accounts they have connected with, there is no way to determine the list’s chronological order.

As with the person’s ‘followers’ list, you can sneak a peek only if the profile in question is public or you have been accepted as a follower, and you’ll first see the contacts you also follow before being greeted by a disorganised list of the remainder.

If you are looking into users with whom you socialize you can also keep a low profile by unreading any messages that you have sent them. Just don’t do anything that may get you shadowbanned so you have to look into ways to resolve such an issue.

Alternative Ways to See Someone’s Recent Followers on Instagram

Since you cannot check someone else’s latest ‘followers’ and ‘followed’ accounts via the Instagram app any longer, you should look into certain alternatives that may offer you what you need, two of which are outlined below.

1. Snoopreport

j.lo's activity report
source:—pictured above is J.lo’s activity report generated for the Nov. 14–Nov. 21 week

Subscribing to Snoopreport is probably your best bet in finding out all you can about someone else’s Instagram activity as it gives you information about everything from the posts they like to who they have followed and been followed by lately.

However, its benefits come with a caveat: you can use the service as long as the profile is set to ‘public’, regardless of whether or not you are a follower, since the company only accesses publicly available data on their end.

Should you subscribe to a Snoopreport plan (starting at $4.99/month), you’ll be gettng in-depth weekly and monthly reports of the user’s actions that you can either easily view on Snoopreport’s website or download as .csv files.

2. KidsGuard Pro

ClevGuard's main product offering
source:—pictured above are the main KidsGuard Pro products offered by ClevGuard

If Snoopreport does not offer you what you need since you want to check the Instagram followers of a private profile, you may have better luck with ClevGuard’s KidsGuard Pro—a nifty app that monitors the actiity of different apps, including Instagram.

As the name suggests, KidsGuard Pro’s primary purpose is checking up on your children’s online activies, but it can also be used by marital partners and enterprises seeking to prevent confidential leaks by their employees.

The caveat is that you must pre-install the app on the user’s device with their consent, meaning you cannot track someone’s Instagram activity without them knowing.

After subscribing to (starts at $29.95) and installing the app on any major platform (Android, iOS, or Windows), it will continue taking screenshots of the users’ screens and compiling records of their chat histories.

Bottom Line

There you have it! To see someone’s new followers on Instagram you need a third-party app that can provide you such info since the Instagram ‘followers’ and ‘following’ lists are no longer organised chronologically. Even then, you can only snoop on ‘public’ users or those that allow you to install a monitoring app on their device.

Whether you’re a content creator or represent a brand, read these tips on profiting from Instagram via affiliation, the Instagram Store, and sponsored posts.


1. What does ‘ghost’ mean on Instagram?

Ghost followers are Instagram accounts that follow you but do not interact with your content, and they are either fake accounts or people who rarely use them.

2. How do you see someone’s activity on Instagram?

You can see someone’s Instagram activity as long as you are their follower or you are looking at a ‘public’ profile; however, you only have access to their posts and a randomised list of their ‘followers’ and ‘following’ lists.

3. How to see someone’s new followers on Instagram via a third-party app?

Snoopreport’s web-based service and the KidsGuard Pro app are two paid alternatives that may be able to show you someone’s new followers under certain circumstances.

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